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March 31, 2020

Quiz for Intermediate Learners: Do I Have Corona Virus?

English Quiz about Corona Virus
ear, English learners and students.
Staying at home due to this Corona virus outbreak doesn't mean you stop learning. Here's a quiz containing a video material about Corona virus or Covid-19. With this quiz, you can test your English vocabulary and comprehension skill as well as knowledge about Corona virus (Covid-19). Watch the following video carefully and then answer the questions in the exercise below. If you'd like to know your score, do it in one of Google form links at the bottom of this test.

I. Comprehension Questions
Test your knowledge about Corona virus based on the above video
  1. What is the video mainly about?
    1. The symptoms of Corona virus disease
    2. How Corona virus is transmitted
    3. The causes of Corona virus outbreak
    4. Corona virus fevers and cures
  2. According to the video, what are the main symptoms of Corona virus?
    1. Fever and phlegmy cough
    2. Loss of the senses of smell and taste
    3. Common cold and cough
    4. Dry cough and fever
  3. Which of the following is NOT explained in the video?
    1. The characteristics of dry cough caused by Corona virus
    2. The difference of common cold and Corona virus symptoms
    3. Treatment for breathing problems caused by Corona virus
    4. What one should do when having Corona virus symptoms
  4. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of cough caused by Corona virus?
    1. Phlegm free cough
    2. Continuous cough
    3. Cough with no mucus
    4. Cough with phlegm
  5. Which is NOT true about the cough caused by Corona virus?
    1. It may cause respiratory or breathing problems.
    2. The continuous cough can last more than an hour.
    3. It is accompanied with inability to smell and taste.
    4. There is no phlegm or mucus when coughing.
  6. What does the video say about the loss of senses of smell and taste due to Corona virus?
    1. It is not supported by scientific studies yet.
    2. Some scientists are still carrying out a study.
    3. Some people have studied such symptoms.
    4. It is confirmed as one of Covid-19 symptoms.
  7. Measured with a thermometer, how high is a Covid-9 fever?
    1. Less than 37.8 degree Celsius
    2. More than 37.8 degree Fahrenheit
    3. Less than 100 degree Fahrenheit
    4. More than 37.8 degree Celsius
  8. The following parts of our body would feel hot during Covid-19 fever, EXCEPT ....
    1. chest
    2. back
    3. head
    4. nose
  9. What should you NOT do if you have one of the Covid-19 symptoms?
    1. Stay at home for seven days
    2. Live abroad with your family
    3. Isolate the house for two weeks
    4. Contact local healthcare provider
  10. What is the main purpose of the video?
    1. To educate people on the symptoms of a disease
    2. To inform people of how dangerous Covid-19 is
    3. To explain how to cure Corona virus disease
    4. To tell people how to prevent a dangerous disease
II. Vocabulary Quiz
Test your vocabulary power with the words and phrases used in the above video
  1. What is the synonym of "symptom"?
    1. Phase
    2. Indication
    3. Medication
    4. Risk
  2. The phrase "look out" in the sentence "The two main symptoms of Corona virus to look out for are ..." is closest in meaning to ....
    1. Beware
    2. Search
    3. Find
    4. See
  3. The word "continuous" is similar in meaning to ....
    1. increasing
    2. ending
    3. interrupted
    4. constant
  4. The word "common" in "... common cold ...." can be replaced by ....
    1. public
    2. normal
    3. new
    4. natural
  5. What does the word "fever" mean?
    1. A rise in the temperature of the body
    2. The occurrence of cough and phlegm
    3. The shivering of the body during illness
    4. Body temperature measured with a thermometer
  6. The word "lead to" in "... can also lead to breathing problems ...." means ....
    1. Show
    2. Prevent
    3. Cause
    4. Change
  7. The word "advice" is closest in meaning to ....
    1. Invitation
    2. Alteration
    3. Regulation
    4. Recommendaton
  8. The word "worse" in the video means ....
    1. More serious
    2. More likely
    3. More fatal
    4. More general
  9. What is the synonym of "abroad"?
    1. Aboard
    2. Domestic
    3. International
    4. Overseas
  10. The word "directions" is closest in meaning to ....
    1. Way
    2. Destination
    3. Guidance
    4. Method
Want to know your score? Do the exercise on one of the links below.
  • If you are a student of SMKN 1 Probolinggo and wish to do this quiz as a school assignment, click HERE.
  • If you would like to do the quiz but are not a student of SMKN 1 Probolinggo, click HERE.
Good luck, and stay home.
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