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April 05, 2020

Social Distancing Quiz For English Learners

Social Distancing Quiz For English Learners

ear English learners and students.

Have you ever heard the word "Social Distancing"? With this Covid-19 going around, the word "Social Distancing" is becoming more and more popular and I bet you have heard about it, too. Social distancing is exactly what the government has strongly urged us to do to slow down and even cut the spread of Covid-19. Schools, offices, shopping centers, and all other public places are closed and we are advised to stay at home.

To find out more about "Social Distancing", let's check out this video, and then test your understanding and your English vocabulary power by doing the quiz below. Let's see what score you can hit. Good luck.

English Olympiad for Intermediate 112312 1002PM 444


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