Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Educate ESL Students

If you are an ESL teacher, or you care about teaching ESL students, you will find the following article interesting. It talks about the structure as well as the pros and cons of both bilingual education and English immersion method in teaching ESL students. I'm glad to share it in my blog because I am sure it will give us, especially ESL teachers, more reference and insight about teaching English. Here is an introductory note written for Mister Guru by Brittany Behrman, the author.

Which ESL teaching method provides the best dual-language education for students: Bilingual Education or English Immersion? As part of its Top ESL Blogs Award, the eCollegeFinder blog took a deeper look into how the two programs are structured and the pros and cons of each.

Thanks to Mister Guru for helping us to inform readers on this important division. We hope that this whitepaper helps teachers, parents, and English Language Learners alike to formulate a strong opinion on the matter!

Click here to read “How to Educate ESL Students”.

About the author:
Brittany Behrman is a staff writer for the eCollegeFinder blog. In 2012, the blog ran a series on ESL and held an industry-first competition, cobranded by Language Magazine, to determine the Top ESL Blogs, as voted by its readers. The eCollegeFinder blog’s parent site, eCollegeFinder is an education portal that specializes in matching students with online colleges that offer 1,000s of different degree paths, including certificate programs for those wishing to teach English Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).



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