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September 16, 2020

Giving And Receiving Compliments

Giving And Receiving Compliments
n our daily social life, we often express our admiration, satisfaction, or happiness for someone's achievement or work by giving compliments. The purpose is to show them that we care and are happy for them with what they have done or achieved.

These are examples of compliments and the responses:

What a fantastic performance!Thanks. I'm happy that everything worked well.
You look gorgeous!Thank you very much.
You're looking glamorous.Thanks.
How adorable that is!Thank you for your compliment.
Well done! You are the best.Thank you.
I like your new haircut.Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
That's a nice shirt!Thanks. It's a gift from my friend in Indonesia.
How elegant you look.That's very nice of you. Thanks.
My compliments on your great work.Thanks. I'm just doing my job.
Wow! You’re very clever.Thank you.
What a great picture! You should be proud of yourself.Thanks. Glad you like it.
From the examples above, we can see that compliments and admiration can be expressed with:
  • That’s a nice ...(noun)....
  • What a great ...(noun)...!
  • How ...(adjective/adverb)...!
  • You look ...(adjective)....
  • I like your ...(noun)...!
  • I must express my admiration for your ...(noun)....
  • You're really ...(adjective)....
To respond, we can use thanking expressions, such as:
  • Thank you for your compliment.
  • That's nice of you.
  • I am glad you like it.
A. Please complete the dialogues below using your own words.
Dialogue 1:
Hari:What a nice bike you have, Panca.
Panca:...(1).... It was a present from my Dad on my birthday two years ago.
Hari:...(2).... That kind of bike is very expensive now.
Panca:Yes, it is. It's because cycling is becoming very popular now.
Hari:You're right. Bikes are sold out in many places.
Dialogue 2:
Gani:I saw your performance in the English speech contest yesterday. ...(3)....
Salma:...(4).... I practiced hard to prepare for it.
Gani:It was paid off. You certainly impressed the juries.
Salma:I hope so. Thank God everything went well.
Dialogue 3:
Tom:I like your new shoes.
Tom:They look very expensive. Where did you buy them?
Dio:Well, not really. I bought them at a home industry near my house.
Tom:...(6).... They look like branded products.
Dio:Well, when it comes to quality, I'm not a brandminded person.
Tom:I agree with you. Home industry products often come up with the same quality as that of branded ones, sometimes even better.
Dialogue 4:
Mita:Hi, Ayu. You look ...(7)... tonight.
Ayu:...(8).... You, too.
Mita:I've never seen you wearing that Batik dress. Is that new?
Ayu:Well, my Mom had it made at a tailor's for me last month.
Mita:Oh, did she? I think your mom is quite fashionable.
Ayu:Yes, she really is.
Dialogue 5:
Risa:Hi, Linda. How are things with you?
Linda:Never better, thanks. And you?
Risa:I'm fine, thanks. I heard that your proposal for our next program has been approved. Congratulations.
Linda:It has. Thanks.
Risa:I think our manager should thank you for such a great idea in marketing. You're a genius.
Linda:...(9).... It's all based on my experience in marketing that kind of product for years.
Linda:Well, stop complimenting me. I need everybody's support in order to make it work.
Risa:You can count on me.
B. Express your compliment in each of the following situations.
  1. You compliment your friend on his/her new hair style.
  2. Your friend is wearing a fancy gown.
  3. Your colleague has been promoted for his hard work.
  4. Your friend has received a flying grade in a TOEIC test.
  5. Your brother has received a photography award.
  6. Your friend's office has been rearranged and it's now very comfortable..
  7. Your father has bought you a new mobile phone.
  8. Your cousin has gone on a diet and now she is slimmer.
  9. Your motorcycle wouldn't start until a friend came and helped you.
  10. Your best friend has won an English speech contest.
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