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January 01, 2022

Report Text With Exercises For Elementary - Intermediate Learners

ead the text below and do the exercises.
You may look at your dictionary while doing the exercises.

Things Around Us

There are many things around us. They can be different in size, shape, color, smell or texture. They can also be made from different materials. Things are different because they have different properties.

Things are similar in some ways too. Let's take a look at how things can be similar.

Reading Text For Elementary
Things have weight
The weight of a book tells us how heavy that book is. Every thing, be it big or small, has weight. We often use 'heavy' or 'light' to describe the weight of something.

Some things, such as a pencil or a feather, are light. We can lift them easily. Some things, such as a cupboard or a desk, are heavy. We cannot lift them easily.

It is easy to lift an empty pail, but when the pail is full of water, it is harder to lift it. This shows that water has weight.

What about air? Does it have weight? Air, like water, and all the things around us, has weight too.

Things occupy space
Look at this cupboard. Only one shelf is filled with books.

The books occupy half the space in the cupboard. There is still space for some more books.

The glass is filled with colored water. The water occupies all the space in the glass. What do you think will happen if you put a few pieces of ice into the glass of water?

Air occupies space too. When we blow air into a balloon, the air fills the space inside the balloon.

In science, anything that has weight and occupies space is called matter.

I. Match each word with its synonym.
II. State whether these sentences are "TRUE" or "FALSE"
III. Complete this crossword puzzle.

April 06, 2020

Quiz For English Learners: Carbon Dioxide And Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide And Climate Change Quiz for English Learners

n many parts of the world, Coronavirus lockdown means all factories, markets, schools, and other public places are closed. On the other hand, lockdown means our beloved mother earth is healing itself.

As most of the public transports and industries are suspended, many cities in the world have recorded much lower levels of air pollution caused by vehicles and power plants. Lower air pollution means much to us and our planet. How is that so?

Learn more by watching this VOA's video, and test your understanding by answering the questions in the quiz below.

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August 20, 2011

Reading Cloze Text: Explanation Text about Global Warming

Cloze Text: Explanation Reading Text about Global Warming
Subject: Reading

Type of Text: Cloze Text

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

No. of Text Items: 15 items


Explanation Text
Instructions :
Fill in all the gaps with the correct word provided below to complete the following passage. When you click the blank space, a drop-down menu containing answer choices will appear and you can choose the word that you think is correct.

   acting      affect      allow      alter      begin      consider      decrease      depend      keep      needs      produce      produced      risen      states      understand   
Did you ever wonder why the weather has been strangely in the past few years? One of the causes you may is global warming. Global warming is the increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface. It is by the emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, halogenated fluorocarbons, ozone, and hydrocarbons incoming solar radiation to pass through the Earth's atmosphere but infrared radiation from leaving the atmosphere, thus causing the atmosphere to warm. Life on Earth the natural greenhouse effect, but excess greenhouse gases will retain excess heat and the normal atmospheric temperature of the Earth, causing global warming.

According to "Scientific Sleuths Track Climate Trends: Unraveling the mystery of global warming's cause and effect," by Alan Boyle, mean global temperatures have 1 degree Fahrenheit in the past century. Boyle also that last year was declared to be one of the warmest in 120 years.

In order to what global warming really is one must look at the effects it will have in the future. Effects in the weather and climate would be one. Global warming could warmer and wetter climates for the North America, Europe and Asia. This may not be such a bad thing for these areas as it could the amount of frost that affects crops. Water problems, on the other hand, could be detrimental to life on earth. The melting of glaciers, ocean ice and ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctic could be one of the clearest indicators of global warming. According to Janine Bloomfield, a staff scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, there are urban areas that on snow packs for their water supply. The increased melting of these packs along with summer droughts could cause water shortages for these areas. Another problem is rising sea levels due to melting glaciers and ice. This could cause shoreline erosion, and the oceans will slowly to consume coasts all over the world.
These may not be issues that will us tomorrow, but as humans we need to take the initiative to take care of the Earth. We need to take measures to prevent these problems from affecting generations to come, so they to can have bright and promising futures.

To do the computer-based version of this cloze text and find out your score, click the link below.