April 11, 2013

Paket Soal Versi 7 Reading Section Bahasa Inggris UNBK - USBN SMK

Reading Section

5. Error Recognition:

Questions 16 to 20, choose the inappropriate structure in the sentences below.
  1. Budi:  Why do you like the new employee?
                         A                                   B
    Kiki:  Because he works most carefully than others do.
                                         C                 D
  2. Manager:  What did the caller say?
    Secretary:  He said that he wanted to offer some services what will help our company
                                                                       B                                   C
    improve productivity.
  3. Those pretty girl are Hesti and Fira. They are employees of Ratna Hotel.
                         A         B                                                     C
    Hesti is a receptionist and Fira is a waitress.
  4. Yeni:  I didn’t see you at Kiki’s party yesterday. Where were you?
                          A                                                                            B
    Ira:  I didn’t come. I would have come if I were not so busy.
                        C                                                         D
  5. Reni:  What do you think of the service in the restaurant?
                                     A                       B
    Cita:  I was dissatisfied with it. The food was also delicious.
                                  C                                                D

6. Reading Comprehension:

Questions 21 - 30 are based on a selection of reading materials. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 21 – 22 refer to the following letter:
Dear Sir,

I would like to book a single room for the nights of April 6, 7, and 8. Would you mind reserving me a quiet room away from the street?
I expect to arrive at around 8 p.m. and would like to have dinner in the hotel. Could you please let me know your current room rates?

Yours faithfully,
  1. What is the purpose of the letter?
    1. To reserve a book
    2. To confirm a reservation
    3. To reserve a room
    4. To fix room rates
  2. What information does the writer expect to have?
    1. The time of arrival
    2. Where to have dinner
    3. The location of the room
    4. Room rates
Questions 23 – 24 refer to the following text:
Perkutut Airline has come a long way since it started out in 1956 with a fleet of five small aircrafts. Last year, it took delivery of five Airbus A321s and signed a contract to buy ten Airbus narrow-bodied 321s of which the first plane will be delivered next year. This July it signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase four 787s.
  1. What is the topic of the text?
    1. The increasing fleet of the airline
    2. A new contract with Boeing
    3. Airbus planes
    4. The way Perkutut Airline signs agreements
  2. How long has the airline been operating?
    1. Five years
    2. Ten years
    3. Less than fifty years
    4. More than fifty years

Questions 25 – 27 refer to the following text
Benjamin Franklin, an American printer, patriot, and inventor, experimented with electricity. He thought lightning and electricity were the same thing. He did a dangerous experiment in the mid-1700s to find out electricity. Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm. He attached a metal key to the kite string. An electric charge ran down the wet kite string to the key. The charge made a spark when it hit the key. This showed Franklin that lightning was electricity.
  1. What is the topic of the text?
    1. Franklin’s kite
    2. The spark which hit the key
    3. Lightning and thunderstorm
    4. The discovery of electricity
  2. Which is NOT true according to the text?
    1. To find out electricity, Franklin did a dangerous experiment.
    2. Franklin liked playing with a kite.
    3. Franklin believed that lightning and electricity were one thing.
    4. When the electric charge hit the key, a spark was created.
  3. “...an American printer, patriot, and inventor, ....”
    The word “inventor” is close in meaning to ....
    1. Worker
    2. Artist
    3. Investor
    4. Discoverer
Questions 28 – 30 refer to the following procedural text:
  • 6 medium lemons, should yield 1 cup of juice
  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • 3/4 cup sugar (can be adjusted by +/- 1/4 cup to taste)
  1. Juice the lemons on a citrus reamer, rolling the lemons on the counter with moderate pressure prior to juicing will result in more juice from each lemon. Try to keep out the seeds. If you prefer lemonade with no pulp, strain the juice to remove it.
  2. Dissolve the sugar in the water. Heat may be helpful if using a large amount of sugar.
  3. Combine the juice and sugar water in a pitcher. Stir well.
  4. Chill or serve over ice cubes.
  1. What might be the best title for the text?
    1. How to prepare lemonade
    2. How to prepare lemon cubes
    3. How to prepare lemon flavored soda
    4. How to prepare sugared lemon
  2. The word “chill” is close in meaning to ....
    1. serve
    2. combine
    3. heat
    4. cool
  3. According to the text, filtering the juice will result in ....
    1. the juice without seeds
    2. the juice without pulp
    3. the juice without sugar
    4. the juice without water

7. Incomplete Dialog:

Questions 31 to 40, choose the most appropriate answer
  1. Bram: “Look. The interviewee is very confident. I think he is very experienced.”
    Joni: “.... He can answer all the questions fluently.”
    1. You are wrong.
    2. I’m doubtful about that.
    3. That’s questionable.
    4. You are right.
  2. Santi: “I brought some sandwiches. ....”
    Lina: “Thank you. Mmmm. It's very delicious.”
    1. Would you like some?
    2. May I have some?
    3. Do you have sandwiches?
    4. Do you like eating sandwiches?
  3. Ali: “I’m getting nervous. Is it all right if I smoke?”
    Ira : “.... I feel dizzy when people smoke around me.”
    Ali: “Well, I’ll walk around for a moment then.”
    1. Of course it is.
    2. Please do.
    3. I wouldn’t mind at all.
    4. I’d rather you didn’t.
  4. Yudi: “What does your sister do?
    Ika: “She works as a receptionist in a hotel. ....”
    1. She is in charge of serving food.
    2. She is responsible for handling guests.
    3. She does a lot of filing.
    4. Her duty is making phone calls.
  5. Agent: “Which would you like, economic or business class?”
    Tourist: “.... It’s much more comfortable.”
    1. I’ll take the economic class.
    2. I prefer economic to business class.
    3. I would rather have business class.
    4. I like both.
  6. Caller: “Good morning. Can I speak to Ahmad Harun, please?”
    Mika: “I’m afraid he’s in a meeting until lunchtime. ....”
    Caller: “Well, I’d like to confirm our appointment. It’s Aji Jaya here.”
    1. May I call you again?
    2. May I leave a message?
    3. Would you leave a message?
    4. Can you hold on a minute?
  7. Edo: “Do you still go to the gym?”
    Sita: “Not anymore. ....”
    Edo: “That’s too bad. We need exercise to stay healthy.”
    1. I used to go there once a week.
    2. I go there every Saturday.
    3. I am used to exercises.
    4. I wish you would invite me.
  8. Mr. Ali: “You haven’t submitted your assignment, have you?
    Andi: “No, I haven’t, Sir. I’m sorry, but ....
    Mr. Ali: “OK. Tomorrow is the deadline.
    1. I have finished it, haven’t I?
    2. I will submit it if I have time.
    3. I wish I could help you with it.
    4. I will submit it tomorrow.
  9. Hani: “Have you ever been here before?”
    Umi: “Yes. When I was a child, ....”
    Hani: “That was a long time ago, then.”
    1. I will go here with my father.
    2. My father brought me to this place.
    3. I planned to go here with my father.
    4. My father has been here with me.
  10. Assistant: “Can I help you, Sir?”
    Rendy: “Yes, certainly. ....”
    Assistant: “Oh, you can see over there, Sir. Follow me.”
    1. I looked for leather shoes.
    2. I am looking for leather shoes.
    3. I have looked for leather shoes.
    4. I was looking for leather shoes.

8. Cloze Test:

Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to complete the texts.
Questions 41 – 44 refer to the following letter
Jalan Kertanegara 47
Semarang 50251

January 11, 2007

Human Resources Manager
Cloverleaf, Inc.
Jalan Pandanaran 51
Semarang 50242

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am seeking ... (41) ... in your engineering department where I may use my training in computer sciences to solve engineering problems.

I expect to receive a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Semarang State University in June, when I will have completed the computer systems engineering program since September 2006. I have been participating in the professional training program at computer systems in Salatiga. Most recently, I have been a programmer trainee in the engineering department and have gained a great deal of ... (42) ... in computer applications. Details of the academic courses I have taken are contained in the ... (43) ... resume.

I look forward to ... (44) ... from you soon. I can be contacted at my office (8442116 ext. 232) or via e-mail (marina.t@aol.com).

Yours sincerely
Marina Tumewu
    1. a position
    2. a promotion
    3. an application
    4. an interview
    1. experiment
    2. salary
    3. science
    4. experience
    1. enclosure
    2. enclosing
    3. enclosed
    4. enclose
    1. hear
    2. hearing
    3. heard
    4. be heard
Questions 45 – 47 refer to the following announcement
Class registration begins July 11. and classes begin July 18. If you ... (45) ... for a class after July 17 you will have to pay a Rp 250,000 late registration fee. You will have to have a signed permission letter from the course instructor if you sign up for an advanced level class. If a class ... (46) ... due to low enrollment, the University will contact you. We recommend that you provide your phone number and e-mail address on your course selections is no longer available. We cannot ... (47) ... you if we don’t have this information. Our staff is not responsible for searching for you in a directory.
    1. register
    2. to register
    3. will register
    4. registered
    1. cancels
    2. is cancelled
    3. will cancel
    4. be cancelled
    1. recommend
    2. enroll
    3. instruct
    4. contact
Questions 48 – 50 refer to the following advertisement
Paket Soal Reading Section Bahasa Inggris UNBK - USBN SMKA free-form swimming pool ... (48) ... a relaxing range of options; a tropical oasis which includes a lap pool and terrace bar. Sun loungers and pavilion areas create ample space for leisure and a regular program of water sports and activities is held ... (49) ....
A fully-equipped gymnasium, health club and massage center is ...(50)... for guest use, with experienced health and fitness professionals to provide expert assistance. At poolside, the Laguna Pool Terrace serves drinks and light meals throughout the day.
    1. offer
    2. offers
    3. offered
    4. is offered
    1. day
    2. today
    3. daily
    4. one day
    1. available
    2. availability
    3. unavailable
    4. availed
This is the end of the test

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