April 28, 2011

Similar Words & Phrases

In learning English, we often have difficulty using or determining the correct words or phrases. It is easy to confuse words that have similar meanings, similar spellings, or similar sounds. However, these words CANNOT be interchanged.

Here, you will learn similar words or phrases in the English language that you should anticipate.

Accept Accede Except Expect
Advise Advice Advisory Advisable
Affect Effect Affection Effective
Beside Besides Between Among
Borrow Lend Loan Lease
Bring Take Carry Fetch
Cloth Clothes Clothing Clothe
Come Go Leave Leave for
Continuous Continual Continously Continually
Develop Expand Elaborate Enhance
Equal Same Similar Match
Fairly Enough Very Too
Ground Soil Earth Floor
Grow Grow up Improve Increase
Lay Lie Sleep Asleep
Lose Loose Lost Loss
Money Cash Currency Fund
Obtain Earn Win Achieve
Pass Past Path Passage
Personnel Personal Personally Personality
Pretty Beautiful Handsome Good-looking
Raise Rise Elevate Ascend
Remember Remind Recollect Memory
Say Tell Speak Talk
Travel Commute Go Journey
Wear Use Be Used to Used to

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