October 11, 2011

Grammar Quiz: The Simple Past Tense VS The Present Perfect Tense

If you want to review the differences between the Simple Past and the Present Perfect tense, read Contrasting The Simple Past With The Present Perfect Tense.

The Simple Past or The Present Perfect Tense?

Grammar Exercise: Contrasting the Simple Past with the Present Perfect tense.

In this test, you will have to choose the correct form of the verbs. If your answer is correct, there will be a feedback which shows the correct word or phrase, and the button caption will change to a smiley face :-). If it's wrong, it will change to an X and you can continue choosing answers until the correct one is selected. The score is based on the number of tries taken to get a correct answer. Once a correct answer is chosen, the scoring is "frozen". You can still click on buttons to see the feedback for other answers without penalty.
This is a timed test. You have 45 minutes to do this test.


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