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March 21, 2020

English Dialogue: Talking About Feelings & Opinions

A. Read and practice this dialogue.
Hadi:Hello, Margaret!
Margaret:Hello, Hadi! You don't seem very happy today. What's the matter?
Hadi:I don't feel very happy.
Margaret:Why don't you feel happy?
Hadi:Because I'm thinking of my exam tomorrow.
Margaret:Oh! Don't you like exams?
Hadi:No, I don't.
Margaret:Do you think you will pass?
Hadi:Well, I want to pass, of course, but I think I will fail.
Margaret:Oh no, Hadi! You always work very hard, and I'm sure you know your work very well.
Hadi:But I don't, Margaret! I don't remember it now!
Margaret:Well, perhaps you will remember it tomorrow.
Hadi:Yes, perhaps.
Margaret:What does your exam consist of, Hadi?
Hadi:It consists of a written paper, and an oral exam.
Margaret:Well, good luck to you!
Hadi:Thank you, Margaret.

The following day, Margaret meets Hadi after his exam.
Margaret:Hello, Hadi!
Hadi:Hello, Margaret!
Margaret:Well! You seem different today. You seem happy again.
Hadi:Oh yes, Margaret. I feel very happy!
Margaret:The exam - ?
Hadi:Oh, I think that perhaps I will pass.
Margaret:That's wonderful, Hadi!
Hadi:Margaret, your exam is this afternoon. How do you feel? Do you feel confident?
Margaret:No, I don't.
Hadi:Oh, I don't believe you, Margaret! I feel that you will pass.
Margaret:I hope so, Hadi.
Hadi:Well, good luck, Margaret!
Margaret:Thank you!
(Adapted from: Radio Australia: English For You, Lesson no. 14)
Answer the following questions.
English Dialogue - Talking About Feelings & Opinions
  1. What is the topic of the above conversation?
  2. Where does the conversation probably take place?
  3. What is the most probable relationship between the speakers?
  4. At first, how does Hadi feel about his exam? Why?
  5. What does Margaret say about it? Why?
  6. How does Hadi seem on the following day? Why?
  7. How does Margaret feel about her exam?
  8. What does Hadi say about it?
  9. Please rewrite the sentences that express doubt or uncertainty.
  10. Please rewrite the sentences that express confidence and hope.
  11. In Simple Present Tense: Form, Uses, & Exercise, we have learnt about the verbs that cannot be used in continuous tenses. Can you find them in the above dialogue? Please rewrite them.
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