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Home Grammar Tenses Exercise: How to Use Past Perfect Tense with Simple Past Tense

April 09, 2019

Exercise: How to Use Past Perfect Tense with Simple Past Tense

How to Use Past Perfect Tense
ada halaman Past Perfect Tense: Dialog sebelumnya, kita sudah mempelajari bagaimana bentuk dan penggunaan Past Perfect tense dalam dialog untuk membicarakan kegiatan atau kejadian lampau. Selengkapnya, untuk mengetahui lebih banyak lagi tentang materi Past Perfect dan kapan Past Perfect harus digunakan, silahkan kunjungi halaman-halaman berikut ini:
  1. Membandingkan perbedaan Past Perfect dengan Simple Past tense: Contrasting Past Tenses: The Simple Past VS The Past Perfect Tense.
  2. Latihan soal membedakan penggunaan Simple Past VS the Past Perfect tense: Exercise: Past Perfect Tense VS Simple Past Tense
  3. Contoh dialog dan penjelasan penggunaan Past Perfect: Dialog Using the Past perfect tense to talk about Past Events
Sekarang, mari kita uji pemahaman kita tentang bentuk dan penggunaan Past Perfect Tense dengan mengerjakan soal latihan di halaman ini. Selamat berlatih, and good luck with your English.

Latihan soal Past Perfect Tense

Isilah tempat yang kosong dengan menggunakan bentuk Past Perfect yang benar dari kata kerja di dalam kurung. Perhatikan bahwa pada beberapa kalimat, Past Perfect tense bisa digunakan setara dengan Simple Past tense atau Past Perfect Continuous tense.

  1. The students ...(finish)... the test before the bell rang.
  2. The big old tree, which ...(stand)... there for hundreds of years, suddenly crashed to the ground.
  3. After he ...(leave)..., she told me his name.
  4. Peter, who ...(wait)... since three o'clock, was very angry with his sister when she eventually turned up.
  5. He thanked me for what I ...(do)....
  6. He ...(serve)... in the army for ten years; then he retired and married.
  7. Before we ...(go)... very far, we found that we ...(loose)... our way.
  8. I left my office after I ...(finish)... my work.
  9. He died after he ...(be)... ill a long time.
  10. ... (you-sign)... the letter before you sent it?
  11. ...(he-clean)... the mess when you arrived?
  12. ...(she-learn)... English before she went abroad?
  13. She told me she ...(not meet)... him before.
  14. The fire ...(not spread)... to the next house when the firemen arrived.
  15. The train ...(not depart)... when we arrived at the station.
  16. The politician declared that his party ...(always stand)... for social security.
  17. We were surprised to hear that she ...(write)... five novels .
  18. The wet grass told us that the rain ...(fall)... in the night.
  19. He asked why she ...(not come)... to his sister's birthday party.
  20. The news told us that a big flood ...(happen)... in the small town.
Kembali ke halaman Past Perfect Tense: Dialog untuk mempelajari bentuk dan penggunaan Past Perfect tense.
Untuk mengerjakan latihan soal ini secara online (CBT) dan mengetahui skor kalian, kunjungi link di bawah ini. Reference:
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