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Soal Olimpiade & Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP: Paket Soal 4A

H ai, siswa siswi hebat. Mister Guru sekali lagi akan membagikan salinan otentik dan contoh soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP / MTs...

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June 22, 2024

Soal Olimpiade & Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP: Paket Soal 4A

ai, siswa siswi hebat. Mister Guru sekali lagi akan membagikan salinan otentik dan contoh soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP / MTs yang dilombakan di SMKN 1 Probolinggo pada tahun 2022 kemarin. Kalian bisa menggunakannya sebagai bahan persiapan mengikuti Olimpiade bahasa Inggris atau sebagai bahan pengayaan dan pendalaman materi menghadapi ujian sekolah bahasa Inggris. Yuk, uji kesiapan kalian dalam menghadapi soal-soal ujian Bahasa Inggris. Selamat mengerjakan.
Multiple Choice Questions
Choose the best answer; A, B, C, or D to each question.
Read the following text to answer questions no. 1 - 2
  1. What should you NOT do according to the text?
    1. Refuel the car’s engine regularly
    2. Turn on the engine while refueling
    3. Drive your car into the refuel area
    4. Switch off the car’s ignition key
  2. Where do we usually see the above notice?
    1. Car dealers
    2. Car garages
    3. Repair shop
    4. Gas station
  3. Read the following text to answer questions no. 3 - 5
    English Olympiad Text 1
  4. What is the purpose of the letter?
    1. To certify an examination passing grade.
    2. To congratulate an examination committee.
    3. To remind someone of his/her examination.
    4. To congratulate someone on his/her success.
  5. What is NOT mentioned in the letter?
    1. The writer’s intention
    2. The writer’s name
    3. The recipient’s name
    4. The type of examination
  6. “... congratulate you on passing your exam”.
    What is the antonym of the underlined word?
    1. Succeeding
    2. Failing
    3. Doing
    4. Taking
  7. Read the dialogue below and answer questions no. 6 - 10
    Cindy:Ray, I don’t think I’ll be able to join tomorrow’s practice session.
    Ray:Why, Cindy? We need you. It’s an important session before our team’s performance on Saturday.
    Cindy:I’ve got a temperature. I think I’m catching a cold.
    Ray:Oh, that’s too bad. What should we do now?
    Cindy:I’ve decided to take a rest and stay in bed today. Let’s hope things will get better tomorrow so I can attend the practice session.
    Ray:I hope so. We won’t be able to perform without you.
    Cindy:OK. I’ll do everything to get better. Let’s chat again tomorrow morning.
    Ray:All right. Take some rest and some medicine, Cindy. I hope you get well soon.
    Cindy:I will. Thanks, Ray.
  8. What is the main topic of the conversation?
    1. The practice schedules
    2. The team’s performance
    3. Cindy’s sickness
    4. Ray’s condition
  9. From the dialogue, we know that ....
    1. Cindy plays an important role in the team.
    2. Cindy will not be able to perform on Saturday.
    3. Ray will do everything to perform for Cindy.
    4. Ray will find Cindy’s replacement in the team.
  10. Which is NOT true according to the dialogue?
    1. The team’s practice session will take place on Saturday.
    2. Ray thinks the team won’t perform well without Cindy.
    3. Cindy will try her best to come to the practice session.
    4. Ray hopes that Cindy will come to the practice session.
  11. Cindy says, “I’ve got a temperature.”
    It means that ....
    1. She feels the weather is hot.
    2. She’s got a thermometer.
    3. She is having a fever.
    4. She will check her temperature.
  12. What is the most probable relationship between the speakers?
    1. Relatives
    2. Friends
    3. Doctor and patient
    4. Teacher and student
  13. Look at the picture and answer the questions no. 11 - 14
    Car Comparison
  14. The silver car is ....
    1. the oldest
    2. as cheap as the red one
    3. the most expensive
    4. the older
  15. The blue car is ... than the red one.
    1. cheaper
    2. newest
    3. older
    4. newer
  16. The red car is ... the blue one.
    1. as expensive as
    2. the same as
    3. more expensive than
    4. newer than
  17. Which of these sentences is NOT true based on the above picture?
    1. The silver car is the most expensive of all.
    2. The silver car is not as expensive as the red one.
    3. The red car has the same price as the blue one.
    4. The blue car is not as old as the silver one.

  18. The assignment was rather difficult, ... my sister offered to help us.
    1. because
    2. although
    3. so
    4. but
  19. Ali: I think Santi’s personality is really amazing.
    Hari: Yes, I think so. She is not only friendly ... helpful.
    1. but
    2. also
    3. but also
    4. and
  20. Indri: Did you see Mr. Abu this morning?
    Cita: Yes, I did. When I walked past his house, he ... the lawn.
    1. has mown
    2. was mowing
    3. mows
    4. is mowing
  21. Adi: Excuse me. ....
    Stranger: The museum? It’s just over there, next to the park.
    Adi: Thank you.
    1. Could you tell me where the museum is?
    2. Which bus should we take to the museum?
    3. I think we should take a taxi to the museum.
    4. Do you mind taking me to the museum?
  22. Your friend has just won an English speech contest. You come to her, shake her hand, and say ....
    1. Good luck! I know you will make it.
    2. Well, you should’ve done much better.
    3. Cheer up! I'm sure you will do better next time.
    4. Congratulations! I’m very proud of you.
  23. Complete the text based on the picture below.
    Home Interior
    This is our ...(a).... There is a round orange carpet and a brown sofa ...(b)... of the room. Next to the sofa, there is a ...(c).... There is a window ...(d).... the sofa. The window is ...(e).... There is a ...(f)... next to the window. There are ...(g)... and a picture on it.
  24. ...(a)....
    1. kitchen
    2. bedroom
    3. livingroom
    4. bathroom
  25. ...(b)....
    1. at the back
    2. opposite
    3. beside
    4. at the center
  26. ...(c)....
    1. standing lamp
    2. bright lamp
    3. lamp standby
    4. hanging lamp
  27. ...(d)....
    1. between
    2. behind
    3. opposite
    4. across
  28. ...(e)....
    1. close
    2. closeness
    3. closely
    4. closed
  29. ...(f)....
    1. shelf
    2. drawer
    3. self
    4. cabinet
  30. ...(g)....
    1. book
    2. a book
    3. some books
    4. any books
  31. Answer the following questions based on the text below.
    Grasshopper and Toad were good friends. One day Toad said to Grasshopper, "Dear friend, tomorrow come and dine at my house. My wife and I will prepare a special meal."

    The next day Grasshopper arrived at Toad's house. Before sitting down to eat, Toad washed his forelegs, and invited Grasshopper to do the same. Grasshopper did so, and it made a loud noise.

    "Grasshopper, can't you leave your chirping behind. I cannot eat with such a noise," said Toad.

    Grasshopper tried to eat without rubbing his forelegs together, but it was impossible. Each time he gave a chirp, Toad complained and asked him to be quiet. Grasshopper was angry and could not eat. Finally, he said to Toad: "I invite you to my house for dinner, tomorrow."

    The next day, Toad arrived at Grasshopper's home. As soon as the meal was ready, Grasshopper washed his forelegs, and invited Toad to do the same. Toad did so, and then hopped toward the food.

    "You had better go back and wash again," said Grasshopper. "All that hopping in the dirt has made your forelegs dirty again."

    Toad hopped back to the water jar, washed again, then hopped back to the table, and was ready to reach out for some food from one of the platters when Grasshopper stopped him: "Please don’t put your dirty paws into the food. Go and wash them again."

    Toad was furious. "You just don't want me to eat with you!" he cried. "You know very well that I must use my paws and forelegs in hopping about. I cannot help it if they get a bit dirty between the water jar and the table."

    Grasshopper responded, "You are the one who started it yesterday. You know I cannot rub my forelegs together without making a noise."

    From then on, they were no longer friends.

  32. Which title might the author give this story?
    1. A Grasshopper and a Toad
    2. A Noisy Grasshopper
    3. True Friendship
    4. The Cranky Toad
  33. Who will prepare a special meal?
    1. Grasshopper and his wife
    2. Toad and his wife
    3. Toad by himself
    4. Grasshopper by himself
  34. Toad washed his paws and forelegs because ....
    1. he was hungry
    2. they were injured
    3. he was anxious
    4. they got dirty
  35. The word “chirp” in the fourth paragraph means the same as ....
    1. tweet
    2. creep
    3. breathe
    4. whisper
  36. Grasshopper and Toad might be friends because ....
    1. both of them are neighbors
    2. both of them eat insects
    3. they belong to the same species
    4. they look for food together
  37. What happened after Grasshopper rubbed his forelegs together?
    1. He hopped back.
    2. He got furious.
    3. He gave a chirp.
    4. He began to eat.
  38. The word “dine” in the first paragraph refers to the act of ....
    1. consuming
    2. treating
    3. abstaining
    4. lodging
  39. “Toad was furious”. The word “furious” can be best replaced by ....
    1. disappointed
    2. ambitious
    3. angry
    4. hungry
  40. What is the moral of the story?
    1. If you depend too much on someone, you will never live independently.
    2. Inviting a friend to a dinner is a good virtue and a noble morality.
    3. Good character qualities are the requirement of building true friendship.
    4. If you wish to have true friendship, learn to accept other's weakness.
  41. Answer the following questions based on the picture below.
  42. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To give detailed information of the product
    2. To choose healthy and safe medicine products
    3. To talk about the mixture of RIDCUFF formula
    4. To avoid harmful effects of the cough formula
  43. What information is NOT included in the text?
    1. Product name
    2. Expiration date
    3. Product description
    4. Product origin
  44. Which is NOT true about the product?
    1. The syrup is not intended for children.
    2. It contains mixture of Formula 440.
    3. It tastes great and soothes the throat.
    4. It should be kept away from children.
  45. “Keep it in moderate temperature.”
    What is the synonym of the underlined word?
    1. Media
    2. Temporary
    3. Cold
    4. Average
  46. “Use medicine according to physician's instructions”
    It means that the product should be consumed with doctor’s ....
    1. receipt
    2. recipe
    3. prescription
    4. recipient

  47. Sherly: Have you heard that Ray has just had an accident?
    Roni: Oh, really? ....
    1. I’m sorry to hear that.
    2. Please accept my sympathy.
    3. My deepest condolence.
    4. He really deserves that.
  48. Toni: I called you about an hour ago, but I couldn’t get through.
    Ria: Oh, I ... a very important presentation and my phone was off.
    1. make
    2. am making
    3. was making
    4. have made
  49. Joni: The classroom is very dirty.
    Lia: Absolutely. ... the floor ... the desks have been cleaned for the whole week.
    1. Both ... and
    2. Neither ... nor
    3. Either ... or
    4. Not only ... but also
  50. Fina: What’s wrong with my computer? It can’t read this CD.
    Olga: ... to use mine? I’m not using it now.
    1. Could you
    2. Shall I
    3. Would you like
    4. Let’s
  51. Ria: How old is your sister?
    Umi: She is 20.
    Ria: Oh, really? My brother is ... her. He is 20 too.
    1. the same age
    2. as old as
    3. older than
    4. the same
  52. Complete the following text with the correct words / phrases.
    Indonesia ...(i)... off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is an archipelago that ...(ii)... across the Equator and ...(iii)... a distance equivalent to one-eighth of Earth’s circumference. Its islands can be grouped into the Greater Sunda Islands of Sumatra (Sumatera), Java (Jawa), the southern extent of Borneo (Kalimantan), and Celebes (Sulawesi); the Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara) of Bali and a chain of islands that ...(iv)... eastward through Timor; the Moluccas (Maluku) between Celebes and the island of New Guinea; and the western extent of New Guinea (generally known as Papua). In the early 21st century Indonesia was the ...(v)... country in Southeast Asia and the fourth in the world.
  53. (i)
    1. locates
    2. is locating
    3. located
    4. is located
  54. (ii)
    1. lies
    2. lied
    3. lie
    4. is lied
  55. (iii)
    1. is spanned
    2. spanned
    3. spans
    4. span
  56. (iv)
    1. ran
    2. is running
    3. run
    4. runs
  57. (v)
    1. most populous
    2. more populous
    3. populous
    4. populated

April 16, 2020

Soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP Paket Soal 2C

Choose the best answer to the following questions.
  1. Mr. Eka: What are you doing, Adi?
    Adi: I ... my school assignment, Dad.
    1. do
    2. did
    3. am doing
    4. am
  2. Rama: Where does your father work?
    Tina: He works in an office. He is a ....
    1. lawyer
    2. blacksmith
    3. mechanic
    4. gardener
  3. Yoni: ... bicycle is that?
    Tria: Oh, it is my brother's.
    1. What
    2. Who
    3. Which
    4. Whose
  4. Sam: Look at those people! What are they doing?
    Tami: They are .... They are reporting news items on the radio.
    1. singers
    2. entertainers
    3. broadcasters
    4. readers
  5. Ulfa: What is your hobby?
    Edo: Photography. I like taking ... of people and nature.
    1. cameras
    2. pictures
    3. paintings
    4. drawings
  6. Ria: ... a shopping center near your house?
    Ida: Yes, there is. There's a modern shopping center just a few blocks from us.
    1. There is
    2. Is there
    3. There are
    4. Are there
  7. Ria: ... does the shopping in your family?
    Ida: My mother does. She does the grocery shopping on weekends.
    1. What
    2. How
    3. Whom
    4. Who
  8. Akiko is Japanese. She ... from Japan.
    1. comes
    2. is coming
    3. come
    4. coming
  9. Hanis: How did you go to Mount Bromo?
    Reza: We went there ....
    1. with car
    2. on the car
    3. in the car
    4. by car
  10. Fahri: Do you know Danau Toba?"
    Udin: Yes, it's a ... in Sumatra.
    1. hill
    2. lake
    3. river
    4. island
  11. Heri: Is that your dictionary?
    Refa: No, that isn’t. It ... to Dewa, my brother.
    1. belong
    2. belonged
    3. belongs
    4. belonging
  12. Yana: I'm so tired.
    Tita: You work very hard. You should ....
    1. take some medicine
    2. eat much
    3. take some rest
    4. do some sports
  13. Kiki: What is your hobby, Yoko?
    Yoko: I like music. My hobby is playing the guitar.
    Kiki: ... do you practice music?
    Yoko: Usually twice a week.
    1. When
    2. How many
    3. How
    4. How often
  14. Mom: Where's your little sister, Ika?
    Ika: She's playing with ... dolls in the living-room, Mom.
    1. its
    2. hers
    3. her
    4. his
  15. Mia: ... I borrow your dictionary? I'm doing an English assignment.
    Yoyo: Please do. I'm not using it.
    1. Will
    2. Would
    3. May
    4. Must
The following text is for questions number 16 to 22.
Dody gets up at 5 0'clock every morning. He has breakfast at 6 o'clock, and he leaves for school at 6.30. He gets out of school at 3.30 in the afternoon. He gets home at about 4 o'clock every afternoon. He has dinner at 6 o'clock. He does his school assignment after dinner. After he does his assignment, he watches TV. He goes to bed at 9.30.
  1. What is the text about?
    1. Dody's daily activities
    2. Dody's favorite activities
    3. Dody's hobbies
    4. Daily study schedule
  2. What time does Dody go to school?
    1. Half past five
    2. Six o'clock
    3. Half past six
    4. Half past three
  3. What time is Dody's school over?
    1. Half past six
    2. Half past two
    3. Half past three
    4. Half past four
  4. What time does he arrive home?
    1. Half past three
    2. Four o'clock
    3. Half past four
    4. Six o'clock
  5. What does he do at six p.m.?
    1. He does his assignment.
    2. He goes to bed.
    3. He watches TV.
    4. He has dinner.
  6. Dody usually ... before he watches TV.
    1. does his assignment
    2. goes to bed
    3. makes the bed
    4. prepares dinner
  7. From the text, we know that Dody's evening activities are ....
    1. having dinner, making the bed, doing school assignments
    2. preparing dinner, watching TV, doing school assignments
    3. having dinner, watching TV, doing school assignments
    4. having dinner, watching movies, doing school assignments

The following text is for questions number 23 to 28.

My name is Sonia. I live at Jalan Kenanga no. 433. My house is not too big but it is beautiful. I live with my parents and my brother.

In the living-room, there is a set of red sofa with six cushions. There is a vase of flowers on the table. You can see some pictures of our family on the wall.

There are three bedrooms in my house. My bedroom is my favorite place. I spend a lot of time studying and listening to music in my room. I sleep with my dolls, blanket, pillows and bolsters.

In the kitchen, there are many utensils for cooking. Kitchen is my mother’s favorite place. She spends most of her time here cooking delicious food. But don’t make it dirty, or she will be angry.

In the dining-room, there is a round dining table and four chairs around it. We always have meals there. There are some pictures of flowers and a clock on the wall.

  1. What does the text talk about?
    1. Sonia's favorite places
    2. Sonia's family
    3. Sonia's house
    4. Sonia's home activities
  2. How many rooms does Sonia mention in the text?
    1. Four
    2. Five
    3. Six
    4. Seven
  3. Based on the text, we know that Sonia likes ....
    1. sleeping
    2. music
    3. cooking
    4. eating
  4. Based on the text, we know that Sonia's mother likes ....
    1. kitchen utensils
    2. being angry
    3. eating
    4. cooking
  5. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?
    1. You can find pictures of flowers in the kitchen.
    2. There are utensils for cooking in the kitchen.
    3. There are pictures of our family in the living-room.
    4. Sonia's house has three bedrooms.
  6. "But don’t make it dirty, ...." (paragraph 4)
    The underlined word "it" means ....
    1. delicious food
    2. Sonia's mother
    3. her time
    4. the kitchen

  7. Rearrange the following words into the correct sentence.
    timeyouWhatevery daytodoschoolgo
    1. 3 - 1 - 6 - 2 - 8 - 5 - 7 - 4
    2. 3 - 7 - 6 - 2 - 8 - 5 - 4 - 1
    3. 3 - 6 - 2 - 8 - 5 - 7 - 4 - 1
    4. 3 - 1 - 6 - 2 - 8 - 4 - 5 - 7
  8. Rearrange the following words into the correct sentence.
    becausemusthomeisstudyCovid-19 outbreakWethereat
    1. 7 - 2 - 5 - 6 - 1 - 8 - 4 - 9 - 2
    2. 6 - 4 - 9 - 3 - 1 - 7 - 2 - 5 - 8
    3. 7 - 2 - 5 - 9 - 3 - 1 - 8 - 4 - 6
    4. 7 - 5 - 9 - 3 - 1 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 6
BSESMK 052211 1253PM 2736

April 04, 2020

Soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD-SMP Paket Soal 2B

Choose the best answer to each question.
  1. Hana: Why should we eat nutritious food, Mom?
    Mother: Because our body needs it. it can make us ....
    1. sick
    2. tall
    3. fat
    4. healthy
  2. Ria: Look at these keyholders! ..., the yellow or the red one?
    Lisa: Well, I like the red one.
    1. What do you like
    2. Which do you like
    3. What color is it
    4. Do you like the color
  3. Shopkeeper: ...?
    Customer: Yes, I would like to buy a loaf of bread and a jar of jam.
    1. Hi, nice to meet you here.
    2. Thank you for shopping.
    3. How can I help you?
    4. Which one do you want?
  4. Maya : Nice to meet you, Viko.
    Viko : ..., Maya.
    1. Yes, my name is Viko
    2. I want to meet you
    3. You’re nice too
    4. Nice to meet you too
  5. We hold things with our ....
    1. legs
    2. arms
    3. elbows
    4. hands
  6. Jaka: Look. The woman is helping the man cross the road.
    Tami: Yes, he can’t see. He is ....
    1. deaf
    2. bright
    3. dark
    4. blind
  7. We smell things with our ....
    1. arms
    2. tongue
    3. ears
    4. nose
  8. Jana : ... is the black jacket?
    Rio : It belongs to my father.
    1. Whose
    2. What
    3. What color
    4. Which
  9. Uvi: How do you spell “desk”?
    Lea: ....
    1. di – i – es – kei
    2. di – i – si: – kei
    3. di – ei – es – kei
    4. di – ai – es – kei
  10. We can taste food because we have ....
    1. a nose
    2. lips
    3. a tongue
    4. teeth
  11. Susan: Where ... you from, Randi?
    Randi: I am from Mataram, Lombok.
    1. is
    2. are
    3. were
    4. do
  12. We hear things with our ....
    1. ears
    2. hands
    3. eyes
    4. nose
  13. Widya: Where were you born, Linda?
    Linda: I ... born in Surabaya.
    1. am
    2. was
    3. is
    4. do
  14. Raka: How do you do?
    Irma: ....
    1. Yes, I am fine
    2. What about you?
    3. How do you do?
    4. Yes, thank you.
The text below is for questions 15 to 21.

Uncle Tomi is my father’s younger brother. He is about 40 years old. He has black straight hair. He is tall. He has black eyes and a sharp nose.

Uncle Tomi is a famous doctor in our town. He works at the local hospital. He helps sick people. He is very kind.

He is very fond of fish. He has a big aquarium with a lot of beautiful fish. He takes good care of them and feeds them every day. He always makes sure the aquarium is clean and healthy for the fish.

  1. What is the text about?
    1. The writer's pet.
    2. The writer's uncle.
    3. The writer's hobby.
    4. The local hospital.
  2. Who is Uncle Tomi?
    1. Bila's father.
    2. Salsa's uncle.
    3. My mother's brother.
    4. Aunt Andini's neighbor
  3. Which paragraph talks about Uncle Tomi’s job?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 1 and 2
  4. How many children does Uncle Tomi have?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
  5. Which sentence is TRUE according to the above text?
    1. Salsa’s uncle is a doctor.
    2. Uncle Tomi likes vegetables.
    3. Uncle Tomi seldom eats vegetables.
    4. My uncle lives near a big hospital.
  6. “He is a famous doctor in the city.” (paragraph 2)
    The synonym of the underlined word is ....
    1. the best
    2. clever
    3. kind
    4. well-known
  7. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the above text?
    1. Uncle Tomi's education
    2. Uncle Tomi's hobby
    3. Uncle Tomi's appearance
    4. Uncle Tomi's profession

  1. The best order to make a good sentence is ....
    1. 4 - 2 - 8 - 10 - 3 - 1 - 6 - 9 - 5 - 7
    2. 4 - 10 - 2 - 8 - 3 - 1 - 6 - 9 - 5 - 7
    3. 4 - 2 - 8 - 9 - 5 - 7 - 10 - 3 - 1 - 6
    4. 1 - 6 - 3 - 4 - 10 - 2 - 8 - 9 - 5 - 7
  2. Eka: Mom, I want vegetables for lunch.
    Mom: All right, dear. Let's go to the ....
    1. baker's
    2. butcher's
    3. grocer's
    4. fishmonger's
The text below is for questions number 24 to 29.

My name is Rosalia. I am happy because my semester holiday is going to start tomorrow.

I feel especially happy because my parents are going to take me and my brother to the beach this weekend. They know that both of us love to play on the sand.

I'm sure that we will have fun at the beach. Andika, my brother, will probably fly a kite or play with my father. Both of them like playing football on the sand. My mother and I will not play with them because neither of us like playing kites or football. My mother and I will do the thing we like most when we are at the beach, - building sand castles!

That’s it. We are going to have much fun this weekend. And I can’t wait until the weekend comes! What about you? What are you going to do on your holiday?

  1. The above text is mainly about ....
    1. The writer's hobby
    2. The writer's family
    3. The writer's last holiday
    4. Rosalia's plan for the holiday
  2. Why does she feel happy?
    1. Because her parents love to play on the sand.
    2. She doesn't like playing football.
    3. Because her parents will take her to the beach.
    4. Because her parents will play football with her.
  3. What can we conclude about Rosalia and her brother?
    1. Both of them study at the same school.
    2. They like different activities at the beach.
    3. They share the same hobbies with their parents.
    4. Both of them are about the same age.
  4. Paragraph 3 (three) talks about ....
    1. their activities at the beach
    2. the beautiful sandy beach
    3. Andika's activities with his father
    4. how they will go to the beach
  5. According to the text, which of the following is TRUE?
    1. They go to the beach every weekend.
    2. Rosalia's holiday will start next week.
    3. They will go to the beach in the afternoon.
    4. Rosalia and her mother don't like football.
  6. "They know that both of us love to play on the sand." (paragraph 2)
    The underlined words refer to ....
    1. Rosalia and her brother
    2. Rosalia and her mother
    3. Both Rosalia's parents
    4. Rosalia's brother
Complete the text below for questions number 30 to 33.
Tina is my sister. She is a great cook. Her favorite hobby is ...(30).... She spends most of ...(31).... spare time in the kitchen. She always looks for new recipes and ...(32)... to practice them. I love it ...(33)... she usually asks me to taste her delicious cakes and cookies.
  1. [...]
    1. cook
    2. cooks
    3. to cook
    4. cooking
  2. [...]
    1. her
    2. his
    3. hers
    4. she
  3. [...]
    1. try
    2. is trying
    3. tries
    4. to try
  4. [...]
    1. but
    2. because
    3. so
    4. and
  5. Tania: Look at that sign! What does it mean, Dad?
    Mr. Zain: Oh, it is a warning for ....
    1. a steep road
    2. bad road condition
    3. drunk drivers
    4. a slippery road
  6. Fani: What is your favorite fruit?
    Laila: Mangoes. but I don't like unripe ones.
    Fani: Why?
    Laila: Because they feel ....
    1. sour
    2. expensive
    3. sweet
    4. small
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March 26, 2020

Soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Elementary (SD - SMP) Paket Soal 2A

Multiple Choice Questions
Choose the best answer for each question.
The picture below is for questions number 1 to 3
  1. This is Miss Aini, our English teacher. She is ... in the classroom.
    1. walking
    2. teaching
    3. studying
    4. looking
  2. She is ... the lesson.
    1. explaining
    2. talking
    3. studying
    4. keeping
  3. The students are ... to her.
    1. seeing
    2. looking
    3. listening
    4. hearing
  4. The picture below is for questions number 4 to 6
  5. The students are reading and studying in the school ....
    1. office
    2. library
    3. bookshelf
    4. bookstore
  6. Some of them are reading and sitting on a ....
    1. chair
    2. wheelchair
    3. table
    4. bench
  7. Two students are taking some books from the ....
    1. bookshelf
    2. table
    3. chair
    4. desk
  8. The picture below is for questions number 7 to 9
  9. The students are having a flag ... at the schoolyard.
    1. marching
    2. lesson
    3. practice
    4. ceremony
  10. The flag is ... gently in the sky.
    1. frying
    2. playing
    3. flying
    4. standing
  11. The principal is ... a speech in front of the students.
    1. explaining
    2. giving
    3. gifting
    4. talking
  12. Alfi : What are you doing, Rio?
    Dio : I am ... a book. It’s a book about animals.
    1. read
    2. to read
    3. like reading
    4. reading
  13. Budi: What are the students doing?
    Dea: They are ....
    1. working
    2. exercising
    3. playing
    4. jogging
  14. Adi : ...?
    Rina : Yes, please. I’m not using it.
    1. Can you keep my dictionary?
    2. Are you borrowing my dictionary?
    3. Do you have a dictionary?
    4. May I borrow your dictionary?
  15. Alya is speaking in front of her friends. She is giving a ....
    1. chat
    2. speak
    3. speech
    4. sign
  16. Merry: What are the students doing?
    Ika: They are ....
    1. cleaning the schoolyard
    2. cleaning the hall
    3. having a gathering
    4. doing an exercise
  17. Risa : Do you have a plan for the weekend?
    Lina: Yes. I ... my aunt in Jember.
    1. going to visit
    2. am visited
    3. am going to visit
    4. visiting
  18. This room is dark. ....
    1. Close the door!
    2. Turn on the lights!
    3. Open the drawers!
    4. Shut the lamps!
  19. The scout boys ... a tent.
    1. is built
    2. is building
    3. are built
    4. are building
  20. Ari: ... sports?
    Ifa: Yes, I play badminton in weekends.
    1. Do you make
    2. Do you do
    3. Will you take
    4. Are you like
  21. Roni: ....
    Kiki: Why?
    Roni: The students are having a test.
    1. Keep watching!
    2. Be quiet!
    3. Open your books!
    4. Stand in line!
  22. Dani: ... do you clean your bike?
    Hari: Once a week.
    1. Where
    2. When
    3. How often
    4. How
  23. Rico: How did you go to Surabaya?
    Rahma: I ....
    1. took the train
    2. visited my uncle
    3. went for a week
    4. went there yesterday
  24. Dina: ... are you going to stay in Bandung?
    Nora: About five days.
    1. When
    2. Where
    3. How long
    4. How
  25. Questions number 23 to 30 refer to the following timetable:
    07.00–07.40Flag ceremonyMathematicsScience
    09.00–09.301st break1st break1st break
    09.30–10.10Indonesian LanguageEnglishNative Language
    10.10–10.50Indonesian LanguageEnglishNative Language
    10.50–11.202nd break2nd break2nd break
    11.20–12.00EnglishArt and CultureReligion
    12.00–12.40EnglishArt and CultureReligion
    07.00–07.40MathematicsPhysical ExerciseScience
    07.40–08.20MathematicsPhysical ExerciseScience
    08.20–09.00Social SciencePhysical ExerciseEnglish
    09.00–09.301st break1st break1st break
    09.30–10.10Social ScienceArt and CultureCivics
    10.10–10.50Social ScienceArt and CultureCivics
    10.50–11.202nd break2nd break2nd break
    11.20–12.00Indonesian LanguageComputer ScienceExtracurricular
    12.00–12.40Indonesian LanguageComputer ScienceExtracurricular
  26. Every Monday the students finish the flag ceremony at ....
    1. forty minutes to seven
    2. forty minutes to eight
    3. twenty minutes past eight
    4. twenty minutes to eight
  27. The first break ends at ... every day.
    1. nine o’clock
    2. nine thirteen
    3. half past nine
    4. thirty to nine
  28. The second break starts at ... every day.
    1. ten minutes to ten
    2. eleven past ten
    3. ten minutes to eleven
    4. eleven minutes to ten
  29. What time does art and culture lesson start on Tuesdays?
    1. Forty minutes to eleven
    2. Eleven minutes past twenty
    3. Twenty minutes to eleven
    4. Twenty minutes past eleven
  30. What day should the students wear sports uniform to school?
    1. Monday
    2. Tuesday
    3. Wednesday
    4. Friday
  31. Miss Finta is our dance teacher. She teaches us every ....
    1. Monday and Saturday
    2. Wednesday and Friday
    3. Tuesday and Friday
    4. Tuesday and Wednesday
  32. We study a foreign language every ....
    1. Monday and Saturday
    2. Wednesday and Saturday
    3. Monday and Thursday
    4. Friday and Saturday
  33. We study about nature and living things every ....
    1. Monday and Thursday
    2. Tuesday and Thursday
    3. Friday and Saturday
    4. Wednesday and Saturday
  34. When you see this sign, you must not ....
    1. clean the area
    2. wash dirty floors
    3. wash your hands
    4. litter in the area
  35. Ali: How do you like to travel?
    Riska: By train. It’s ... than by bus.
    1. faster
    2. more faster
    3. fastest
    4. more than fast
  36. The notice says that we must not ... to the animals.
    1. wave our hands
    2. give food
    3. take pictures
    4. stand near
  37. You are buying some stationery. The eraser costs three thousand rupiahs, and the ruler costs fifteen thousand rupiahs. Your money is twenty thousand rupiahs. Your change will be ... rupiahs.
    1. one thousand
    2. two thousand
    3. twelve thousand
    4. eighteen thousand
  38. Ali: What time ... have lunch?
    Roni: Well, I usually have lunch at half past one.
    1. are you
    2. do you
    3. do I
    4. does he
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February 11, 2020

Soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP Paket Soal 1C Terbaru

Multiple Choice Questions.
  1. I’m a .... I grow rice. I work with a hoe in a rice field.
    1. farmer
    2. grocer
    3. fisherman
    4. butcher
  2. I like taking .... My hobby is photography.
    1. cameras
    2. paintings
    3. pictures
    4. drawings
  3. Dea: The room is very dirty.
    Gita: Yes. Where is the ...? I want to sweep the floor.
    1. mop
    2. duster
    3. brush
    4. broom
  4. Ria: The flowers look dry. They need water.
    Kinan: Yes. Let's fill this ... with water and water them.
    1. bucket
    2. broom
    3. brush
    4. soap
  5. Look at the traffic sign. It means ....
    1. we should know that many pedestrians walk here.
    2. we should be careful of many road crossers.
    3. the street is designed for pedestrians.
    4. cars and motorcycles may not enter the road.
  6. We taste food using our ....
    1. tooth
    2. nose
    3. lips
    4. tongue
  7. If you want to see wild animals, go to the ....
    1. palace
    2. pet shop
    3. zoo
    4. museum
  8. The sun sets in the ....
    1. east
    2. north
    3. west
    4. south
  9. Salsa: How ... are you?
    Rena: I am twelve years old.
    1. long
    2. old
    3. tall
    4. age
  10. Mr. Dani lives ... Probolinggo.
    1. in
    2. at
    3. with
    4. on
  11. Questions 11 to 15 refer to the picture below.
  12. Which is true according to the map?
    1. There is a bank on Amelia Street.
    2. The music store is next to a toy store.
    3. The hospital is opposite a pet shop.
    4. The school is behind a supermarket.
  13. There is a pet shop ... the fast food restaurant.
    1. opposite
    2. beside
    3. behind
    4. next to
  14. The flower shop is at the ... of Santos Dumont Street and Rosa e Silva Avenue.
    1. border
    2. end
    3. middle
    4. corner
  15. To get to the hospital, from the school you walk along Rosa e Silva Avenue and ... into Santos Dumont Street.
    1. walk past
    2. turn right
    3. stop by
    4. turn left
  16. If you want some fish for your aquarium, you can visit the ... on Amelia Street.
    1. supermarket
    2. restaurant
    3. pet shop
    4. school
  17. Questions 16 to 24 refer to the picture below.
  18. Mr. Mario is Ivan’s ....
    1. uncle
    2. brother
    3. grandfather
    4. father
  19. Salma is Laila’s ....
    1. daughter
    2. niece
    3. sister
    4. mother
  20. Chairul is Mrs. Mario ....
    1. grandfather
    2. grandson
    3. grandchildren
    4. grandparents
  21. Mr. and Mrs. Mario have three children. They are ....
    1. Hadi, Ivan, and Fatimah
    2. Aisyah, Ivan, and Laila
    3. Chairul, Chairil, and Salma
    4. Aisyah, Ivan, and Fatimah
  22. Salma and Chairil are ....
    1. cousins
    2. nieces
    3. nephews
    4. step children
  23. Aisyah has a .... Her name is Salma.
    1. cousin
    2. daughter
    3. nephew
    4. niece
  24. Hadi is Laila’s ....
    1. step son
    2. brother
    3. brother-in-law
    4. uncle
  25. Laila is Chairul’s ....
    1. mother-in-law
    2. aunt
    3. uncle
    4. stepmother
  26. Mr. and Mrs. Mario are Hadi’s ....
    1. parents-in-law
    2. parents
    3. grandparents
    4. step parents
  27. This is my uncle. He helps protect the public in emergency situations. He is a ... .
    1. policeman
    2. fire extinguisher
    3. fire fighter
    4. water man
  28. Adi is playing football with his friends in the backyard. They are very noisy. Adi's mother doesn't like it because Adi’s little sister is taking a nap. What will Adi’s mother probably say to them?
    1. Please sit down!
    2. Please, be quiet!
    3. Close the door, please!
    4. Do not catch the ball!
  29. Gani likes playing traditional games with his friends. His favorite game is .... In this game, one player becomes the guard and he must find all the hiding players.
    1. hide and seek
    2. snake and ladder
    3. cat and mouse
    4. hide and run
  30. Complete the text below to do questions 28 to 31
    I live in a small town with my family. My father is a teacher and my mother is a ...(28).... I have one ...(29). His name is Jimmy. He is nine years old. He ...(30)... playing kites with his friends. ...(31)... names are Edo and Rahman.
    1. wife home
    2. wife house
    3. house woman
    4. housewife
    1. sister
    2. niece
    3. grandson
    4. brother
    1. like
    3. likely
    4. liked
    1. Their
    2. Them
    3. They
    4. Theirs
  31. Read the text below and answer questions 32 to 35.
    Today I go to school earlier because there is a flag ceremony. All students and teachers gather in the yard. During the ceremony, we raise and salute our national flag. It is held every Monday.
  32. The word “students” has the same meaning as ....
    1. Pupils
    2. Children
    3. Principals
    4. People
  33. Why do all students, teachers and staffs gather in the yard?
    1. To go earlier
    2. To join the flag ceremony
    3. To gather the flags
    4. To plan a ceremony
  34. How often do they have the flag ceremony?
    1. In the morning
    2. Everyday
    3. Every Monday
    4. Today
  35. It is held every Monday.
    The word “it” in the above sentence refers to ....
    1. the ceremony
    2. the flag
    3. the yard
    4. the school
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April 13, 2019

Soal Ujian Sekolah (USBK) dan Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris SMP / MTS Paket 7

Multiple choice questions

Directions: Choose the best answer, A, B, c, or D, to each question.
  1. The above caution means ....
    1. We need to buy eye-protection equipment here.
    2. It is very easy to find eye-protection equipment.
    3. Some students are using eye-protection equipment.
    4. It is very important to wear eye-protection equipment.
  2. A blessing upon your
    a blessing on your new hearth
    a blessing upon your new dwelling.
    What is the text about?
    1. Opening a new house to old friends
    2. Describing a new home to someone
    3. Advertising a new house to someone
    4. Congratulating someone on a new house

Questions 3 to 4 refer to the following text.

Last autumn I was in India during Diwali, "the Festival of Lights”, which takes place every year to celebrate the victory of good over evil. This festival lasts for five days and is held at the end of October or in the first week of November.

Preparations began weeks before the event. People cleaned their homes and painted wonderful designs called rangolis on the walls and floors. They bought beautiful new clothes and jewelry to wear during the festival. Women made delicious sweets which were better than any others I have ever tasted.

During the five days of Duwali, every home and temple was decorated, inside and outside, with lovely clay lamps and colourful candles. After dark, the whole neighborhood glittered with thousands of tiny lights, as though in a fairy tale. Excited children set off firecrackers, and at first I was frightened by the loud bangs, but the spectacular display was so fascinating that I soon joined in the spirit of celebration.

Diwali is a deeply moving festival. I am very grateful I had a chance to share in this celebration of peace and harmony. I have fond memories of the experience, and in particular I will never forget how friendly and generous people were.

  1. What is Diwali?
    1. A celebration day
    2. Wonderful designs
    3. Festival of lights
    4. Home and temples in India
  2. The main idea of paragraph 3 is ....
    1. The preparations for Diwali was very long.
    2. Diwali was celebrated everywhere
    3. The writer was very happy with Diwali
    4. During Diwali, houses were decorated with lamps and candles.

Questions 5 to 7 refer to the following text.
If you are a sport fan, you are sure to know the name Michael Jordan. He is probably the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen. Although his career as a player is over, his fame will live on for many years to come.

Michael Jordan certainly looks like a star. He is tall, well-built and handsome, with friendly brown eyes and a wide grin. He always manages to look well-dressed, even in his casual clothes or small suits.

His personality, too, is as outstanding as his playing ability. Michael is a very determined person. This has made him a successful basketball star. He has given lots of money and support to charities.

All in all, Michael Jordan is not only a great athlete, but also a warm, caring person. Is it no wonder that so many boys have dreamed of growing up to be just like him?
  1. What will be the best title for the text?
    1. A warm, caring person
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. A sport fan
    4. A famous star
  2. The word outstanding in His personality, too, is as outstanding as his playing ability means ....
    1. Great
    2. Warm
    3. Famous
    4. Determined
  3. If you are a sport fan, ...." What does the underlined word refer to?
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. People
    3. The writer
    4. The reader

Questions 8 to 11 refer to the following text.
Sung-Yow had a secret. He could paint a picture and make it come alive! This only happened when the painting was finished. Sung-Yow loved to paint dragons. He left out their eyes because he didn't want them to come alive. In this way, his secret stayed a secret.

The king heard that Sung-Yow was good at painting dragons. He asked Sung-Yow to paint four dragons on a wall. In three days the painting was almost finished. The dragons looked like they could jump off the wall. They didn't jump because Sung-Yow had left out their eyes.

People come from far away to see the paintings.
"The dragons look so real," they said.
"But where are their eyes?" they asked.
"If I dotted the eyes, the dragons would fly away," said Sung-Yow.

Everyone laughed. No one believed him. Sung-Yow was not happy. This time he would not leave out the eyes. He painted little black dots on two of the dragons.

Crash! Crack! The wall split open. Two dragons jumped off the wall. Sung-Yow went on to become a very famous artist with a very famous secret.

In China when someone adds a finishing touch to a work, people might say 'Draw Dragons' Dot Eyes'.

  1. What was Sung-Yow's secret?
    1. He was good at painting dragons.
    2. He could paint a picture.
    3. Draw Dragon Dot Eye.
    4. His painting could come alive.
  2. How could Sun-Yow become famous?
    1. He was asked by the king.
    2. Everyone liked the dragons.
    3. People saw his secret.
    4. He said, "Draw Dragons' Dot Eyes".
  3. Why didn't Sung-Yow finish his dragon paintings?
    1. The dragons looked real without eyes.
    2. He didn't want them to be alive.
    3. The dragons didn't jump off the wall.
    4. The painting was almost finished.
  4. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To entertain the readers
    2. To describe a painting
    3. To tell a history of a painting
    4. To explain how a painter can be famous
  5. Read the following text and answer the question.
    Let's postpone our plan to visit Madakaripura waterfall. The weather is still unpredictable. I will let you know later.

    What can we conclude from the text?
    1. Santi and Kirana are going to Madakaripura.
    2. They suffer from unpredictable weather.
    3. The weather in Madakaripura is fine.
    4. Kirana and Santi have to cancel their plan.

Questions 13 to 14 refer to the following text.
Exclusive facial cotton
100% pure cotton without bleaching
Ensures better absorbency and comfort for cosmetic application
Hygienic way to remove make up and cleanser
Its softness is suitable for baby's skin
  1. What is the main function of the facial cotton?
    1. To soften baby's skin
    2. To clean make up
    3. To comfort the face
    4. To absorb cosmetic
  2. From the text above, we know that Exclusive facial cotton is ....
    1. Hygienic in certain items
    2. Soft with certain chemical process
    3. White with certain addition substances
    4. Natural without chemical process
  3. My parents and I were in Lombok on vacation. It was a wonderful time exploring the unknown. We went beneath the sea and ... the fish up close. They were various in size and color.
    1. see
    2. seen
    3. saw
    4. seeing

Questions 16 to 17 refer to the following text.
To : All students of SMPN Maju Probolinggo

To celebrate the Education Day, students organization will hold some interesting programs such as Speech Contest, Debate, and Class Wall Magazine Competition.

Day: May 2nd, 2019
Time: 8 am onwards.
Place: School hall

All classes must send at least one (1) representative to join each competition. For registration, contact the organizing committee in Students' Organization office.

  1. What is the announcement about?
    1. Students organization's committee
    2. An English speech contest
    3. A national day celebration
    4. A national day ceremony
  2. What should you do if you want to join one of the competitions?
    1. Celebrate the National Education Day
    2. Come to the school hall on May 2nd
    3. Meet the organizing committee
    4. Talk to your English teacher

Questions 18 to 20 refer to the following text.
My family and I went on a recreation to Solo. We went there on Monday by car. We stayed at our grandparents' house.

On Tuesday, We went to Tawangmangu. We enjoyed the scenic view with its waterfall and ate lunch there. We had traditional foods like gudangan, tempe bacem, fried fish and fried chicken. Then, we continued our trip to Taman Jurug zoo.

The next day, we went to Kasunanan Palace. We saw many kinds of historical herritage in the palace. After that we had shopping at Klewer Market and Solo Grand Mall. I bought some souvenirs for my cousins. In the evening, we went sightseeing the town.

On Thursday morning, we said goodbye to our grandparents and went home. I really enjoyed my holiday. It was fun.

  1. What place did the writer and his family visit first in Solo?
    1. Tawangmangu
    2. Kasunanan palace
    3. Taman Jurug zoo
    4. Klewer market
  2. What did the writer and his family do on Wednesday evening?
    1. Did shopping at Klewer Market
    2. Visited Solo Grand Mall
    3. Went sightseeing the town
    4. Bought some souvenirs
  3. How many days did the writer spend in Solo?
    1. 2
    2. 3
    3. 4
    4. 5

Questions 21 to 23 refer to the following text.
Raflesia can be found in the forests of Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Sumatra and Java. But, Raflesia flowers are fairly hard to locate. It is especially difficult to see them in bloom. Its buds take up to 10 months to develop while its blossom lasts for just a few days.

Raflesia has brownish, scale like leaves and fleshy, smelling flowers of various sizes, from few inches to a meter big in diameter. We can easily notice its large fleshy flowers. There is a deep well in the center of the flowers. The sexual organs are located beneath the rim of the disk. Male and female flowers are separate.

The reddish brown colors of the petals, sprinkled with white freckles produce unpleasant stench, similar to rotting flesh. This would attract flies and insects which help disperse the seeds. Raflesia isparasite, which means it takes the nutrient out of its host.
  1. The text mainly describes ... of Raflesia.
    1. the location
    2. the petals
    3. the sexual organs
    4. the physical look
  2. What is the unpleasant smell for?
    1. People repellent
    2. Attracting insects
    3. Attracting host
    4. Protection
  3. The word "notice" in paragraph 2 means ....
    1. Smell
    2. See
    3. Find
    4. Locate

Questions 24 to 25 refer to the following text.

How to Make Avocado Juice

You'll need :
• 1 avocado (ripe)
• 500 ml cold milk
• 250 ml cold water
• 150 grams sugar
• 3-5 drops vanila essence

Steps :
1. Cut the avocado into half, remove seed, and scoop out the pulp.
2. Put the pulp of the avocado along with the sugar in a blender and blend well.
3. Add the milk, water and vanila essence and blend for 1 minute.
4. Garnish and serve chilled.

  1. What should we do after we put the pulp in the blender?
    1. Blend the pulp.
    2. Add the milk.
    3. Add vanila essence.
    4. Remove the sugar.
  2. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To describe how we should serve avocadoes.
    2. To analyze the importance of avocadoes.
    3. To explain how to do something.
    4. To explain the steps of eating avocadoes.
  3. Arrange the following words to make a good sentence.
    always of localscowThe interest the receivesrace great
    1. 5 - 3 - 9 - 1 - 8 - 10 - 6 - 2 - 7 - 3
    2. 5 - 3 - 1 - 8 - 10 - 6 - 2 - 7 - 4 - 9
    3. 5 - 4 - 9 - 1 - 6 - 10 - 8 - 2 - 7 - 3
    4. 5 - 4 - 9 - 1 - 8 - 10 - 6 - 2 - 7 - 3
  4. Arrange the following sentences to make a good paragraph.
    1. The bus was air-conditioned, so i felt comfortable.
    2. All the passengers got off, did their prayers and had dinner
    3. Then I took a taxi to my grandparents’ house.
    4. On holiday, I visited my grandparents in Bandung.
    5. The bus stopped at Pekalongan.
    6. I went there by bus. It left at five in the afternoon.
    7. The bus reached Bandung at six.
    1. 4-6-5-1-7-2-3
    2. 4-6-1-5-2-7-3
    3. 4-6-2-1-5-7-3
    4. 4-6-5-2-1-3-7
Questions 28 to 29 refer to the following text.
I have a close friend. She is beautiful, attractive and trendy. She always wants to be a trend setter of the day. Therefore, she pays much attention to her appearance.

Recently, she bought a pair of stylish shoes from a famous shoe-designer. These shoes really suit her. When she is walking on those shoes, all her friends, including me, watch and admire her. She has the shoes that really match her physical appearance. The style, color, and brand represent her warm personality perfectly. She really has perfect appearance.

  1. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. Describe the writer's friend's style and her new shoes
    2. Explain a famous international trademark shoes
    3. Share the writer's experience with her stylish friend
    4. Describe a well-known shoe product to the readers
  2. Why does the writer admire her friend?
    1. She likes wearing international trade mark shoes.
    2. She always wants to be a trendy and attractive woman.
    3. She has very expensive famous designer's shoes.
    4. She looks perfect with her new shoes.

Questions 30 to 32 refer to the following text.
There were once two brothers who lived on the edge of a forest. The elder brother was very mean to his younger brother and ate up all the food and took all his good clothes.

One day, the elder brother went into the forest to find some firewood to sell in the market. As he went around chopping the branches of a tree after tree, he came upon a magical tree. The tree said to him, "Oh kind sir, please do not cut my branches. If you spare me, I will give you my golden apples". The elder brother agreed but was disappointed with the number of apples the tree gave him. Greed overcame him, and he threatened to cut the entire trunk if the tree didn't give him more apples. The magical tree instead showered upon the elder brother hundreds upon hundreds of tiny needles. The elder brother lay on the ground crying in pain as the sun began to lower down the horizon.

The younger brother grew worried and went in search of his elder brother. He found him with hundreds of needles on his skin. He rushed to his brother and removed each needle with painstaking love. After he finished, the elder brother apologised for treating him badly and promised to be better. The tree saw the change in the elder brother's heart and gave them all the golden apples they could ever need.

  1. What will probably be the best title for the text?
    1. Two Brothers and a Magical Tree
    2. Two Brothers and Golden Apples
    3. The Magical Tree
    4. The Greedy Elder Brother
  2. Look at the underlined phrase in paragraph 2. It means that the elder brother agreed to ....
    1. cut the tree's branches.
    2. give him the golden apples.
    3. ask for more golden apples.
    4. spare the magical tree.
  3. What is the moral of the text?
    1. It is important to be kind and gracious as it will always be rewarded.
    2. Strong people don't give up when they come across challenges.
    3. Brave people are not afraid to go after what they want .
    4. Everyone always needs help from other people.
Complete the following text.
Most crabs have a ...(i)... shell to protect their bodies. However, the hermits crab has a soft body and no shell of its own. In order to ...(ii)... itself, it will find an empty mollusk shell and squeeze inside out completely. Then with only its logs and head sticking out, it will walk around the seabed searching for food.

  1. ...(i)....
    1. Shiny
    2. Soft
    3. Thick
    4. Hard
  2. ...(ii)....
    1. protect
    2. close
    3. fight
    4. survive

Questions 35 to 36 refer to the following text.
I am used to traveling by plane but only on one occasion, I felt frightened. After taking off, we flew low over the city. Then, it slowly went high to the sky.

Suddenly it turned around and flew back to the airport. A flight attendant told us to keep calm and to get off the plane quietly as soon as it landed. After we landed, the police searched the plane carefully. Everybody on board was worried and we became curious about what was happening.

Later we knew that there was a very important person on board. Earlier, somebody had told the police that there was a bomb on the plane. Fortunately, they didn't find a bomb and five hours later we were able to take off again.

  1. What is the topic of the text?
    1. The habit of traveling by plane.
    2. A frightening plane crash.
    3. An unforgettable experience.
    4. A very important person on board.
  2. What made the writer frightened?
    1. The police searched the plane carefully
    2. Somebody said there was a bomb on the plane.
    3. After taking off, the plane flew low over the city.
    4. The plane turned around and flew back to the airport.

Questions 37 to 39 refer to the following text.
Birds are a group of animals called vertebrates, or animals with backbones. They form the class Aves.

They are warm-blooded and lay eggs. Their bodies are covered with feathers and they have wings. Their bones are hollow. This makes them lighter and allows many of them to fly. Birds have two legs usually covered with scales (small, flat hard plates which overlap in the same way as feathers). They have a hard beak with no teeth. Because birds keep a high body temperature, they use a lot of energy. So, they need to eat a lot of food compared with their weight. There are more than 9.000 different species of birds in this world.

Birds are found on every continent of the world. Birds of different types can live in freezing cold environments, and others can live in hot dessert. Birds live in forests, in grasslands, on cliff faces, in river banks, on stony seashore, down the mine shafts and in the grooves of houses.

  1. Birds need to eat a lot to ....
    1. Supply food for many different species of birds
    2. Keep their body temperature high
    3. Compare their weight with their body
    4. Make them fly far away
  2. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
    1. The habitat of birds
    2. The houses of birds
    3. The parts of birds
    4. The kinds of birds
  3. "on stony seashores, ..."
    What is the meaning of the underlined word?
    1. Beaches
    2. Desserts
    3. Continents
    4. Oceans

Questions 40 to 42 refer to the following text.
Doctors make people healthier. When people get sick, doctors figure out why. They examine people, listen to them, describe their health problems, and do tests to see what is wrong. They give people medicine and other kinds of treatment. They also give advice about diet, exercise, and sleep.

There are many types of doctors. Family and general practitioners are often the first doctors that people go to when they get sick. These doctors treat common problems. They also send patients to other doctors, called specialists. Specialists are experts in specific types of health problems.

For example, internists focus on problems with internal organs. Pediatricians care for children and babies. Surgeons perform operations, like fixing broken bones or transplanting organs.

Most doctors are doctors of medicine (M.D). They treat all kinds of diseases and injuries. Some doctors are doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O). They focus on muscles and bones.

Many doctors work long hours, at all times of day and night. About 3 out of 10 physicians worked more than 60 hours a week. Doctors sometimes have to rush to the hospital to deal with emergencies.

  1. These are what doctors do, except ....
    1. giving medicine to sick people
    2. sending experts to other doctors
    3. listening to patients' health problems
    4. giving advice on how to stay healthy
  2. People who break their legs in an accident should go to a/an ....
    1. internist
    2. pediatric
    3. surgeon
    4. practicioner
  3. Doctors work long hours, because ....
    1. they rush to the hospital for emergencies
    2. they deal with emergencies
    3. patients may come at anytime.
    4. most doctors are doctors of medicine (M.D).

Questions 43 to 44 refer to the following text.
People in London drink a lot of coffee. People have to throw away around 200,000 tonnes of used coffee every year. However, they can still use the coffee grounds.

One man has a factory. This factory takes out the oils from the coffee. It produces coffee logs. You can use these logs instead of wood. One log comes from the waste of 25 cups of coffee.

The man's factory produces 50,000 tonnes of logs a year. That is enough to power hundreds of thousands of homes!

  1. What can we conclude from the text above?
    1. The factory uses coffee logs to produce oil.
    2. Coffee plants is a new resource of energy.
    3. Coffee logs is a kind of wood.
    4. Coffee grounds can be useful.
  2. What is the synonym of the underlined word in the text above?
    1. Put off
    2. Discard
    3. Spend
    4. Preserve

Questions 45 to 47 refer to the following text.
Tens of thousands of green sea turtles come to an island in Australia to ...(i)... their eggs. People think that the island is the ...(ii)... nesting site in the world. However, rising sea levels can make the water flood the eggs during the next high tide. The babies will probably not develop.

To create space and ...(iii)... the eggs, people reshaped and raised 150 metres of the island's beach.

  1. ...(i)...
    1. lay
    2. take
    3. hatch
    4. pile
  2. ...(ii)...
    1. most biggest
    2. bigger
    3. big as
    4. biggest
  3. ...(iii)...
    1. destroy
    2. remove
    3. protect
    4. bury
  4. Read the dialogue and answer the question.
    Adi: "Hurray. Our team won the match."
    Toni: "Really? Tell me about it."
    Adi: "Well. The opponent team was defeated ...."
    1. easily
    2. strongly
    3. beautifully
    4. hardly
  5. Read the dialogue and answer the question.
    Reza: "... do you come to Medan?"
    Azraf: "Well, usually once or twice every year."
    1. How much
    2. When
    3. How often
    4. How many
  6. Read the text below and answer the question.
    Dear Rina,
    I want you to come to my house for lunch on Sunday at 12 p.m. to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary.
    What is the purpose of the message?
    1. To inform a party organizer
    2. To describe a wedding anniversary
    3. To celebrate a wedding
    4. To invite a friend for lunch
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