November 10, 2011

English Transcript of Bung Tomo's Famous Speech During the Heroic Battle of Surabaya

English Transcript of Bung Tomos Famous Speech During the Heroic Battle of Surabaya

n the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. Merdeka..!!

Comrades, the humble people throughout Indonesia, particularly those who live in Surabaya, we have all known, that today, the British troops have published pamphlets threatening all of us. Within a specified time, we are required to surrender the arms that we have seized from the hands of the Japanese troops. They have asked us to come to them with raised hands. They have asked all of us to come to them with a white flag as a sign of our capitulation.

Comrades, in previous battles, we have shown them that the Indonesian people in Surabaya, the youth who comes from Maluku, the youth who comes from Sulawesi, the youth who comes from Bali, the youth who comes from Kalimantan, the youth who comes from all over Sumatra, the youth from Aceh, the youth from Tapanuli and all the Indonesian youth in Surabaya, with all their troops, with all the people's forces formed in campongs, have shown them an unbreakable defence. We have shown them a strength which pins them everywhere. Only for their deceitful tactics in inviting the President and other government leaders to come to Surabaya, then we agreed on a ceasefire. However, they have strengthened their power during that time, and now when they are strong, this is what happens.

All my comrades, we, the Indonesian people in Surabaya, shall take the British troops challenge. And if the British troops' leaders in Surabaya want to hear the Indonesian people's answer, the answer of all Indonesian youth in Surabaya, then listen to this, British soldiers!

This is our answer! This is the answer from all the people in Surabaya! This is Indonesian youth's answer to all of you.

Hey, British soldiers! You want us to bring white flags and surrender to you!

You demand us to raise our hands coming to you! You demand us to surrender the arms we have seized from the Japanese and submit them to you!

In spite of those demands, and although we are aware that you are threatening to attack us with all your existing power, this is our answer! As long as Indonesian oxen have their red blood to make a piece of white cloth "Red and White", then as long as that, never shall we capitulate to anyone.

Comrades, the people of Surabaya, be prepared! The situation is critical. However, let me remind you once more. Do not open fire. Not until they fire at us, then we will fire back at them. Let us show them all that we are the people who want to be independent.

And to us, comrades, we'd rather be devastated and destroyed than have no freedom. Our motto remains "Independent or Dead". And let us be assured, comrades, that in the end, victory will be ours. Allah is always with the right people. Let us be assured, comrades. God will protect us all.

Allahu akbar ... Allahu akbar ... Allahu akbar. Merdeka!


The speech was made by Sutomo or Bung Tomo and was broadcast continuously during the November 1945 Battle of Surabaya by RRI (The Radio of Indonesian Republic) and other revolutionary radio stations. It greatly boosted the moral and heroism of Indonesian troops at that time.

Sixty three years later, on November 10, 2008, Bung Tomo was honored the title "National Hero" according to the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia nbr. 041/TK/Tahun 2008 dated November 6, 2008 and signed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

English Transcript of Bung Tomo's Famous Speech During the Heroic Battle of SurabayaNever did Bung Tomo realize that this nation would later regard him as a national hero. He passed away in Padang Arafah (The Arafah Desert) during his pilgrimage on October 7, 1981, twenty-seven years before this nation started to regard him as a hero.

By request of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Bung Tomo was buried in his motherland, the land of the Republic of Indonesia. His grave is located in a public cemetery in Ngagel, Surabaya.

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Hi Mr. Pras,
it seems you have precede me by writing a translated speech of Bung Tomo. Heheh.
Actually, after I watched the video, I intended to spread this speech to the world, in English, of course.
However, because you have wrote it, may I copy your article in my blog? Of course I will refer it to your blog.

Thank You :)

Hi Ghani,
That's OK. You can copy paste it to yr blog, and I would really appreciate it if you also mention my blog as the source. :)
Let's share and spread it to the world. I think we all should learn or take example from the sense of nationalism shown by our heroes.
Salam Blogger untuk Pendidikan Indonesia. \m/

saya merinding mendengar orasi bung karno saat perang surabaya ini. saya kadang bertanya dalam hati seberapa tinggikah nasionalisme kita sekarang !!! buktikan teman teman, generasi muda angkat senjata untuk memerangi kebodohan, kesenjangan sosial, kemiskinan, dan penyakit2 masyarakat lainnya... sadarilah perjuangan kita belum seberapa di bandingkan para pejuang pejuang terdahulu. terimakasih

Manzu, terima kasih. Saya sangat menghargai semangat + nasionalisme anda. Semoga semakin banyak generasi muda Indonesia sekarang memiliki pemikiran seperti anda. :)

Koreksi: Bung Tomo, bukan Bung Karno :)

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