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June 15, 2020

English Dialogue With Passive Voice: A Trip to Indonesia

adi is sitting and drinking a cup of coffee when he sees Margaret.
Hadi:Hello, Margaret!
Margaret:Oh, hello, Hadi.
Hadi:Won't you sit down here?
What are you doing?
Hadi:Just drinking coffee and thinking.
Margaret:Well, now you can drink coffee and talk! I want to be told all the news!
Hadi:News! What news!
Margaret:About Jim and Betty's friends, the Fosters - Tom and Nancy. They've just come back from Indonesia, haven't they?
Hadi:Oh, yes, they arrived home last week. I was invited to Jim and Betty's place a few days ago, and Tom and Nancy were there too.
Margaret:And did they tell you all about their trip? What did they do? Where did they go?What interested them the most? Did they enjoy themselves?
Hadi:Yes, I think they enjoyed their holiday very much. They went to Jakarta first - by plane from Sydney. They have some friends in Jakarta, and so they were invited to a lot of places, and they were taken on several visits.
Margaret:Lucky people!
Hadi:After they'd been in Jakarta for a few days, a visit to Bandung was arranged for them. They were taken there by car. They were delighted by the scenery in Bandung.
Margaret:Yes, it must be a beautiful place.
Hadi:Ah, you'll go there one day, Margaret!
Margaret:Mm! Did Nancy and Tom speak Indonesian while they were there?
Hadi:A little. They knew only a few words of Indonesian - but they practiced them whenever possible! They met some Indonesian people who could speak English to them.
Hadi:Yes, English is spoken by quite a lot of people in Indonesia now! One day Nancy and Tom were invited to a meeting of a Youth Club. They were asked to give a speech.
Margaret:In English?
Hadi:Yes. And after the speech had been given, they were asked a lot of questions about Australia. They found it very interesting.
Hadi:Another day, they went to Borobudur.
Hadi:Borobudur. Haven't you heard of it?
Margaret:I'm not sure, Hadi. Where is it?
Hadi:It's in Central Java. It's an old Buddhist temple. It was built - oh, a long time ago.
Margaret:How long ago?
Hadi:I don't know, Margaret - I'm not a history student!
Margaret:Neither am I.
Hadi:I don't think the date is known exactly, but it must have been built - oh, between the eighth and ninth centuries. It was designed very beautifully.
Margaret:And it's a tourist attraction, is it?
Hadi:Yes. If you come to the party next week, you'll be shown some pictures of it. Tom and Nancy are bringing some photos that were taken in Indonesia.
Margaret:Good! I love being shown photos! What else did Tom and Nancy do?
Hadi:Well, they didn't have much time to go to a lot of places - it was only a very short holiday - but they had a quick visit to Bali. Then they came back to Jakarta, and caught the plane home to Sydney.
Margaret:And they were met at the airport by Betty and Jim.
Hadi:Yes. And when Betty and Jim heard all about their holiday, they decided that they must go to Indonesia for a holiday themselves!
Answer the following questions.
  1. Where does the above conversation probably take place?
    English Dialogue With Passive Voice
  2. Who are they talking about?
  3. Where have the Fosters been?
  4. When did they arrive?
  5. What places did they visit during their trip?
  6. How long did they stay in Jakarta?
  7. Where did they go after visiting Jakarta?
  8. Did Nancy and Tom speak Indonesian language during their trip?
  9. where did Nancy and Tom give a speech?
  10. What happened after the speech?
  11. Does Margaret know much about Borobudur temple?
  12. What does Hadi know about Borobudur?
  13. Where will Margaret be shown the photos of the trip?
  14. Was it a long holiday, or was it a short one?
  15. What did Betty and Jim decide to do after hearing about the Fosters' holiday?
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