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June 29, 2020

English Dialogue With SO And NEITHER: My Back Is Sore

t's Saturday evening. Jim and Betty have been working in the garden all day. They're sitting in the living room after dinner.
Jim:I've worked so hard today, Betty!
Betty:So have I, Jim! I haven't even read this morning's paper.
Jim:Neither have I! Where is it?
Betty:Oh, I think it's on top of refrigerator in the kitchen. Would you mind getting it, Jim? I'm too tired to move.
Jim:I don't really want to read it.
Betty:Well, neither do I. You know, my back is quite sore.
Jim:So is mine. I planted a lot of young plants this afternoon.
Betty:I didn't stop working all the afternoon.
Jim:Neither did I. And by three o'clock my back was aching!
Betty:So was mine. I wasn't able to stand up straight for quite a while afterwards.
Jim:Neither was I. My whole body feels sore.
Betty:So does mine. I shan't plant any more young plants for a while.
Jim:Neither shall I. I'd like to rest for hours now.
Betty:Jim, you shouldn't work so hard in the garden in future.
Jim:Neither should you. But we both like to have flowers in the house. At any rate, I like to see flowers in the house.
Betty:Oh, so do I, Jim. But we can't afford to buy flowers all the time. ... Oh, well, perhaps we'll feel better tomorrow.
Jim:Perhaps! What are we going to do tomorrow, Betty?
Betty:If it's fine, I wouldn't mind going for a drive in the car.
Jim:Neither would I. Let's ask Hadi and Yati to go for a drive with us. Hadi likes going for a drive.
Betty:So does Yati. She'll enjoy a drive in the country.
Jim:They're both fond of the country.
Betty:We can take a picnic lunch, and perhaps we could go to National Park. I'd like that.
Jim:So would I. Hadi has been there, hasn't he?
Betty:Yes, and so has Yati. But I don't mind how often I go there.
Jim:Neither do I. It's a very pleasant place, with all those lovely trees.
Betty:Oh, I'm looking forward to it! My back feels better already.
Jim:So does mine. I'll go and phone Hadi immediately.
Betty:And when you've phoned Hadi, I'll phone Yati. Tell Hadi we'll call for him at half past nine tomorrow morning.
Jim:All right, Betty.
Betty:I'll get the newspaper. I'll need it while you're talking to Hadi.
A. Answer the following questions.
English Dialogue With SO And NEITHER
  1. Have Jim and Betty worked hard today, or have they been idle?
  2. Have they read the newspaper?
  3. Where is the newspaper?
  4. Why wouldn't Jim or Betty get the newspaper?
  5. How did their back feel?
  6. What did they do in the garden?
  7. What are they going to do tomorrow?
  8. Who is Jim going to call?
  9. Who is Betty going to call?
  10. Do Hadi and Yati like going for a drive?
  11. Where will they go?
  12. Are they going to eat in a restaurant or are they going to take a picnic lunch?
  13. What time will Jim and Betty pick Hadi up tomorrow morning?
  14. What will Betty do while Jim is talking to Hadi?
  15. Please copy the dialogue and underline all the phrases/sentences with "so" and "neither".
B. Complete the following sentences using "so" or "neither".
  1. Adi: I like mangoes.
    Jaka: ... do I.
  2. Hendra: Santi doesn't live near here.
    Udin: ... does Tari.
  3. Kiki: I haven't had lunch. I'm so hungry.
    Ovin: ... have I.
  4. Tasya: I didn't understand what he was saying.
    Dena: ... did I. I think he spoke too fast.
  5. Rio: My office has applied new policies as a response to Covid-19 outbreak.
    Lily: ... has mine.
  6. Yudi: I couldn't go out of town due to the travel restriction.
    Gita: ... I.
  7. Maya: My father works in a private company.
    Elsa: ... my father. He often has to work on Sundays.
  8. Dea: Ahmad didn't attend the meeting yesterday.
    Joni: ... did Hans, his supervisor.
  9. Umi: Many students aren't prepared for online learning during the pandemic.
    Tika: ... are teachers. Most of them are still adapting to new technologies.
  10. Yana: Eating nutritious food is very important in maintaining our health.
    Sita: ... is having regular exercise. A little exercise every day can help us stay healthy.
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