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October 04, 2011

Vocabulary: English Idioms and Expressions with "Put"

Idioms and Expressions With "Put"
Put a brave face / front on somethingTo behave confidently, or as if someone were happy.
Id: Bersikap percaya diri, atau seolah-olah bahagia
Despite his troubles, he always tried to put a brave face on them.
Put a cap on somethingTo limit something.
Id: Membatasi sesuatu.
He suggested that we put a cap on spending in every department.
Put a damper / dampener on somethingTo make something not enjoyable.
Id: Membuat sesuatu kurang (tidak) bisa dinikmati.
The news about the loss of her father had put a damper on the party.
Put a lid on somethingTo stop something.
Id: Menghentikan sesuatu.
Please put a lid on it! I'm trying to concentrate.
Put a plug in (for someone or something)To favor or advertise for someone or something.
Id: Memuji; mengiklankan sesuatu.
If you talk to the new manager, please put a plug in for me.
Put / Get something across (to someone)To make something clear; to convince someone of something.
Id: Memperjelas; meyakinkan seseorang tentang sesuatu.
You need a different approach to get the difficult subject across to your class.
Put all one's eggs in one basketTo make things dependent on only one thing.
Id: Bergantung pada satu hal saja.
She should have diversified her investment instead of putting all her eggs in one basket.
Put something asideTo decide not to deal with something; to save something for future use.
Mengesampingkan / menyimpan sebagai cadangan.
Every student puts aside Rp15,000.- a month for the vacation.
Put something awayTo save; to return something to its place.
Id: Menyimpan; mengembalikan sesuatu pada tempatnya.
Please put the books away when you finish reading.
Put one's best foot forwardTo perform at one's best.
Id: Tampil sebaik-baiknya.
It's the final round. Make sure you put your best foot forward.
Put someone downTo criticize someone.
Id: Mengkritik seseorang.
She's always putting others down during meetings.
Put down rootsTo settle; to establish a permanent residence.
Id: Menetap di suatu tempat.
The people moved east and put down roots in Tengger mountain range.
Put one's foot down (about someone or something)To assert something strongly.
Id: Bertindak tegas.
My father put his foot down and told me not to go home late.
Put (something) forthTo put more effort.
Id: Berusaha lebih keras lagi.
If you want to succeed you should put forth.
Put (something) forwardTo propose an idea.
Id: Mengajukan gagasan.
The plan that he put forward in the meeting was accepted by the board of director.
Put hand in pocketTo give money to charity.
Id: Memberikan uang untuk amal.
Kind hearted people are always willing to put their hands in their pockets.
Put one's house in orderTo put one's business or affairs into good order, to solve one's problems.
Id: Melakukan pembenahan; memecahkan masalah.
The new manager has to put his house in order if he wants the business to survive.
Put something in a nutshellTo say / explain something concisely.
Id: Menjelaskan secara ringkas.
Can you put this long explanation in a nutshell?
Put in an appearanceTo appear briefly at a place or an event.
Id: Datang untuk waktu yang sebentar.
I only intended to put in an appearance at the party, and left before long.
Put somebody in the pictureTo explain to someone what is happening.
Id: Menjelaskan apa yang terjadi.
I didn't know what was going on in that room until he put me in the picture.
Put something on the lineTo risk failure.
Id: Beresiko gagal.
He puts his reputation on the line by signing the agreement.
Put money up (for something)To give the funding for something.
Id: Mendanai sesuatu.
The manager finally agreed to put the money up for the campaign.
Put your money where your mouth isTo do something rather than to just talk about it.
Id: Mengerjakan sesuatu tidak hanya membicarakannya.
Critics sometimes have to learn how to put their money where their mouth is.
Put (stick) one's nose in To interfere in someone's business.
Id: Mencampuri urusan orang.
I wish she wouldn't put her nose in other people's affairs.
Put somebody / something on a pedestalTo behave as if one person is more important than others.
Id: Bersikap seolah seseorang lebih penting dari orang lain.
Villagers often put their religious leaders on a pedestal without questioning their words or authority.
Put on airs (Give oneself air)To pretend to be better than one really is.
Id: Berpura-pura lebih mampu dari yang sebenarnya.
She's just putting on airs. Let's see what she can do.
Put something on the cuffTo purchase on credit.
Id: Membeli secara kredit.
Are you going to pay cash or put them on the cuff?
Put on the dog / the ritzTo make things special or dress formally for an event.The Minister will come the day after tomorrow. We are busy putting on the dog for his coming.
Put someone on the spotTo ask someone forthright questions.
Id: Bertanya tanpa tedeng aling-aling.
He rather put her on the spot by asking whether she wanted a lift.
Put oneself outTo make oneself inconvenient.
Id: Membuat diri tidak nyaman.
Don't bother. You do not need to put yourself out at all.
Put someone upTo provide accommodation.
Id: Menyediakan akomodasi.
We put him up for several days and showed him around.
Put your shoulder to the wheelTo work hard.
Id: Bekerja keras.
Let's put our shoulder to the wheel and hope we can finish before the deadline.
Put the bite on someoneTo try to get money from someone.
Id: Mencoba memeras seseorang.
When I began to trust her, she tried to put the bite on me.
Put the finger on someoneTo accuse / identify someone.
Id: Menuduh / mengidentifikasi seseorang.
Don't put the finger on me for something I never did.
Put the heat / screws on someoneTo pressure someone to do something.
Id: Memaksa / menekan seseorang.
The manager often puts the heat on his staff to work overtime.
Put the moves / the make / the hard word on someoneTo try to seduce someone.
Id: Mencoba merayu seseorang.
When I noticed that he was putting the moves on Eka last night, I left.
Put the roses in somebody's cheeksTo make someone look fit and healthy.
Id: Membuat seseorang tampak sehat.
You should do more exercise to put the roses back in your cheeks.
Put someone or something through (to someone)To connect by telephone.
Id: Menyambungkan lewat telpon.
Hold on, please. I'll put you through to him.
Put somebody through the millTo test someone by asking difficult questions.
Id: Menguji seseorang dengan memberi pertanyaan sulit.
The manager put me through the mill on the day of the interview.

Reference: The Free Dictionary - Idioms


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