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Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris Ujian Sekolah & VIERA / TOEIC Preparation - Volume 2

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February 24, 2019

Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK Reading: Versi 14


  1. Teacher: Are you interested in joining the English speech contest?
    Student: Do you think I have a chance, Sir?
    Teacher: Of course. If you didn't, I wouldn't recommend you.

    From the dialog, we can conclude that ....
    1. the teacher thinks that the student didn't recommend him.
    2. the teacher thinks that the student may win the speech contest.
    3. the student thinks that he should be recommended.
    4. the student thinks that the teacher shouldn't be recommended.
  2. Rina: Well done. Congratulations!
    Maya: Thank you. I never thought I would win. The competitors were good.
    Rina: I knew you would. You delivered a fantastic speech.
    Maya: I had practiced a lot before the contest.
    Rina: You deserved it. I'm proud of you.
    Maya: Thanks, Rina.

    From the dialog, we know that ....
    1. Maya thought Rina would win.
    2. Rina knew that she practiced a lot.
    3. Rina delivered a good speech.
    4. Maya won a speech contest.
  3. Yusi: The train leaves at seven, doesn't it?
    Yuni: Yes, and it's twenty to seven. We only have twenty minutes!
    Yusi: .... Otherwise, we'll miss the train.
    1. We should postpone it.
    2. We'd better hurry up.
    3. Why don't you try to catch it?
    4. I don't want to arrive late.
  4. Sita: Do you think our students are competent enough to be professional workers?
    Asti: Of course, but ....
    1. they should join talent-seeking contests.
    2. they still need more skill trainings.
    3. their competency should be reconsidered.
    4. we should send them abroad.

  5. Questions 5 to 7 refer to the following text.
    Text Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK

  6. What does the text talk about?
    1. How to conserve digital camera battery
    2. How to use the shutter in a camera
    3. How to operate a digital camera
    4. How to center the object in the LCD
  7. What should you do to conserve battery life?
    1. Give more bright light
    2. Set the glare in LCD
    3. Shut the view finder
    4. Switch off the LCD
  8. What will happen when the camera is ready?
    1. The camera sets the focus.
    2. A light will be on.
    3. The shutter will close halfway.
    4. The view finder will be active.

  9. Questions 8 to 10 refer to the following text.
    Text Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK

  10. (i)
    1. high
    2. highly
    3. height
    4. highest
  11. (ii)
    1. but
    2. or
    3. because
    4. so
  12. (iii)
    1. under
    2. beneath
    3. above
    4. above

  13. Questions 11 to 13 refer to the following text.
    We, the Senior Class of Highland Park High School, will ...(i)... our Commencement Exercises on May seventh two thousand nineteen ...(ii)... six o'clock in the evening at Highlands Convention Center. We would like to ...(iii)... our parents, administration, faculty and friends for the wonderful memories they have given us.
  14. (i)
    1. hold
    2. announce
    3. end
    4. continue
  15. (ii)
    1. in
    2. on
    3. by
    4. at
  16. (iii)
    1. apologize
    2. regret
    3. prove
    4. thank

  17. Questions 14 to 16 refer to the following text.
    Business Letter

  18. What is the purpose of the above business letter?
    1. To cover participants' travel and lodging expenses
    2. To provide a per diem budget during the chairman's stay
    3. To introduce a yearly medical conference in Miami.
    4. To invite someone to make a presentation
  19. What should the recipient do after reading the letter?
    1. Reply the letter
    2. Make a research.
    3. Hold a conference
    4. Make arrangements
  20. How often is the medical conference held?
    1. Every month
    2. Every semester.
    3. Every year
    4. Every 2 years.

  21. Questions 17 to 19 refer to the following letter.
    Text Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK
  22. (i)
    1. enclosure
    2. enclosed
    3. enclosing
    4. enclose
  23. (ii)
    1. grateful
    2. sorry
    3. proud
    4. upset
  24. (iii)
    1. send
    2. receive
    3. consider
    4. write

  25. Questions 20 to 21 refer to the following text.
    Six miners have been trapped in a mine for seventeen hours. If they are not brought to the surface soon they may lose their lives. However, rescue operations are proving difficult. If explosives are used, vibrations will cause the roof of the mine to collapse. Rescue workers are therefore drilling a hole on the north side of the mine. They intend to bring the men up in a special capsule.

  26. The text tells us that ....
    1. The trapped miners have been rescued.
    2. It is difficult to save the trapped miners.
    3. The miners will bring up a special capsule.
    4. Explosives will be used to rescue the miners.
  27. What is the type of the above text?
    1. Narrative text
    2. News item
    3. Procedure
    4. Recount text

  28. Questions 22 to 24 refer to the following text.
    Text Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK

  29. What does the text talk about?
    1. An airline operator
    2. AirAsia's affiliates
    3. A flight mission
    4. A company's network
  30. "The AirAsia Group services the most extensive network ...."(par. 3)
    The underlined word has the closest meaning to ....
    1. Expensive
    2. Unique
    3. Wide
    4. New
  31. Which of the following is not the company's mission?
    1. Reduce cost of flight
    2. Give unique requisites
    3. Enhance service levels
    4. Maintain quality product

  32. Tito: I've searched the library but I still can't find the material for my presentation.
    Redi: If I were you, .... You will find almost everything you are looking for.
    1. I would go to the library.
    2. I would search the internet.
    3. I will ask the teacher for suggestions.
    4. I would choose another presentation.
  33. Tini: What a dark sky! Look at those clouds! I think it's going to rain.
    Asih: I think so. We have no umbrella with us, so let’s go home now.
    Tini: No worries. ....
    Asih: You're right. Let’s find a mini mart then.
    1. We can buy plastic rain coats.
    2. Don't forget to bring an umbrella.
    3. I wish the rain would stop soon.
    4. You can use my umbrella.
  34. Operator: Good morning, Express Freight. Can I help you?
    Ira: Good morning. May I speak with the Manager?
    Operator: I'm sorry, he's still in a meeting. ....
    Ira: No, thanks. I'll call again later.
    1. Can I leave a message?
    2. Please call back after the meeting.
    3. Would you like to leave a message?
    4. May I know who's calling, please?
  35. Waiter: What would you like to have, Sir?
    Guest: ….
    Waiter: “Of course. Here you are."
    1. You can see it in the menu here.
    2. What do you have for lunch?
    3. What do you recommend?
    4. May I see the menu?
  36. Arif: Why does Dini choose to go to a vocational school?
    Lila: …. Her father is old and she wants to help him support the family.
    1. She plans to find a job after she graduates.
    2. She has several better choices.
    3. She wants to graduate soon.
    4. She plans to continue to university.
  37. Tedy: Where are the students? Nobody is in the classroom.
    Gita: They are in the laboratory. ….
    1. They are doing their homework.
    2. They were having lunch break.
    3. They did some experiments.
    4. They are taking a competency test.
  38. Edi: What does your sister do?
    Ully: She's a stewardess. ....
    1. She handles business phone calls.
    2. She helps the pilot fly the plane.
    3. She serves guests in a restaurant.
    4. She serves passengers on a plane.
  39. Questions 32 to 33 refer to the following text.
    Doctors agree that most people don't get enough exercises. This is especially a problem for office workers. A visit to the gym once or twice a week is not enough.
    However, it is easy to find small ways to exercise daily. For example, you can use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also take a short walk during your lunch hour. A little exercise everyday can improve your health a lot.

  40. What can we conclude from the text above?
    1. There are easy ways to exercise everyday.
    2. Doctors should use stairs instead of the elevator.
    3. Office workers should not have problems to visit the gym.
    4. A lot of health improvement should be made by doctors.
  41. Who will likely find the article interesting?
    1. Gym instructors
    2. Office workers
    3. Test writers
    4. Doctors
  42. Come and celebrate our anniversary on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 10 a.m. Adults and teenagers Rp. 95,000.-/person. Buffet, snack, and soft drink included in the price.
    Please contact Eny at 0853-6743-8452 for further information.
  43. What should you do if you have a question about reservation?
    1. Come to the anniversary party.
    2. Order the buffet, snack, and soft drink.
    3. Call the contact person.
    4. Confirm the reservation via email.
  44. Cita: Have you heard about the accident last night??
    Eri: Yes. Were there any victims?
    Cita: No, thank God. When the accident happened, ....
    1. The shop was destroyed.
    2. The shop was closed
    3. The shop was open.
    4. The shop was crowded.
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