Sunday, August 21, 2011

English Crossword Puzzle: Tools and Appliances

Crossword Puzzle for Elementary - Intermediate (SD - SMP): Tools and Appliances
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1. We use ... to process data.
3. It is a hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting woods.
5. We cook rice using a ....
8. An edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle, normally used to cut trees.
9. If your shirt is wrinkled, ... it.
11. Mother cuts vegetables with a ....
12. To keep the food in good condition, put it in the ....
14. We use this tool for writing.
15. We are going home soon. Put your books in your ....
17. My father tightened the bolt with a ....
18. We use this tool for drawing lines.
19. We use this tool in painting.
20. I drink a ... of milk every morning.
21. We use this tool to fasten a screw.

1. A small machine that is used for mathematical calculations
2. It's raining. Bring your ....
3. We eat with a ....
4. We use a ... when we nail something onto a board or wall.
6. Tyres are made from ....
7. We use a ... to print computer files.
10. We wear a ... to protect us from the rain.
13. We use this tool to make a hole on a board or a wall.
14. We use a pair of ... to cut wires.
16. We use it for correcting a writing mistake.
17. Most people use a gas ... in cooking.


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