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October 01, 2012

Grammar Exercise: Conditional Sentences

A. Complete the following conditional sentences. Use type 1, 2, 3, or mixed conditional.

  1. If I were you, I (consult) with the advisor before making a decision.
    1. will consult
    2. would consult
    3. Grammar Exercise about Conditional Sentences
    4. would have consulted
    5. would have been consulted
    6. consulted
  2. If we (come) earlier, we would not have missed that great speaker.
    1. came
    2. come
    3. have come
    4. are coming
    5. had come
  3. You would not be in such a problem if you (listen) to your parents' advice.
    1. will listen
    2. had listened
    3. have listened
    4. are listening
    5. listen
  4. I’m pretty sure that if he (know) the consequences, he wouldn’t have done such a silly act.
    1. had known
    2. knew
    3. know
    4. would have known
    5. would know
  5. If you know her better, you (find) that she is a nice and lovable person.
    1. found
    2. would find
    3. had found
    4. find
    5. will find
  6. He (not be) happy at all if he knows what you have done to his cat.
    1. would not be
    2. is not
    3. will not be
    4. were not
    5. had not been
  7. If I were the same age as her, I (probably fall) in love with her.
    1. will probably fall
    2. is probably falling
    3. probably falls
    4. would probably fall
    5. would probably have fallen
  8. Unless you do something about it, this problem (still exist).
    1. will still exist
    2. still exists
    3. would still exist
    4. still existed
    5. would still have existed
  9. If you (scan) the flash disk before opening it, the virus wouldn’t have infected your computer.
    1. scanned
    2. scan
    3. would scan
    4. have scanned
    5. had scanned
  10. She wouldn’t have been mad at you if you (explain) what had actually happened.
    1. explained
    2. explain
    3. had explained
    4. were explaining
    5. have expained
  11. If you didn’t tell me, I (never realize) the truth.
    1. would never have realized
    2. will never have realized
    3. will never realize
    4. never realized
    5. would never realize
  12. I wouldn’t care about you and what you do if you (be not) my friend.
    1. will not be
    2. would not be
    3. are not
    4. were not
    5. had not been
  13. If Columbus (not discover) America, the world history would be totally different from the one we know today.
    1. does not discover
    2. would not discover
    3. would not have discovered
    4. have not discovered
    5. had not discovered
  14. If the factory (be) closed, the economy in that small town would have been greatly affected.
    1. is
    2. were
    3. had been
    4. was
    5. has been
  15. If you (not remind) me, I would have forgotten that today we are having an English test.
    1. do not remind
    2. had not reminded
    3. did not remind
    4. will not remind
    5. have not reminded
  16. He would have left the party if she (not ask) him to stay.
    1. did not ask
    2. does not ask
    3. had not asked
    4. were not asked
    5. was not asking
  17. If we opened the windows, I’m sure the air in this room (be) fresh.
    1. is
    2. was
    3. were
    4. will be
    5. would be
  18. I’m sure that if you (be) more relaxed, you would have done better in the listening test.
    1. were
    2. had been
    3. are
    4. have been
    5. would be
  19. You won’t be able to think clearly if you (be) depressed.
    1. were
    2. had been
    3. would be
    4. are
    5. have been
  20. If I (know) about this, I would never have decided to come to this crowded place.
    1. knew
    2. know
    3. have known
    4. would have known
    5. had known
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