August 29, 2010

English Idioms and Expressions With "ALL"

English Idioms and Expressions With ALLWhat is an idiom (ideeum)? An idiom is an expression, word, or phrase whose sense means something different from what the words literally imply. Idioms usually do not translate well. In some cases, when an idiom is translated into another language, either its meaning is changed or it is meaningless. On this post, we are going to learn common idioms using "ALL", including their closest meaning(s) in Bahasa Indonesia.
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All-nighterWork or study all nightBekerja/belajar semalam-suntukPulling an all-nighter before exams is not a good habit.
All overVery fond (of something)Sangat menyukai sesuatuShe's all over the latest fashions.
All shook upExtremely excited, worried, or disturbed about somethingSangat senang, khawatir, atau terganggu oleh sesuatuShe's all shook up about her mother's illness.
All that and then someMore than what has been mentionedLebih dari yang sudah dikatakanHe did all that and then some to get the new job.
Go all the wayDo something completelyMengerjakan dengan sepenuhnyaThey went all the way for the championship.
Dash it all!Expression used when very upsetUngkapan yang dipakai saat merasa sangat kecewaDash it all! I didn't do well in the test.
For all I knowBased on what I know (mostly implying displeasure)Setahu saya (umumnya untuk mengisyaratkan kekecewaanFor all I know, the government will increase the fuel price this month.
Free for allCrazy, free, non-restricted activity (generally a fight)Gila, Bebas (biasanya untuk pertarunganIt was a free for all! Everyone went crazy!
Have it all togetherBe very poised, successfulSangat mapan, suksesHe has it all together. The house, the wife, the kids, the great job - everything!
Hold all the acesHave all the advantagesUnggul, memiliki keuntungan atau kendaliUnfortunately, Rita holds all the aces right now. We'll have to do what she says.
Know all the anglesBe very clever about somethingSangat pandai dalam suatu halHe knew all the angles and answered our questions satisfactorily.
Not all thereNot intelligent, not completely focused on an activityKurang cerdas, tidak benar-benar fokus pada sesuatuThe student was not all there. He couldn't answer my questions.
Of all the nerve!Expression of anger at someone's behaviorUngkapan kemarahan atas perilaku seseorangOf all the nerve! Did you see how she treated me?
Once and for allFinally (usually putting an end to something)Akhirnya (dipakai untuk mengakhiri sesuatuWe need to stop this conflict once and for all!
Pull out all the stopsMake every possible effortmelakukan segala upayaI pulled out all the stops on the test.
Can't win them all.Expression of acceptance after a loss or disappointmentUngkapan setelah mengalami kekecewaan atau kekalahanYou did your best in the match and I'm proud of you. You can't win them all.

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