August 23, 2011

Vocabulary Exercise for Intermediate English Olympiads

English Vocabulary multiple choice exercise for Intermediate Level

Latihan soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai bahan pengayaan atau persiapan Olimpiade bahasa Inggris untuk siswa SMP/MTs, ditujukan untuk menambah kekayaan kosa kata (vocabulary) bahasa Inggris mereka. Mari kita coba mengerjakan quiz atau latihan soal Bahasa Inggris pilihan ganda ini.

Start of Vocabulary Quiz
  1. The animal is not tame, so don’t ... it.
    1. greet
    2. quicken
    3. operate
    4. provoke
  2. In some countries, employers are accused of ... their workers by paying them low wages.
    1. exploding
    2. exploiting
    3. exposing
    4. exploring
  3. Rupiah is Indonesian ....
    1. currency
    2. fund
    3. cash
    4. dollar
  4. The air was very hot and still, but then came a few gentle ... of wind, followed by a good breeze.
    1. gales
    2. blows
    3. puffs
    4. blasts
  5. It’s no good hiring someone who’s never taught in high school before. We need an ... teacher.
    1. experimented
    2. exploited
    3. experienced
    4. explored
  6. I am sure the debate contest can be held next month, but I can’t ... it yet.
    1. convey
    2. confine
    3. condemn
    4. confirm
  7. The weather forecast ... that it would rain this evening.
    1. asked
    2. spoke
    3. prevented
    4. predicted
  8. The house has become very cold. Maybe something’s wrong with the central ....
    1. heat
    2. heating
    3. hotter
    4. hot
  9. Microsoft is a huge, international ....
    1. competitor
    2. corporation
    3. conference
    4. companion
  10. Most cars are fitted with a ... for locking the steering-wheel to prevent theft.
    1. cable
    2. tool
    3. device
    4. window
  11. Remember this ... - “Think Before You Speak”.
    1. principle
    2. prejudice
    3. prospect
    4. principal
  12. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with Dad, so they decided to do an ... of his blood.
    1. amendment
    2. artificial
    3. analysis
    4. acknowledgement
  13. There’s a lot of ... in the school laboratory.
    1. applicable
    2. apology
    3. apparatus
    4. apparel
  14. Please send that letter by express. It’s very ....
    1. urgent
    2. earnest
    3. great
    4. hurried
  15. Your heart makes your blood ... around your body.
    1. circumstance
    2. cynical
    3. cleared
    4. circulate
  16. Some people believe that if a person dies violently in a house, his ghost may come back to ... it.
    1. haunt
    2. bother
    3. visit
    4. disturb
  17. The ... of the examination depends on how many subjects you take.
    1. ticket
    2. fee
    3. coast
    4. salary
  18. Please don’t pass this information on to anyone else. It’s ....
    1. confidential
    2. secretion
    3. confident
    4. believable
  19. There’s a very interesting ... about Lapindo in today’s newspaper.
    1. annual
    2. appendix
    3. articulation
    4. article
  20. The rich lady owns a lot of ... in the middle of our town.
    1. prosperity
    2. preparation
    3. properly
    4. property
  21. Which is closest in meaning to "connect"?
    1. beat
    2. fight
    3. persuade
    4. join
  22. Which is closest in meaning to "deadly"?
    1. fatal
    2. death
    3. alive
    4. hell
  23. Which is closest in meaning to "opportunity"?
    1. chance
    2. entry
    3. change
    4. leave
  24. Which is closest in meaning to "preserve"?
    1. keep
    2. serve
    3. offer
    4. prepare
  25. Which is closest in meaning to "refuse"?
    1. reject
    2. fresh
    3. diffuse
    4. confuse
  26. Which is the antonym of "pure"?
    1. empty
    2. true
    3. impure
    4. push
  27. Which is the antonym of "rapid"?
    1. hit
    2. smart
    3. slow
    4. jump
  28. Which is the antonym of "extreme"?
    1. extra
    2. terrible
    3. moderate
    4. horrific
  29. Which is the antonym of "false"?
    1. true
    2. rises
    3. wrong
    4. gentle
  30. Which is the antonym of "increase"?
    1. include
    2. conclude
    3. reduce
    4. induce
End of Vocabulary Quiz.

Mister Guru


Mau tanya nih, soal-soal ini sudah pernah diteskan sebelumnya ya?

Sepertinya pernah, Mbak Chana. Tapi bukan di sekolah. Seingat saya untuk tes Bhs Inggris sebuah perusahaan, saya lupa pastinya (maaf). Tes seperti ini menurut saya hanya sesuai untuk mengukur berbahasa Inggris secara umum, seperti pada tes Bahasa Inggris untuk seleksi calon pekerja.

Maksud saya "... hanya sesuai untuk mengukur kemampuan berbahasa Inggris secara umum"

Jadi, kalau diteskan ke siswa kelas VIII jadinya tidak cocok ya? soalnya saya baru saja memberikan soal tes ini pada siswa kelas VIII di Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara, dan hasilnya sungguh mengecewakan.

Wah, diteskan ke anak SMA saja belum tentu hasilnya bagus, Mbak. Idealnya kan kita jelaskan tujuan pembelajaran di awal, lalu presentasi materi, dilanjutkan tugas/latihan, baru diujikan. Tes vocabulary seperti ini sulit diprsentasikan materinya karena terlalu luas. Kecuali jika kita khususkan tentang vocabulary benda-benda di suatu tempat tertentu, seperti Classroom, Office, atau Traffic vocabulary. Tapi tidak apa-apa, tidak ada yang sia-sia. Hasil tes ini bisa digunakan sebagai data untuk mengelompokkan siswa sesuai kemampuan mereka. Terima kasih banyak atas komentarnya. Itu menjadi masukan bagi saya. Salam.

ada tips mnjwab vocab gak bu guru?

Untuk membantu menjawab soal Vocabulary, kita tidak bisa terlepas dari "context". Jg dibutuhkan latihan sesering mungkin agar penguasaan vocabulary kita bertambah. :)

Gak ada kunci jawabannya ya? Soalnya supaya saya ta salah nya dimana?

ini ga ada answer keys ya ka ?

If you have a question or constructive feedback, feel free to post a comment. Thank you for your comment.