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Paket Soal Versi 9 Reading Section Bahasa Inggris UNBK - USBN SMK

Reading Section

5. Error Recognition: For questions 16 - 20, choose the inappropriate structure or word in the sentences below.
  1. Linda: Look! This painting is very beautiful.
    Prita : I agree. I think it is the most beautiful painting in this art gallery.
                     B                                            C
    Linda : It’s Basuki Abdullah’s painting. He’s one of the better painters in Indonesia.
  2. Tracy : Do you know what a grandfather clock is? I wonder what it looks like.
                                            A                                                                                   B
    Agus : It is a clock whom has an average person’s height, and maybe 20 to 24 inches wide.
                                          C                                                        D
  3. Reynald : Who is the girl sitting next to Arman?
    Rina : Do you mean the one whom is wearing a red dress?
    Reynald : Yes, I’ve never seen her here before.
                                                    C                           D
    Rina : Oh, she's Tyas, the new English teacher.
  4. Brian : I thought you were meeting your advisor.
    Hendra : I would have met her if she didn’t postpone the meeting. She rescheduled it.
                                         B                                         C                                                                    D
  5. Arman : You look so pleased. What’s the matter?
    Rony : I got a bad mark for my maths test. I’m afraid I won’t pass the subject.
                    B                                                                C
    Arman : Don’t worry. There are three other tests. You can do better next time.
6. Reading Comprehension: Questions 21 - 30 are based on a selection of reading materials. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 21-23 refer to the following letter :
Ms. Ashley Crane
Savbizooe Ltd
28 Green St., Suite 11

Upstate, NY 10947

Dear Ms. Crane:

Thank you for ordering 15 cases of premium paper from Imperial Stationery Ltd. Your order has been shipped and should reach you within the next five business days.

Find enclosed your total bill for the above order amounting to $794.85, and the check for $23.85 is your refund. Because you paid in advance, we are giving you 3 percent cash discount and we also are paying for shipping and handling.

Imperial Stationery is pleased to add you to its list of customers. We look forward to your next order.


Jennifer Lopez
Customer Service

2 enclosures

  1. Who is Ms. Ashley Crane?
    1. Manager of Imperial Stationery Ltd.
    2. Distributor of Imperial Stationery Ltd.
    3. Customer of Imperial Stationery Ltd.
    4. Customer service of Imperial Stationery Ltd.
  2. What are enclosed in the letter?
    1. Ms. Crane’s orders.
    2. The total bill and check.
    3. The discount.
    4. The list of customers.
  3. According to the letter, who is in charge for the shipping and handling?
    1. Ms. Ashley Crane.
    2. Imperial Stationery Ltd.
    3. Customer of Imperial Stationery Ltd.
    4. Customer Service of Imperial Stationery Ltd.
Questions 24-26 refer to the following text:
Excel Travel is the result of 50 years of experience within the Travel Industry between its President and Vice President in the fields of leisure travel, corporate travel, meetings, conferences, incentives & exhibitions – simply it is a one supplier one solution approach. Among its shareholders are leading Egyptian investors in Egypt and the region. In our third of operation, we are ranked among the top five Travel Management Companies in Egypt.

At Excel Travel we have worked carefully to select the right, highly trained personnel to properly manage your business. We are aiming at establishing continuous training programs to enhance the existing expertise. Our current headcount exceeds 90 employees. In Cairo we have two offices in addition to 3 Implants and we have branches within the following cities: Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, El Gouna, Taba.

  1. Which statement is NOT true according to the text above?
    1. Excel Travel was established 50 years ago by its President and Vice President.
    2. The leaders of Excel Travel have long years of experience in the travel industry.
    3. The stocks of the company are owned by leading Egyptian investors.
    4. Excel Travel is one of the best Travel Management Companies in Egypt.
  2. “... to enhance the existing expertise”. The antonym of “enhance” is ....
    1. Improve
    2. Raise
    3. Increase
    4. Decrease
  3. In how many cities in Egypt can you find Excel Travel?
    1. 7
    2. 8
    3. 9
    4. 10
Questions 27-28 refer to the following text

Job Purpose:
Prepares visual presentations by designing art and copy layouts.

Job Duties:

  • Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering information and materials.
  • Plans concept by studying information and materials.
  • Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of art and copy regarding arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts.
  • Obtains approval of concept by submitting rough layout for approval.
  • Prepares finished copy and art by operating typesetting, printing, and similar equipment; purchasing from vendors.
  • Prepares final layout by marking and pasting up finished copy and art.
  • Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer's instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; maintaining equipment inventories; evaluating new equipment.
  • Completes projects by coordinating with outside agencies, art services, printers, etc.
  • Maintains technical knowledge by attending design workshops; reviewing professional publications; participating in professional societies.
Graphic Design Skills, Layout Skills, Creative Services, Customer Focus, Creativity, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Desktop Publishing Tools, Acute Vision, Handles Rejection.
  1. The followings are some duties of a graphic designer, except....
    1. Prepare and plan information and materials
    2. Ilustrate concept in a rough layout
    3. Get approval of the concept and prepare the finished copy and art
    4. Request vendors to prepare the final layout.
  2. What are the skills needed to be a graphic designer?
    1. Graphic design skills, layout skills, purchasing skills, customer focus, creativity, etc.
    2. Graphic design skills, layout skills, creativity, flexibility, deadline-oriented, etc.
    3. Graphic design skills, creative services, customer focus, financial management, etc.
    4. Graphic design skills, creative services, bargaining skills, creativity, acute vision, etc.
Questions 29-31 refer to the following text:
  • 3-4 pounds Alaskan king crab legs and claws
  • 1 stick of butter
  • Lemon wedges for garnish
  1. Melt the butter in a small pan and keep warm on its lowest setting.
  2. Set a steamer tray inside a large pot and pour enough water inside to steam the crab. Remember, you are only reheating the crab, so you will only need about an inch of water tops. Bring this to a boil before laying the crab legs on the steamer. Cover the pot and steam for 5 minutes.
  3. Remove the crab legs and use kitchen shears to cut the shells. You can either totally remove the meat from the shell or just get each one started for your guests. Serve with the melted butter.
  1. These are the kitchen equipment needed to make Classic King Crab, except ....
    1. A small pan.
    2. A large wok.
    3. A steamer.
    4. Kitchen shears.
  2. What should you do before laying the crab legs on the steamer?
    1. Set a steamer tray inside a large pot.
    2. Pour enough water inside the steamer.
    3. Boil an inch of water in the steamer.
    4. Cover the pot and steam for 5 minutes.
  3. Which is not true according to the text?
    1. You should open the pot while steaming the crab legs.
    2. First, you should melt the butter and keep it warm.
    3. You should serve the dish with the melted butter.
    4. You should steam the crab legs for 5 minutes.
7. Incomplete Dialog: In questions 32 to 41, choose the best answer to complete the dialog.

Paket Soal Versi 9 Reading Section Bahasa Inggris UNBK - USBN SMK

  1. Rio : Will you attend our high school reunion next Sunday?
    Marisa : I’m afraid I can’t. .... on that day.
    Rio : That's too bad.
    1. I will possibly be here
    2. I will attend it
    3. I maybe out of town
    4. I’d love to meet you all
  2. Martha : John, .... . It's getting darker. I can't read clearly.
    John : Alright. But I can’t see where the switch is.
    Martha : It’s near the door.
    1. Switch off the lamp.
    2. Please turn on the light.
    3. Please close all windows.
    4. What about locking the door.
  3. Dani : My throat hurts everytime I swallow.
    Mitha : I’ve told you not to drink too much ice. .... to have your throat examined.
    Dani: Yes, I’ll go there tonight.
    1. Let me see your throat
    2. You should not swallow
    3. You’d better drink hot water
    4. You should see the doctor
  4. Fred : Hello, Jeff! Where are the others? Haven’t they come yet?
    Jeff: No, they’re not coming. They’ve changed their mind.
    Fred : I wonder what they are doing right now.
    Jeff : ....
    1. They will go to swim.
    2. They’re going to swim.
    3. They’re going swimming.
    4. They will be going swimming.
  5. Waiter : Good evening, sir. What would you like to order?
    Customer : .... a grilled cheese sandwich, please.
    Waiter : Would you like anything to drink?
    Customer : Yes, I’d like a glass of coke, please.
    1. I’d like to make
    2. I’d like to have
    3. I’d like to serve
    4. I’d like you to order
  6. Mother : .... . You have to go to school early in the morning.
    Rossy : OK. Good night, mom.
    1. Don’t stay up late.
    2. Go to bed late.
    3. You should stay awake.
    4. I will go to bed now.
  7. Rizka : Did you get the tickets for Cherrybell’s concert?
    Dinda : No, I didn’t. The tickets were already sold out when I got there.
    Rizka : That’s too bad.
    Dinda : If I had come earlier, .... .
    1. I would miss the concert.
    2. I would not miss the concert.
    3. I would have missed the concert.
    4. I wouldn’t have missed the concert.
  8. Mr. Wardhana : Mr. Abraham wants all documents to be ready before the meeting.
    Liza : I’m sorry, sir. Which documents do you mean?
    Mr. Wardhana : About our company’s expansion to Asia. ...., haven’t you?
    Liza : Yes, sir. I’ll put them on his desk right away.
    1. You have finished it
    2. You would be able to finish
    3. You would have finished it
    4. You could have finished it
  9. Rizky : The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was spectacular.
    Brenda : I agree with you. .... on television, internet, and radio in many countries.
    1. I have watched it
    2. It was widely broadcasted
    3. It would be broadcasted
    4. It could have been broadcasted
  10. Rianti : ....
    Farhan : Yes, I’ve had it a few times. What about you?
    Rianti : I’ve never tried it.
    1. Have you ever eaten Thai food?
    2. Did you have Thai food for dinner?
    3. Could you get me Thai food?
    4. Would you like Thai food?
8. Cloze Text: Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to complete the texts.

Questions 42-44 refer to the following text:


To: Abigail
From: Patricia Adam
Date: January 17, 2012
Subject: A round-trip ticket booking

I will need to attend a meeting in Jakarta. Please .... (42).... a round-trip ticket flight for me. I need to depart on Monday morning. If possible, please book the ... (43)... flight for me. I need to arrive in Jakarta before 9 a.m. I will leave Jakarta on Wednesday evening. Please put the ticket .... (44)... my desk on Friday afternoon.

Thank you.

42. A. book
      B. books
      C. booked
      D. booking
43. A. early
      B. earlier
      C. earliest
      D. earlier than
44. A. in
      B. on
      C. up
      D. above
Questions 45-47 refer to the following announcement:

Promotion Announcement

Subject Line: Jane Doe, Director of Marketing

We .... (45)... to announce the promotion of Jane Doe to Director of Marketing in the Corporate Communications department. Jane joined the company five years ago and has held positions in both the Advertising and Sales departments. Jane brings a wealth of experience to her new role and we are .... (46)... about her new role at the company. Please join us in welcoming Jane to Corporate Communications and .... (47)... her on the promotion.

Best Regards,
Marian Smith
Executive Director, Corporate Communications

45. A. thrilled
      B. are thrilled
      C. were thrilled
      D. could be thrilled
46. A. excited
      B. exciting
      C. being excited
      D. excitement
47. A. congratulation
      B. congratulate
      C. congratulated
      D. congratulating
Questions 48-50 refer to the following text:

EZ Contacts USA

Paket Soal Versi 9 Reading Section Bahasa Inggris UNBK - USBN SMK
At EZContacts ... (48)... the best contact lenses, designer eyeglasses frames, and prescription sunglasses from all major brand names in eye wear at the best price.Top quality contact lenses like Acuvuse, Soflens, Proclear, PureVision, AirOptix, and Biomedics are on .... (49)...!
FREE SHIPPING for all orders $99.00 or more!
Visit ezcontactsusa.com or call 1-888-267-5367 .... (50)... further information.
48. A. provide
      B. provides
      C. provided
      D. providing
49. A. discount
      B. discounted
      C. discountable
      D. discounter
50. A. in
      B. on
      C. at
      D. for

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