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August 20, 2011

Reading Cloze Text: Explanation Text about Global Warming

Cloze Text: Explanation Reading Text about Global Warming
Subject: Reading

Type of Text: Cloze Text

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

No. of Text Items: 15 items


Explanation Text
Instructions :
Fill in all the gaps with the correct word provided below to complete the following passage. When you click the blank space, a drop-down menu containing answer choices will appear and you can choose the word that you think is correct.

   acting      affect      allow      alter      begin      consider      decrease      depend      keep      needs      produce      produced      risen      states      understand   
Did you ever wonder why the weather has been strangely in the past few years? One of the causes you may is global warming. Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface. It is by the emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, halogenated fluorocarbons, ozone, and hydrocarbons incoming solar radiation to pass through the Earth's atmosphere but infrared radiation from leaving the atmosphere, thus causing the atmosphere to warm. Life on Earth the natural greenhouse effect, but excess greenhouse gases will retain excess heat and the normal atmospheric temperature of the Earth, causing global warming.

According to "Scientific Sleuths Track Climate Trends: Unraveling the mystery of global warming's cause and effect," by Alan Boyle, mean global temperatures have 1 degree Fahrenheit in the past century. Boyle also that last year was declared to be one of the warmest in 120 years.

In order to what global warming really is one must look at the effects it will have in the future. Effects in the weather and climate would be one. Global warming could warmer and wetter climates for the North America, Europe and Asia. This may not be such a bad thing for these areas as it could the amount of frost that affects crops. Water problems, on the other hand, could be detrimental to life on earth. The melting of glaciers, ocean ice and ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctic could be one of the clearest indicators of global warming. According to Janine Bloomfield, a staff scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, there are urban areas that on snow packs for their water supply. The increased melting of these packs along with summer droughts could cause water shortages for these areas. Another problem is rising sea levels due to melting glaciers and ice. This could cause shoreline erosion, and the oceans will slowly to consume coasts all over the world.
These may not be issues that will us tomorrow, but as humans we need to take the initiative to take care of the Earth. We need to take measures to prevent these problems from affecting generations to come, so they to can have bright and promising futures.

To do the computer-based version of this cloze text and find out your score, click the link below.

February 24, 2008

Cloze Text: A boy and An Apple Tree (Narrative Text)

A boy and An Apple Tree Narrative Text - Cloze text

Subject: Reading - Narrative Text

Type of Test: Cloze Text

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

No. of Test Items: 10 items

A Boy and an Apple Tree

Practice with Verbs
Fill in all the gaps to complete the following passage. When you click the blank space, a drop-down menu containing answer choices will appear. Choose the option that best completes the sentence. When you finish filling in all the gaps, press "Check" to check your answers. Please note that you will lose points if you give a wrong answer. Good luck.
   became      build      climb      fall      heard      looking      sell      spend      stood      use   
Once upon a time, there lived a big apple tree and a boy who loved to play around it. Everyday, he would the tree, pick its fruits and eat them as many as he wanted. Then, he would lie down and sleep under the tree. The boy loved the tree so much, and it made the apple tree happy.

Years passed. The little boy grew up and a teenager. He soon felt that being around his friends was more exciting than playing around the tree. Therefore, he didn’t as much time near the tree as before. The apple tree started to feel lonely.

One day, the boy showed up. The tree was happy, thinking that he would play with him again, but he was wrong. He the boy said as he stared happily at the ripe apple fruits, “I used to play here when I was a kid. Now, I don’t like playing anymore. I need money to buy new clothes. That's why, I will pick the apples and them.”
The boy picked all of the fruits and hurriedly left for the market.

Time went by. One day, a young man came with an axe. Knowing that it was 'him', the apple tree was happy and thought that this time he would play around him. “Now I have a family. I have to a house as a shelter. Therefore, I will cut the tree's crown and the wood to make a house,” the man said to himself. Soon, with his axe,the young man cut the tree trunk and all its branches. When he had enough, he left the tree with almost nothing but the bottom trunk and the roots.

Many years later, a man came with an axe in his hand, at the crownless apple tree. “Now, I’m an adult. My favorite pastime is fishing and I need a boat. I will cut the remaining trunk and make one from it,” he thought. Soon, he cut the tree down and left happily.

One day, an old man came and near the stump of the apple tree. The old man touched the dying tree and said, ”you have given me your life and anything you have. You have taught me how to give and expect nothing in return. Thank you for everything.”
To do the computer-based version of this cloze text and find out your score, click the link below: