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February 04, 2021

Giving Advice - Video Material And Exercise

e have learnt about how to ask for and give advice and suggestions on Asking For, Giving, and Responding to Advice and Suggestions. Now, let's practice more about asking for and giving advice through a dialogue in a video material. After watching the video, test your understanding by answering the questions in the exercise below.


I. Answer the following questions by choosing the correct answer; A, B, C, or D.
  1. Where does the conversation most probably take place?
    1. In a classroom
    2. In an office
    3. In a car showroom
    4. In a shopping mall
  2. What relationship do the speakers most likely have?
    1. A teacher and a student
    2. Families
    3. An assistant and a customer
    4. Co-workers
  3. What is the topic of the dialogue?
    1. Advice on buying a new car
    2. Advice on selling Minydy's car
    3. Suggestions on how to buy a new car
    4. Tips on selling and buying a car
  4. What is Mindy planning to do?
    1. Rent a new car
    2. Buy a new car
    3. Repair her car
    4. Sell her car
  5. What happens with Mindy's car?
    1. She just feels bored with her car.
    2. It is not economical and too large.
    3. It often breaks down due to its age.
    4. It has become totally unrepairable.
  6. Which term best describes the car that Windy needs in terms of price?
    1. Expensive
    2. Fashionable
    3. Classical
    4. Inexpensive
  7. How often does Windy drive?
    1. Every day
    2. Only on the weekends
    3. Seldom
    4. Three times a week
  8. What kind of car does Toni suggest Mindy buy?
    1. A sophisticated one
    2. A cheap large new car
    3. An imported small car
    4. A small compact one
  9. What will Mindy probably do after the conversation?
    1. Sell her old car immediately
    2. Check the new model
    3. Reject Toni's advice
    4. Repair her broken car
  10. Why does Toni ask Mindy a few questions before giving advice?
    1. He actually feels as confused as Mindy.
    2. He does not even think Mindy needs a new car.
    3. He needs much time to think of the best solution.
    4. He wants to know what car suits Mindy's needs.
II. Based on the dialogue, state whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE.
  1. Toni and Mindi were having a business meeting in their office.
  2. Toni said, "Do you mind if I ask you for some advice?"
  3. Mindy needs advice because she isn't sure about which car to buy.
  4. Mindy's car often breaks down because it's too old.
  5. Toni was busy so he refused to give Mindy advice.
  6. Mindy's car breaks down due to a traffic accident.
  7. Mindy drives her car every day.
  8. Mindy usually goes to the gym three times in a week.
  9. Toni usually goes shopping with Mindy on the weekend.
  10. Toni thinks that a small compact car will be the right choice for Mindy.
Video source:
Small Talk | Making Small Talk | Everyday English, YouTube, uploaded by Learn English by Pocket Passport, Dec 21, 2019,


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