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October 06, 2020

English Dialogue With Demonstrative Pronouns: Talking About Pictures

Hadi:I have these pictures of Indonesia, Margaret. Do you want to look at them?
Margaret:Oh, I like to look at pictures of other countries, Hadi - and I want to learn about Indonesia. Let me see them! ....
Oh, that's an interesting photo. Those are musicians!
Margaret:But Indonesian musical instruments are different from Australian musical instruments.
Hadi:These are special instruments, Margaret. This is a gamelan orchestra. You see, this instrument has strings. This is a drum, and these are gongs.
Margaret:Is that a guitar?
Hadi:No, it isn't. Do you like guitars, Margaret?
Margaret:Yes, I do. A guitar is a useful instrument. If you play a guitar, you don't need other instruments. You can play songs, and people can sing. ....
Oh, look at this photo, Hadi. What are these girls doing?
Hadi:They're dancing. That's a special Balinese dance.
Margaret:They're wearing pretty costumes. And is this a gamelan orchestra, too?
Hadi:Yes, that's right.
Margaret:Is that dance difficult to learn?
Hadi:Oh yes. These girls start learning when they're very young. Now look at this, Margaret.
Margaret:Oh, that's a nice photo, Hadi!
Hadi:Yes, that's a rice-field. We grow a lot of rice in Indonesia. Rice grows well there.
Margaret:But what beautiful scenery! Rice-fields, trees, mountains. I think this photo is the prettiest!
Hadi:Would you like to have it, Margaret?
Margaret:Are you giving it to me?
Margaret:Oh, thank you very much, Hadi! It's lovely!
I. Answer the following questions based on the above conversation.
Talking About Pictures
  1. What is the conversation about?
  2. What pictures does Hadi show Margaret?
  3. In your opinion, what makes Margaret interested in the pictures?
  4. What does Margaret say about Indonesian musical instruments?
  5. What does Margaret think about guitars? Why?
  6. What are the girls in the picture doing?
  7. What does Margaret think about their costumes?
  8. Which picture does Margaret like best?
  9. What does Hadi do with the picture?
  10. Rewrite the above dialogue in your book and underline the demonstrative pronouns; this, that, these, those.
II. Complete the following sentences with "this/that" or "these/those".
  1. ... is a flower.
  2. ... is an office.
  3. ... are fingers.
  4. This is ... water.
  5. ... are exercises.
  6. ... animals eat grass.
  7. ... boy is playing football.
  8. ... is a library.
  9. ... is coffee.
  10. ... is an island.
  11. ... are university students.
  12. ... girl has been here for an hour.
  13. ... is a hotel.
  14. ... aeroplane is flying above the sea.
  15. Most farmers in ... country grow rice.
III. Write sentences with "this/that" or "these/those" using the nouns provided. Number 1 has been done as an example.
  1. a book
    This is a book.
  2. racing cars
  3. pure honey
  4. doctors and nurses
  5. my aquarium
  6. a traditional game
  7. kites
  8. old coins
  9. boats
  10. a picture of my family
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