March 09, 2014

Paket Soal Versi 11 Reading Section UNBK / USBN Bahasa Inggris SMK

Reading Section

5. Error Recognition: Questions 16 to 20, choose the inappropriate structure in the sentences below.
  1. Rini: This chair is not more comfortable as the old one.
                                                        A                                    B
    Alif : I agree with you. Besides, it’s too small for me. I feel like a giant when I sit on it.
                                                                           C                                                                D
  2. Joko: There are three beautiful small blue leather bags.
                            A                                        B
    Ira: Which one is yours? Mine is the one which a pocket on it.
                                       C                                        D
  3. Elma: Have you seen my little sister? I left her here when I met my guests.
    Udin: No one was here when I came. How does she look like?
                                B                                                                        C
    Elma: She is pleasingly plump. She’s about 130 cm. She has fairly skin.
  4. Ana: Have you finished the report? The deadline is the day after tomorrow.
                                     A                                                                                   B
    Yesi: It is being printed. I would be able to submit it tomorrow if they finish today.
                                C                     D
    Ana: I hope so.
  5. Desi: I heard you’ve received a scholarship. What a pity.
    Lina: Thank you. I worked hard on it. I failed last year.
                                                      B                   C
    Desi: You deserve it. I’m proud of you.
6. Reading Comprehension: Questions 21 - 30 are based on a selection of reading materials.
     Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 21 – 23 refer to the following text:
Please follow these procedures in order to make a machine withdrawal from your BRI Bank checking or savings accounts:
  1. Insert your card face up into the card slot on the machine teller
  2. Enter your six digits identification number on the numbers buttons
  3. Press the withdrawal button for checking or button for savings
  4. Enter the amount of withdrawal, either fifty or one hundred thousand rupiahs, on the numbered buttons, and wait for your receipt to be printed
  5. Remove your card from the slot. The drawer will open with receipt and your cash withdrawal in fifty-thousand rupiah packets.
All customers are limited to two withdrawals in one twenty- four- hour period.
  1. What does the text explain?
    1. How to get a BRI Bank Card
    2. How to open an account at BRI Bank
    3. How to withdraw money from a teller machine.
    4. How to make deposits and withdrawals at BRI Bank
  2. What should you do after you enter the amount of withdrawal?
    1. Print your receipt.
    2. Remove your card.
    3. Wait for your receipt.
    4. Press withdrawal button.
  3. "Please follow these procedures ...." The synonym of the underlined word is ....
    1. Arrangements.
    2. Confirmations.
    3. Qualifications
    4. Instructions.
Questions 24 – 25 refer to the following memo:
From: Rahardjo
To: Dianita
Subject: Monthly meeting
Our Director, Mr. Sulaiman will not be at the office until the end of this week as he must have research on our new branch in Singapore. I’d like you to tell the managers about the postponing of monthly meeting. Tell them that will be held on Monday next week.
  1. What does the memo talk about?
    1. The meeting will be held every month.
    2. The postponing of monthly meeting.
    3. A new branch in Singapore
    4. Mr. Sulaiman’s research
  2. Why is the meeting postponed?
    1. The managers do not know about the meeting.
    2. The secretary hasn’t told the managers.
    3. The Director will not be at the office.
    4. The meeting will be held on Monday.
Questions 26 – 28 refer to the following text:

Meredian Express

We are the one you can trust in delivery service. Established since 1984 and advancing through five provinces, we now have more than 500 branches. Our commitment is to ensure that the goods will be delivered quickly and safely. We offer a competitive delivery cost with an excellent service. So, what are you waiting for? Trust your goods delivery in us.
Our main office is located in Panglima Sudirman st. no 62. Makassar. Hot line 0856433765.
  1. What does the Meredian express deal with?
    1. Transportation service
    2. Goods distribution
    3. Delivery service
    4. Marketing
  2. What does the word “us” in line 5 refer to?
    1. Main office.
    2. 500 branches.
    3. Goods delivery.
    4. Meredian Express.
  3. What is the synonym of the word “commitment” in line 3?
    1. Relationship
    2. Dedication
    3. Promotion
    4. Establishment
Questions 29 – 31 refer to the following text:
Amyr Klink said that he was going to cross the Atlantic Ocean by himself in a rowboat. Nobody believed him and some people thought he was crazy. “I didn’t plan this by myself,”Klink said. “I had some help from scientists and engineers.”
On June 10, 1984, Klink left Namibia in his rowboat, The Paraty, and headed for Brazil. It was not an easy experience for Klink. He rowed his small boat across the Atlantic for 92 days. His only companions were dolphins, whales, and a few sharks who amused themselves by chasing after the boat.
Finally, on September 9, 1984, The Paraty arrived in Salvador, Brazil. It was the end of the journey.
  1. What does the text talk about?
    1. Amyr Klink’s rowboat, the Paraty.
    2. Amyr Klink’s incredible journey.
    3. The biography of Amyr Klink.
    4. Amyr Klink’s hobby.
  2. Where did Amyr Klink start his journey?
    1. Namibia.
    2. Brazil.
    3. Atlantic Ocean.
    4. Salvador.
  3. Which statement is not true according the text?
    1. Some people thought Amyr Klink was crazy.
    2. Amyr Klink crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone.
    3. Amyr Klink rowed his small boat in less than 100 days.
    4. Scientists and engineers joined Amyr Klink’s journey.

Writing Section

7. Incomplete Dialog: Questions 32 to 41, choose the most appropriate answer.
  1. Ulfa: “I can’t access the web page. It says ‘500 – Internal Server Error.”
    Lina: “Neither can I. I think ....”
    1. The problem has been fixed.
    2. The server has a problem.
    3. It has internal server.
    4. We should open the web.
  2. Hanis: “This is Hanis from PT. ABC. May I speak to Mr. Adi, the Manager?”
    Operator: “I’m sorry, but he’s still away for lunch. May I take a message?”
    Hanis: “Yes. ....”
    Operator: “All right.”
    1. Please leave him my message.
    2. Please call again in an hour.
    3. Please tell him that I called.
    4. Please ask him to be away.
  3. Juli: “It’s getting colder outside. The wind is blowing harder.”
    Wira : “You are right. ....”
    1. Let’s go in.
    2. Just open the window.
    3. Why don’t we stay here?
    4. I am sweating very much.
  4. Laila: “What kind of exercise do you like to do?”
    Rudi: “.... On weekends, I ride to the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.”
    1. I like cycling.
    2. I usually go swimming.
    3. I prefer playing tennis.
    4. I enjoy playing football.
  5. Receptionist: “....”
    Tourist: “Double with bath. Please give me a room with a view over the beach.”
    1. What can I do for you, Sir?
    2. What kind of bathroom do you need?
    3. How many rooms would you like?
    4. What kind of room would you like?
  6. Tourist: “Excuse me. ....”
    Receptionist: “Go along this street. Turn left at the first junction. Then walk for about 100 m. It’s on your right.
    1. Could you show me where I stay, please?
    2. How can I get to the nearest batik center?
    3. Will you take me to the nearest batik center?
    4. Could you tell me the nearest way, please?
  7. Tito: “The street gets very busy from 6 to 7 am. We can be trapped in traffic jams.”
    Redi: “So, if we don’t want to be late, ....”
    1. We will have to leave at about 5 am.
    2. We had had to leave at about 5 am.
    3. We would have to leave at about 5 am.
    4. We had to leave at about 5 am.
  8. Yeko: “Why did you take the bus? You always ride your motorcycle to work, ....”
    Dedi: “Yes, but my motorcycle is being repaired now.
    1. Do you?
    2. Don’t you?
    3. Did you?
    4. Didn’t you?
  9. Bima: “Have you heard about the new film?”
    Gita: “Yes. I can’t wait to watch it. ....”
    Hani: “Early next month.”
    1. When was it released?
    2. When is it releasing?
    3. When will it be released?
    4. When will you release it?
  10. Tedy: “Have you seen Rio? I need his help now.”
    Gita: “He’s in the director’s room. ....”
    1. He met our client.
    2. He has met our client.
    3. He is meeting our client.
    4. He would meet our client.
8. Cloze Test: Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to complete the texts.
Questions 42 – 44 refer to the following letter
Dear Sir,
In reply to your advertisement on The Jakarta Post dated December 14,2013, I would like to ...(42)... for the position of a female office administration staff.
I’m a girl of 20, graduated from a vocational high school, precisely from Business and Management group ...(43)... Salatiga. Previously, I worked as an administration staff for “Zenith”, a ...(44)... radio station in town.
I herewith enclose some certificates of reference from my former employer together with my curriculum vitae and recent passport-sized photo.
I’m looking forward to your favorable reply and a chance of an interview.
Yours faithfully,

42. A. apply
       B. applied
       C. applying
       D. application
43. A. by
       B. on
       C. in
       D. at
44. A. well-know
       B. well-known
       C. well-knowing
       D. well-knowledge
Questions 45 – 47 refer to the following announcement
Attention students
This Monday, April 15, is the registration deadline for the next semester. Complete your registration form in the administrative office on the first floor ...(45)... the hours of 7.00 am and 13.00 pm.
Payment must be made at the time of registration, so ...(46)... your credit card, a money order or cash with you. Personal checks will not be ...(47).... No late exceptions. Classes begin Monday, May 15.
45. A. from
       B. since
       C. by
       D. between
46. A. submit
       B. collect
       C. bring
       D. take
47. A. accepted
       B. accept
       C. accepting
       D. acceptance
Questions 48 – 50 refer to the following advertisement
Paket Soal Versi 11 Reading Section UNBK - USBN Bahasa Inggris SMK
Don’t ...(48)... your lunch hour waiting in line. Come to Joe’s Hamburger Grill for a ...(49)... and tasty lunch. Our menu features 25 different types of hamburgers served with:
  • Cheese
  • sliced onions and tomatoes
  • spicy sauces
  • And more
Your order is guaranteed to be on your table within five minutes or free. Joe’s is located ...(50)... North Main Street in the heart of the downtown business district.
See you there
48. A. to spend
       B. spend
       C. spent
       D. spending
49. A. quick
       B. quickly
       C. quicker
       D. quicks
50. A. in
       B. at
       C. on
       D. by

This is the end of the test.

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