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October 16, 2019

Offering and Asking for a Favor or Help

Common polite expressions used when we ask for a favor and offer some help
Offering HelpAsking for a Favor / HelpResponses
Can I ... + Verb 1?
Let me ... + Verb 1.
What can I do for you?
Can I help you?
Let me help you.
Let me give you a lift.
Can I do something for you?
Do you want something to ...?
Shall I get you to ...?
Can/could/will/would you ... + Verb 1?
Would you mind ... verb-ing?
Can you help me?
Can you hold this rabbit?
Would you mind helping me with my homework?
Of course.
With pleasure.
No, thanks. I can do it myself.
I’m sorry. I can’t ....
Learn how to make polite requests using "Can you", "Could you", "Will you", "Would you", and imperative sentences HERE

Dialogue 1
Vera: Hey, Ary. You look busy. What are you doing?
Ary: Well, I want to separate my hamsters. They fight all the time.
Vera: How can I help you?
Ary: Well, please hold this hamster. I’ll take the other one out. He’s very naughty.
Vera: Are you sure it won't bite me?
Ary: Don't worry. It's quite tame. The other one isn't.
Vera: Wow. It's so cute.
Ary: Alright. It’s done. Thanks for the help.
Vera: My pleasure. I think they’re very hungry. What do you give them?
Ary: I give them carrots, cabbages and many other kinds of vegetable. By the way, where are you going?
Vera: Well, actually I’m here because I need your help.
Ary: What is it? I’ll be happy to help.
Vera: It’s the mathematics assignment from Mr. Gatot. I think it’s rather complicated.
Ary: Alright. Let's go in. I hope I can help you.
"Would you mind ..." is different from "Would you like ...?"
Find out the difference HERE

Dialogue 2
Offering and Asking for a Favor

Romi: Would you mind helping me, Edo?
Edo: I'd be glad to, Romi. What do you want me to do?
Romi: Help me hang up this picture. Hold it straight while I put in the nail.
Edo: I'd be glad to.
Romi: Hand me the hammer. Give me one of those nails, too, please.
Edo: Here you are.
Romi: There. How does it look? Tell me if I have it straight.
Edo: Yes, it's straight, but it's upside down.

  1. Answer these questions by referring to Dialogue 1
    1. Where does the dialogue probably take place?
    2. What does Ary want to do?
    3. What does Ary want Vera to do?
    4. What does Vera want Ary to do?
    5. Can Ary help her?
    6. What will probably happen after the dialogue?
  2. Answer these questions by referring to Dialogue 2
    1. Where does the dialogue probably take place?
    2. What is Romi doing?
    3. What does Romi want Edo to do?
    4. What happens in the end?
    5. What will they probably do after the dialogue?
  3. Change the following to questions used when we ask for someone's favor.
    1. I want you to get the broken printer repaired.
    2. I want you to turn the lights off.
    3. I want you to submit the proposal tomorrow morning.
    4. I want you to get the reports ready.
    5. I want you to help me lift this box.


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