Saturday, August 20, 2011

English Crossword Puzzle For Elementary: 1

Crossword Puzzle for Elementary - Intermediate (SD - SMP)
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To do the crossword, click the blank boxes that you wish to answer and the hint box will appear on the right. It's cool and very simple! Now, test your English and give it a try. Don't forget to leave a comment, advice or feedback for me. Have fun and good luck with your English.

1. ... happens when people throw rubbish into the rivers.
5. Indonesia is a country in ... Asia.
8. On the streets, we must obey ... signs.
9. He is a ... student. He is not lazy.
11. If you can ... this question, raise your hand.
14. Opening the meeting, he delivered a welcome ....
16. When we visit another city, we need a ... in order not to get lost.
18. Most villagers ... as farmers.
19. Mother goes to ... to buy our daily needs almost everyday.
22. The sun rises in the ....
23. Karang Taruna is a youth ... in Indonesian villages.
24. The teacher asked us to ... from 1 to 10.

2. We breathe with our ....
3. She is too fat. She should go on a ....
4. We can ... books in bookstores.
5. Carik is the ... to the Head of the village.
6. Reading is his ....
7. We should study hard to get a good ... in the test.
10. Vitamins are ... for our body.
12. We will send the car to the garage for ....
13. We have a flag ... every Monday morning.
15. Puskesmas is the public ... service in kecamatan.
17. When we drive, we must wear ... belt.
20. Rainy ... normally lasts from October to April.
21. They ... five thousand rupiahs altogether.

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