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English Dialogue With SO And NEITHER: My Back Is Sore

I t's Saturday evening. Jim and Betty have been working in the garden all day. They're sitting in the living room after dinner. Jim...

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March 13, 2012

Paket Soal Versi 3 Bahasa Inggris Reading Section USBN UNBK SMK

Listening Section

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Reading Section

I. Incomplete Dialogues

Questions 16 to 30; choose the most appropriate answer
  1. Dito: "Where would you like to put these plants, Nia?"
    Nia: "How about over here by the window?"
    Dito: ".... They need much light."
    1. That’s good news.
    2. What a surprise!
    3. You’re right.
    4. No, thanks.
  2. Receptionist: "...?"
    Guest: "Yes. I would like to meet the Headmaster.
    Receptionist: "Wait a minute, please."
    1. Would you meet the Headmaster tomorrow, Sir?
    2. Who do you want to meet, Sir?
    3. May I help you, Sir?
    4. May I introduce you to the Headmaster?
  3. Deni: "I can’t find the pharmacy. It must have moved somewhere."
    Sri: "Yes, .... But now it’s a barbershop."
    1. There was a barbershop here.
    2. Here’s the pharmacy.
    3. I know where the pharmacy is.
    4. There used to be a pharmacy here.
  4. Yuni: "I’ve joined an English club. Would you like to join us in our next meeting this weekend?"
    Gina: ".... I have nothing to do on Saturdays and Sundays."
    Yuni: "Great then. That way we can always practice our English."
    1. I’m very sorry but I can’t come with you.
    2. I think you should practice alone.
    3. That sounds interesting.
    4. How do you practice your English?
  5. Ita: "I’m sorry for being late, Sir. ...?"
    Teacher: "Well, you often come late, Ita. Why are you late again now?"
    Icha: "The traffic was busy and the bus was very slow."
    1. Shall I come to your classroom?
    2. Could you come earlier?
    3. How long have I been late?
    4. May I come in?
  6. Aldo: "The soup is much too salty. ...."
    Alya: "I’m surprised. The food here is usually very good."
    Aldo: "I know. I’ve brought clients here many times."
    1. Can you find it on the menu?
    2. I think I’ll send it back.
    3. The waiter always serves the food.
    4. I don’t know that this is a good restaurant.
  7. Ayu: "I can’t decide what to eat. ...?"
    Waiter: "Well, we have special Arabic chicken curry, Ma’am."
    Ayu: "Alright. I’ll have that with a plate of rice and a glass of orange juice, please."
    1. Would you have anything to eat?
    2. What do you recommend?
    3. Could you take my order?
    4. What would you like to eat?
  8. Heri: "When will my laundry be ready?"
    Assistant: "In an hour at the latest, Sir. You can wait in the waiting room.
    Heri: "I don’t think so. I have something to do. ...."
    1. I’ll make it ready soon.
    2. I’ll come back later.
    3. Could you wait with me?
    4. I sent my laundry here yesterday.
  9. Sigit: "Our school will not allow us to bring mobile phones to school. What do you think?"
    Lodi: ".... We may need to communicate with our parents."
    Sigit: "Yes, especially when we need our parents to pick us up."
    1. I completely disagree.
    2. I agree with it.
    3. That’s very true.
    4. I can’t agree more.
  10. Tukul: "How will you spend your vacation?"
    Gayus: "I’ll go to Bali. If I had a longer vacation, ...."
    1. I would have gone around the world.
    2. I will travel to Hawaii.
    3. I would visit Hawaii as well.
    4. I would spend my vacation at home.
  11. Tomo: "Excuse me. …?"
    Receptionist: "This way, Sir. It’s along this corridor, next to the lift."
    1. Where is the conference room?
    2. Where can I find the lift?
    3. Can you tell me where the lift is?
    4. Which way should you take?
  12. Wati: "Did you enjoy your trip?"
    Ida: "Yes, thank you. ...."
    1. The service of the airline was satisfying.
    2. I will surely enjoy it.
    3. I would like to take a trip.
    4. Have a great time.
  13. Aryapati: "Do you have any flights to Medan next Tuesday afternoon?"
    Clerk: ".... Yes, there's a flight at 6:45 a.m. and one at 9:00 a.m."
    Aryapati: "That’s fine. I’ll take that."
    1. How many flights do you need?
    2. Just a moment, please.
    3. When are you going to fly?
    4. Do you want a plane ticket or a bus ticket?
  14. Siti: "How long do you think the staff meeting will last?"
    Silvi: "The schedule says it will last for two hours. ...."
    Siti: "Let’s finish on time. I have a lunch appointment at twelve."
    1. We’ll probably finish at about eleven.
    2. We have just finished.
    3. What time would you like to finish?
    4. We’ll finish it after work tomorrow.
  15. Gita: "Can we use the conference room for a meeting tomorrow morning?"
    Clerk: ".... It’s free in the afternoon, though."
    Gita: "OK. We’ll reschedule for tomorrow at 2 p.m."
    1. Of course.
    2. No, we’re full until tomorrow afternoon.
    3. I guess there should be no problem with that.
    4. No, it’s already been reserved.

II. Error Recognition

Questions 31 to 35, choose the inappropriate structure in the sentences below.
  1. The Peninsula Hotel (A) where is located in New York City, is a place to see. Every room (B) is high-tech with remote controls for (C) lighting, music, TV, and air conditioning. As a matter of fact, the huge marble bathrooms may be the (D) most beautiful in New York City.
    1. which
    2. are
    3. light
    4. more
  2. Ardi: "I’m thinking about (A) getting a new monitor."
    Eddo: "Oh, yeah? What kind?"
    Ardi: "Everyone (B) says I (C) should get an LCD monitor."
    Eddo: "Yes. It’s more expensive but it saves (D) most energy."
    1. to get
    2. say
    3. will
    4. more
  3. Customer: "Excuse me. Where (A) could I find toothpaste?"
    Attendant: "Toothpaste? It’s in aisle two."
    Customer: "I know, but I (B) shouldn’t find any."
    Attendant: "I’m sorry. (C) Let me get you some from the back."
    Customer: "(D) Thank you very much."
    1. would
    2. couldn't
    3. Let's
    4. Thanks
  4. Man: "(A) Tell me something about your family."
    Woman: "Sure. What (B) do you want to know?"
    Man: "Well, (C) could you have any brothers or sisters?"
    Woman: "I (D) have two older brothers and a younger sister."
    1. Telling
    2. did
    3. do
    4. had
  5. Roni: "This printer’s driving me (A) crazy!"
    Agus: "What do you (B) mean?"
    Roni: "It’s not working again. It won’t print."
    Agus: "Oh, no. If we (C) didn’t fix it (D) soon, we’ll have to find another printer."
    1. crazily
    2. meaning
    3. don't
    4. sooner

III. Reading Comprehension

Questions 36 - 50 are based on a selection of reading materials. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 36-38 refer to the following letter
Ardmore Express Box 6467 Miami, FL 33399
Mr. Joseph Sung

2249 Oak St.
Champaign, IL. 60602

Account Number: 2736-8273888-09

Dear Account Holder

Thank you for contacting us with regard to the charge on your Ardmore Express Gold Card account. We have contacted Schroeder’s Department Store on your behalf and are awaiting a reply.

If we find that the charge was made to your account in error, we will make a credit adjustment within one business day.

We appreciate your patience as it may take six to eight weeks to complete the research needed to resolve your claim. If we can be of any further assistance, please call (888) 555-9870 to speak with a customer service representative.

S. Nagle
Customer Service Supervisor
  1. What does the letter talk about?
    1. A mistake in a credit card bill
    2. A change to an account number
    3. A complaint about customer service
    4. A charge for a late payment
  2. What is Mr. Sung asked to do?
    1. Contact the department store
    2. Wait six to eight weeks
    3. Adjust his account balance
    4. Pay his bill immediately
  3. What is suggested by Mr. Nagle if Mr.Sung needs more help?
    1. Sending an email to Mr. Nagle
    2. Sending a fax to the customer service representative
    3. Make a phone call to Mr. Nagle
    4. Make a phone call to the customer service representative
Questions 39-41 refer to the following schedule (Click to see actual size).

  1. For which employees are these training sessions primarily intended?
    1. Receptionists
    2. Supervisors
    3. Maintenance Staff
    4. Office Assistants
  2. Which course is offered only in the evening?
    1. Issues Management
    2. Customer Service
    3. Workplace Safety
    4. Evaluating Employee
  3. According to the information, when are refunds provided?
    1. When cancellations are received a week in advance.
    2. When the employee’s supervisor cancels on the day of the session.
    3. When the instructor fails to attend the session.
    4. When the weather causes the session to be canceled.
Questions 42-44 refer to the following text.
Lorraine Kulasingam has worked in the fashion industry as stylist for ten years, choosing the clothing that models and movie stars wear for on-camera appearances. “I am the one who decides how the actors look,” she says. “I love it. Every day is different.”

Although Lorraine routinely meets famous movie stars, there is a disadvantage to her job: she often works 18-hour days, and she has to accommodate everyone’s schedule. “It’s pretty tiring,” she admits. “But I wouldn’t change careers for anything.”
  1. What is indicated about Ms. Kulasingam’s job?
    1. She has recently changed her careers.
    2. She often works very long days.
    3. She gets tired of doing the same thing.
    4. She recently received a promotion.
  2. What does Ms. Kulasingam do in her job?
    1. Hires models who appear in advertisement.
    2. Selects clothing models and film stars.
    3. Organizes filming of televisions program.
    4. Takes picture for the fashion industry.
  3. What could be considered a benefit of her position?
    1. Meeting famous people.
    2. Receiving free accommodation.
    3. Being able to set her own work hours.
    4. Being in management-level position.
Questions 45-47 refer to the following advertisement.



  1. Female, attractive and representative appearance, age max. 30 years.
  2. A degree from a reputable Secretarial academy with min. 5 years of experience.
  3. Fluency in written and spoken English.
  4. Computer literacy, excellent communication skills.
Please send your application attached with Curriculum Vitae & recent photograph within 5 days of this advertisement to:
PO Box 1000 Jakarta 6824
  1. What is being advertised?
    1. An executive secretary
    2. A job opening
    3. A qualified representative
    4. an immediate execution
  2. You should send your resume by
    1. mail
    2. e-mail
    3. telex
    4. facsimile
  3. Which of the following is NOT required?
    1. work experience
    2. English skill
    3. ability to operate computer
    4. experience in a reputable academy
Questions 48-50 refer to the following text.
How to Find Unusual Gifts

Giving gifts is a well-known way to show our attention toward somebody else. Moreover, giving gifts may be important for certain special moments. Unusual or even weird gifts would leave a sweet memory for us and the recipient. So, try these tips to find something unusual as your gifts.

Look for gifts wherever you find yourself, especially when you were on a trip. From a bazaar in Bandung to a tag sale in Berlin. Use the Internet. Follow links until you find what you want. Track down items such as rare prints, out-of-print books or antiques in the auction. Give a welcome service. A massage, costume makeovers, a day at the spa, or romantic dinner will be a nice welcome gift.

Combine one or two things for a spectacular effect. The picture frame that you bought in Bali might provide the perfect background for showing off the portrait of the recipient.

Come to a handicrafts store and talk to the people that make unique pieces. Visit art supply stores, craft shops, art galleries and factory stores for ideas.
  1. The word well-known in the first line has the similar meaning with ....
    1. Great
    2. Weird
    3. Special
    4. Famous
  2. The following are suggestions given from the text above, EXCEPT….
    1. Browse the internet to search a special gift.
    2. Match one or two things for spectacular effect.
    3. Visit some museums to get some ideas.
    4. Come to a handicraft shops and have a talk to the people there.
  3. What are the welcome services which can be given?
    1. A massage, costume makeovers, a day at the spa, and romantic dinner.
    2. A message, hair makeovers, a day at the spa, and romantic dinner.
    3. A massage, costume make over, two days at the spa, and romantic dinner.
    4. A message, costume makeovers, a day at the spa, and romantic dinner.
This is the end of the test.


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