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April 26, 2013

Business English Dialogue: Changing Money At the Bank

English for business contextual dialogue:

Customer:Good morning. Where can I change some money?
Clerk:Over there, Madam, at the Foreign Exchange counter.
Customer:What's the rate today, please?
Clerk:What currency, madam?
Customer:United States dollars, please.
Clerk:Are you buying or selling, Madam?
Customer:I'd like to change dollars into rupiah.
Clerk:We can give you 14,300 rupiah per dollar, Madam.
Customer:That's a rather poor rate of exchange, isn't it?
Clerk:Yes. It's lower than usual, Madam. The dollar has slightly dropped.
Customer:Is that the official rate of exchange?
Clerk:Yes, it is, Madam. It will be the same in all the banks.
Customer:What about the money changers?
Clerk:I'm sorry. I don't know what their rate will be, Madam. It could be slightly higher or lower than ours.
Customer:The reason I'm asking is that I want to change a large amount.
Clerk:I understand, Madam.
Customer:Oh, well. Never mind. I'll go ahead and change it here. I'd like to cash these travellers cheques.
Clerk:Very good, Madam. Would you countersign the cheques, please? How much would you like to change, Madam?
Customer:1,000 US$, please.
Clerk:Where are you staying, please, Madam?
Customer:I'm staying privately. I'll give you the address.
Clerk:How would you like to have it, Madam? Our largest note is 100,000 rupiah.
Customer:That'll be fine.
Clerk:There we are, Madam.
Customer:Thank you very much.
Clerk:You're most welcome, madam.

Exercise: Answer the following questions.

  1. What would the woman like to do in the bank?
  2. What currency does she want?
  3. Is she buying or selling?
  4. What does she think about the rate?
  5. What rate would she get if she went to another bank?
  6. What does she decide to do then?
  7. How much does she want to change?
  8. How much does she get in rupiah?


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