April 20, 2019

Exercise: Past Perfect Tense VS Simple Past Tense

Contrasting Past Tenses: The Simple Past VS The Past Perfect Tense
reviously, we have learnt about contrasting The Past Perfect to the Simple Past tense in Contrasting Past Tenses: The Simple Past VS The Past Perfect Tense. Now, let's practice how to use the Simple Past and the Past Perfect tense correctly.

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Past Perfect Tense - Exercises

Latihan soal

Isilah tempat yang kosong dengan menggunakan bentuk Past Perfect yang benar dari kata kerja di dalam kurung. Perhatikan bahwa pada beberapa kalimat, Past Perfect tense bisa digunakan setara dengan Simple Past tense atau Past Perfect Continuous tense.

Exercise A.

Lengkapilah kalimat-kalimat berikut ini dengan bentuk Past Perfect tense sesuai dengan informasi dari kalimat dalam tanda kurung.
  1. (Rina was doing her assignment from six o'clock till half past seven last night.)
    By a quarter to eight, Rina her assignment.
  2. (Jim washed his car from nine till eleven o'clock. Tika arrived at half past eleven.)
    When Tika arrived, Jim his car.
  3. (He graduated from university in 2016. His father retired in 2017.)
    When his father retired in 2017, he from the university.
  4. (The movie began at seven o'clock. We arrived at the cinema at ten minutes past seven.)
    When we arrived at the cinema, the movie .
  5. (Ika typed the letter at half past eight. She finished it in twenty minutes. The manager called at nine o'clock.)
    By the time the manager called, Ika the letter.
  6. (The teacher explained the lesson. Then we understood it.)
    We understood the lesson after the teacher it.
  7. (The train stopped. Then he got off.)
    He got off after the train .
  8. (I'm speaking to Maya. She has not finished her work.)
    When I spoke to Maya, she her work.
  9. (They repaired our motorcycle. We were able to continue our trip.)
    We were able to continue our trip after they our motorcycle.
  10. (The guests left. Then I mowed the lawn.)
    I mowed the lawn as soon as the guests .

Exercise B.

Past Perfect Tense VS Simple Past Tense
Dalam latihan ini, kita berlatih membedakan antara Simple Past dengan Past Perfect tense. Ubahlah kata kerja di dalam kotak teks menjadi bentuk yang benar, SImple Past atau Past Perfect tense. Ingatlah bahwa jika ada dua (2) kejadian lampau dalam suatu kalimat, maka kejadian yang lebih lampau (past of the past) sebaiknya menggunakan bentuk Past Perfect.

Contoh soal: They (go) home after they (finish) their work.
Jawaban: They went home after they had finished their work.
  1. She out when I at her house.
  2. I them that I to that place before.
  3. My little brother all the pie before we back.
  4. We them what countries they .
  5. The police the witness what to the victim the previous night.
  6. His mother a lot about him before she that he was safe.
  7. The house much smaller than he at first.
  8. The archaeologist that the glories of Tutankhamen exaggerated.
  9. He to admit that he his friends' mobile phone.
  10. She her teacher that her mother her with her homework.
  11. As soon as we the confirmation, we with our plans.
  12. After the bridge repaired, the road reopened.
  13. After she from the university, she back to her hometown.
  14. After we our lunch, we our journey.
  15. Before the teacher , we cleaning our classroom.

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