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Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris Ujian Sekolah & VIERA / TOEIC Preparation - Volume 2

Direction: Choose the best answer to the questions Boy : What are you going to do after completing your study? Are you going to the unive...

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March 27, 2014

Contoh Soal Reading Section UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK: Paket Soal 12

Reading Section

5. Error Recognition: Questions 16 to 20, choose the inappropriate structure in the sentences below.
  1. Okky: Do you think Kawah Ijen is more beautiful than Bromo?
    I believe Bromo is the most beautiful mountain in Java island.
    Gita : Well, in my opinion, Bromo is as beautiful than Kawah Ijen, but it gets very crowded
                                                                                   C                                                                    D
    on weekends and holidays.

  2. Kalimantan, what has been described as the largest island in Indonesia, is called the
                               A                                                                                                                B
    Borneo island. It has four provinces with the longest and largest river in Indonesia.
                                     C                                              D

  3. Titi: Look at the girl sitting next to my mother. She’s my sister. Pretty, isn’t she?
                                           A          B
    Yudi: Yes, she is. She looks differently with her new hairdo.
                                                              C                                     D
  4. Lia: What are the requirements of the new scholarship program?
                   A                                                                      B
    Eka: You would be allowed for the test if your score average is not less than 8.5.
                            C                                                                                               D

  5. Dewi: Why do you look so sad?
    Rina: I got bad scores for some subjects. I’m disappointing with myself.
                                                             B                                C
    Desi: Cheer up. I’m sure you can improve next semester.
6.  Reading Comprehension: Questions 21 - 30 are based on a selection of reading materials.
     Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 21 – 23 refer to the following text:
Withdrawal at an ATM:

  1. Use an instant debit card. To do this, you need to have your debit card set up with your bank to use it at an ATM.
  2. Insert your card and your PIN. If you don’t have one, call your bank beforehand and request one. You will not be able to withdraw money without a PIN.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you have more than one account, you need to specify which account you want the money to come from. Be sure to push the correct button. Then specify how much money you want to withdraw.
  4. Wait for the machine to process your transaction, then take your receipt, money and card out of the machine.
  1. What do you have to do after inserting your card?
    1. Follow the on screen instructions
    2. Enter your Personal Identity Number.
    3. Specify how much money you want.
    4. Push the correct buttons on the machine.
  2. What will happen if you don’t have a PIN?
    1. You can’t withdraw money.
    2. The transaction will fail.
    3. You may not get receipt.
    4. You can’t call your bank.
  3. “Follow the on-screen instructions.”. The synonym of the underlined word is ....
    1. Arrangements.
    2. Confirmations.
    3. Specifications.
    4. Directions.
Questions 24 – 25 refer to the following memo:
TO : Jonas Smith                                      DATE : October 14
FROM : Cathy Fitzgerald
RE : The Company Picnic

In order to introduce our newest staff members to everyone in a comfortable setting, we have decided to hold a company picnic next Saturday. We hope you can spare some time out of your busy day to join us in welcoming these young recruits.

The picnic will start at 11:00 and we will introduce the new staff members at 11:15, and will have lunch at noon. From 1:00 p.m., we will have several games and all the participants can win prizes. They will be held on the south side of Stanyell Park but will be cancelled in the event of rain. Please let me know, by 3:30 pm tomorrow, the number of people in your department that will attend.

Thank you for your time.

  1. What is the purpose of this memo?
    1. To inform Jonas Smith about the details of the picnic.
    2. To announce the types of games they will have.
    3. To ask Mrs. Fitzgerald to help with the picnic.
    4. To cancel the company picnic.
  2. They will be held on the south ....” The underlined word refers to ....
    1. The new staff members.
    2. Some activities in the picnic.
    3. People in the department.
    4. The picnic participants.
Questions 26 – 28 refer to the following text
Contoh Soal Reading Section UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK: Paket Soal 12
Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo!), incorporated in 1995, is a digital media company. Through the Company’s technology and insights, Yahoo! delivers digital content and experiences, across devices and globally. The Company provides online properties and services to users, as well as a range of marketing services designed to reach and connect with those users on Yahoo! and through a distribution network of third-party entities (Affiliates). These Affiliates integrate its advertising offerings into their Websites or other offerings (those Websites and other offerings, Affiliate sites).
  1. What is the text about?
    1. The establishment of Yahoo!
    2. An advertising network.
    3. The properties of Yahoo!
    4. The business run by Yahoo!
  2. What does the word “their” in line 7 refer to?
    1. Affiliates.
    2. Yahoo!.
    3. The users.
    4. Digital media.
  3. What is the synonym of the word “content” in line 2?
    1. Media
    2. Product
    3. Material
    4. Service
Questions 29 – 31 refer to the following text:

Yudhoyono had wanted to join the army since he was a child. In school, he developed a reputation as an extremely talented student in addition to being an academic achiever, excelling in writing poems, short stories, and play-acting. Yudhoyono was also talented in music and sport, reflected when he and his friends established a volleyball club called Klub Rajawali and a band called Gaya Teruna.

When he was in fifth grade, Yudhoyono visited the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (AKABRI). After seeing the soldiers training there and inspired by his own father’s career, Yudhoyono became determined to join Indonesian Armed Forces and became a soldier. Yudhoyono had originally wanted to get into the AKABRI after graduating from high school 1968. However, he missed out because he did not register in time.

  1. From the first paragraph we can conclude that Yudhoyono was .....
    1. A well known musician and athlete.
    2. A multitalented youngster.
    3. A well known actor and volley ball player.
    4. A very popular president of Indonesia.
  2. When did Yudhoyono visit the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy?
    1. In 1968.
    2. When he was in fifth grade.
    3. After graduating from high school.
    4. After seeing the soldiers training.
  3. He couldn’t get into AKABRI after graduating from high school because .....
    1. He didn’t pass the admission test.
    2. He didn’t want to be a soldier.
    3. He registered on time.
    4. He registered too late.

Writing Section

7. Incomplete Dialog: Questions 32 to 41, choose the most appropriate answer.
  1. Wisnu: “I’m thinking about quitting my studies.”
    Cita: “Are you serious? What’s going on?”
    Wisnu: “I need to help my family’s financial problem. ....”
    1. I want to work while studying.
    2. I’m thinking about finding a job.
    3. I’m thinking about becoming a good student.
    4. I’m bored with my bad scores.
  2. Vira: “This is Vira from PT. XYZ. May I speak to Mr. Chen, the Manager?”
    Operator: “I’m sorry, but he’s still in a meeting. ....”
    Vira: “Yes. Please tell him that we need confirmation about the order quantity.”
    1. Would you like to leave a message?
    2. Could you tell him my message?
    3. May I leave a message?
    4. Would you return the call, please?
  3. Eddy: “I’m bored of staying at home. I’ve got nothing to do.”
    Aji : “ ....”
    Eddy: “That’s a good idea. Let’s go there then.”
    1. When do you plan to do something?
    2. What are you going to do then?
    3. How will you go to the fashion show?
    4. Why don’t you see the exhibition?
  4. Inna: “What do you usually do during the weekend?”
    Hardi: “.... I’m fond of surfing.”
    1. I like staying at home.
    2. I usually hang out with my friends.
    3. I usually go to the beach.
    4. I enjoy playing football.
  5. Della: “Do you still have any tickets left for the concert?”
    Attendant: “Yes, we still have a few open seats.”
    Della: “....”
    1. How many tickets would you like to have?
    2. Can I reserve two tickets, please?
    3. How many people will see it?
    4. The concert will be great.
  6. Guest: “Excuse me. Could you show me where the welcome drinks are?”
    Clerk: “Sure. .... You can use the escalator.”
    1. Keep walking two blocks.
    2. Take a bus route number 16.
    3. Activate the escalator and use it.
    4. It’s on the second floor at the Tiara cafe.
  7. Mitha: “The traffic lights really help, don’t they?”
    Hani: “I agree. This crossroad has become safer than it was.”
    Mitha: “That’s right. ....”
    1. There used to be a lot of accidents here.
    2. The number of accidents will increase.
    3. I wish there were no traffic lights here.
    4. Pedestrians should not cross the road here.
  8. Yuni: “How are we going to celebrate the event?”
    Pram: “I still have no idea, but ..... They will take care of everything.”
    1. I would hire an event organizer.
    2. I had hired an event organizer.
    3. I’m going to hire an event organizer.
    4. I was hiring an event organizer.
  9. Lita: “Where were you after lunch this afternoon? I needed your help.”
    Murni: “At 1 pm? .....”
    Lita: “Oh, that’s why I couldn’t find you.”
    1. I was accompanying a guest for lunch.
    2. I accompany a guest for lunch.
    3. I am accompanying a guest for lunch.
    4. I will accompany a guest for lunch.
  10. Fitri: “Where is the Bakso stall? It used to be here 2 years ago.”
    Rio: “Oh, it’s at the next corner. ....”
    1. It moved there since September.
    2. It had moved there since September.
    3. It would move there in September.
    4. It has moved there since September.
8. Cloze Test: Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to complete the texts.
Questions 42 – 44 refer to the following letter
Dear Sirs,

I ... (42)... for the position of Public Relation Officer advertised in Java Post on December 14, 2013.

I am 25 years old and I graduated from STP Bandung 3 years ago. Enjoying meeting and talking to people, I have been working with Astra Public Relation for 2 years. To provide you with my particulars, I ...(43)... reference from my previous employer.

I am eager for an interview at your convenience. I look forward to hearing ...(44)... you.

Yours faithfully

42. A. apply
       B. applied
       C. am applying
       D. have applied
43. A. send
        B. bring
        C. write
        D. enclose
44. A. with
        B. from
        C. by
        D. before
Questions 45 – 47 refer to the following announcement
Dear Residents,

... (45)... the Fitness First Cycling event on Sunday December 9, 2012, this street will be closed to traffic from 6 am ...(46)... 11 am on this date.

Please ensure that your car is not ...(47)... on the street at this time; otherwise it will be towed away. Thank you for your respective cooperation on this matter.

45. A. Although
        B. Because
        C. Due to
        D. Therefore
46. A. to
        B. and
        C. by
        D. with
47. A. park
        B. parked
        C. parking
        D. be parked
Questions 48 – 50 refer to the following advertisement

Swiss Air will get you there the quickest. We ... (48)... 8 times a week more than any other airlines. Our new 767 aircraft will take you more ...(49)... and quietly to Paris, London and Geneva.

...(50)... wider seats, you have more room and will arrive feeling fresh. Our air hostesses will serve you gently and politely and help you enjoy your flight better. Try us.

48. A. flew
        B. flying
        C. fly
        D. flight
49. A. comfort
        B. comfortable
        C. comfortably
        D. comforted
50. A. By
        B. From
        C. For
        D. With

This is the end of the test.


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