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March 10, 2020

English Dialogue With "Used to" And "Be Used to"

Read and practice the dialogue below.

Wendy:When you were a boy, Paul, where did you live? What were your hobbies? Tell me everything.
Paul:Well, Wendy, there isn't much to tell. When I was boy, my family used to live in the country - about a hundred miles from the city.
Wendy:I didn't know you used to live in the country!
Paul:You've never asked me about it before.
Wendy:But my family used to live in the country too, Paul. And we lived about a hundred miles from the city too! Where did you use to live?
Paul:Oh, I used to live at Wyanna.
Wendy:At Wyanna? We used to live at Listerton. That's only a few miles from Wyanna!
Paul:Fancy that! As a matter of fact, I used to go to the Listerton school. I used to travel to school by bus every day.
Wendy:And I used to go to the Listerton school too, of course. I used to ride my bicycle to school every day. Think of it, Paul! We used to go to the same school, but we didn't know one another in those days.
Paul:No, we didn't. You must have been in a different class. Oh, I used to enjoy travelling by bus. A lot of children from Wyanna used to travel to school by bus every day, and we used to sing songs in the bus. And we used to whistle too!
Wendy:Oh, the poor bus-driver! I enjoyed riding my bicycle to school. I used to ride to school with several other children, and we used to play games on the way to school.
Paul:What sort of games did you play?
Wendy:Oh, we used to count the number of cars we saw, or the number of horses, or something like that. They were very simple games. And we often used to whistle and sing, of course.
Paul:After school, I used to like making things in my father's workshop. I had my own hammer and my own saw, and I never used my father's tools, because he said I wasn't used to expensive tools .... What did you do after school, Wendy?
Wendy:Oh, I used to read books, or play with my dolls. I used to water the garden every day for my father. I'd forgotten that! I never water the garden now. I wonder if Daddy remembers that I watered it every day at Listerton.
Paul:Well, I never make things now. I haven't used a hammer or a saw for many years. Now I'm a university student. I don't have time for things like that.
Wendy:Well, I used to like living in the country, but I'm used to the city now.
Paul:I liked the country too, but now I'm used to lectures and essays and examinations!
Wendy:Would you like to go back to Wyanna and Listerton for a holiday one day?
Paul:I wouldn't mind a holiday there, but I suppose everything is different now.
(Adapted from: English For You - Radio Australia, Lesson No. 97)
Answer the following questions.
English Dialogue With Used to And Be Used to
  1. What is the topic of the above conversation?
  2. Where does the conversation probably take place?
  3. What is the most probable relationship between the speakers?
  4. Before the conversation, did the speakers know that they used to go to the same school?
  5. How did Wendy and Paul use to travel to school?
  6. What did they use to do on the way to school?
  7. What did they use to do after school?
  8. Why did Paul never use his father's tools?
  9. What is their opinion about living in the country?
  10. Please copy all the sentences with "used to" and "be used to", and note how they are different in structure and meaning.You may refer to THIS PAGE.
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