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April 10, 2020

English Dialogue With Passive Voice: The Invitation

Jim:Betty, something interesting happened this afternoon.
Betty:This is such an interesting article in the paper, Jim.
Jim:Now, Betty! There's something I want to tell you.
Betty:Jim! You know I don't like being disturbed while I'm reading the paper.
Jim:But Betty, Hadi has invited us to a party at the University!
Betty:At the University! Why didn't you tell me?
Jim:I've been trying to tell you, but you didn't want to be disturbed.
Betty:Well, I want to be told all about it. Who invited us?
Jim:Hadi phoned me this afternoon and invited us.
Betty:What sort of party will it be?
Jim:Hadi's professor is giving a farewell party for him. The professor told him that some of his best friends could be invited too.
Betty:And Hadi thought of us! I'm very happy to be invited to the party. and I'm very proud of being included among Hadi's best friends!
Jim:Well, I hope to be introduced to Hadi's professor. I've heard so much about him.
Betty:Jim! What shall I wear?
Jim:Oh, you have plenty of beautiful clothes. Of course, my best suit should be dry cleaned.
Betty:Jim, your best suit needn't be dry cleaned. It looks quite all right. But I'll need a new dress for the party. I wouldn't like to be seen at the party in an old dress.
Jim:Well, I know you like being invited to parties, and I know you enjoy being admired when you're wearing new clothes, but the expense must be thought of!
Betty:Oh, the money for a new dress could be saved if you gave up smoking for a few weeks!
Jim:Now, Betty, let's be sensible. You have that wonderful blue dress that you wore to Nancy's party. Hadi and Yati weren't at that party, so they haven't seen it yet. Nobody at Hadi's party will have seen that dress, so you'll be able to wear that.
Betty:I suppose you're right, Jim. But I'll need a new bag - and some new shoes!
Answer the following questions.
English Dialogue With Passive Voice
  1. What do the speakers mainly talk about?
  2. Where does the conversation most probably take place?
  3. What is Betty doing?
  4. What does Jim want to tell Betty?
  5. Who will hold the party?
  6. How does Betty feel to be invited?
  7. What dress does Betty want to wear?
  8. Does Jim agree with Betty? Why?
  9. What does Jim think about his best suit?
  10. Does Betty agree with Jim? Why?
  11. What does Betty want at last?
  12. Please copy all the passive voice sentences in the dialogue. You can refer to How to Change an Active Sentence to the Passive Voice.
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