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Soal Olimpiade & Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP: Paket Soal 4A

H ai, siswa siswi hebat. Mister Guru sekali lagi akan membagikan salinan otentik dan contoh soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP / MTs...

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March 08, 2019

Soal Simulasi Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK/MAK: Versi 1

ebagai bahan latihan soal bagi siswa SMK/SMA kelas XII yang akan menghadapi Ujian Sekolah, Mister Guru mempersembahkan salinan soal simulasi Ujian Sekolah tingkat provinsi yang diadakan beberapa waktu lalu. Demi kepuasan pembaca, sekaligus meningkatkan kualitas dan validitas soal, Mister Guru telah melakukan revisi dan perbaikan pada sebagian besar soal simulasi CBT Ujian Sekolah tersebut. Jangan lupa untuk bergabung agar selalu mendapatkan update soal-soal bermutu dari Mister Guru. Selamat belajar.



    Questions 1 to 2 refer to the following text.Announcement Soal Simulasi Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK / MAK: Versi 1
  1. What is the announcement about?
    1. A National Day speech
    2. Students' English competency
    3. An English competition
    4. Students' organization committee
  2. What will interested students probably do after reading the announcement?
    1. Meet the committee in school hall
    2. Contact the English teacher
    3. Celebrate the National Education day
    4. Go to Students' Organization room

  3. Adi: "Did you hear what Tina said yesterday?"
    Risa : "Yes. She said that ... the assignment last week,"
    1. she had submitted
    2. we will submit
    3. she has submitted
    4. she was submitted

  4. Questions 4 to 6 refer to the following text.Text 4 Soal Simulasi USBN Bahasa Inggris SMK / MAK: Versi 1
  5. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To warn people not to enter a stranded elevator.
    2. To provide information on repairing a broken elevator.
    3. To explain the reasons why an elevator can be jammed.
    4. To remind people of what to do in emergency situation.
  6. According to the text, what should you do when it is dark in the elevator?
    1. Find a source of light.
    2. Try to do power cut.
    3. Go out and get a light.
    4. Stay calm and wait for help.
  7. "However, use it wisely so that you can conserve battery." (line 4)
    What does the underlined word in the above sentence refer to?
    1. Battery.
    2. The source of light.
    3. Elevator.
    4. The button.

  8. Rio: "What does your sister do for a living?"
    Jaka: "She works as an usher in the new CGV cinema."
    Rio: "What is it? What are her responsibilities?"
    Jaka: "She shows the guests where they should sit."

    Based on the dialogue, we know that ....
    1. Jaka's sister loves to watch movies.
    2. Rio knows Jaka's sister very well.
    3. Jaka will introduce his sister to Rio.
    4. Jaka's sister helps people find their seats.

  9. Questions 8 to 10 refer to the following text.Text Soal Simulasi Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK - MAK: Versi 1
  10. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To close all tourist transportations to Bali.
    2. To refrain from using all of home entertainments.
    3. To ask people about the religious island,
    4. To inform people about a religious practice.
  11. What should tourists NOT do during Hindu Day of Silence?
    1. Stay in hotel compounds.
    2. Ride vehicles on the streets.
    3. Respect the religious practice.
    4. Avoid going to public places.
  12. "... tourists will be confined to hotel compounds."
    What is the synonym of the underlined word?
    1. Detained
    2. Derived
    3. Refined
    4. Conducted

  13. Eli: "I think Randi has started smoking. I saw him smoking in the park two days ago."
    Ovi: "Why don't you tell it to his brother? He's wise enough to talk him out of that."
    Eli: "That's a good idea. I'll tell him when I meet him tomorrow."

    What is the purpose of their conversation?
    1. To give reasons why Randi smoked in the park.
    2. To prevent Eli from meeting Randi's brother.
    3. To ask Ovi to meet and talk to Randi's brother.
    4. To help Randi stop his smoking habit.
  14. Anto : "How about repairing the broken computers in our laboratory?"
    Lisa : "Let's wait. We haven't got the budget. If we have the money, ...."
    Anto : "I think we can hire someone from PT. Galaxy."
    1. we will call a technician.
    2. they will return the computer.
    3. we will send them a complaint.
    4. we will give a chance to practice.
  15. Eka: "What do you think about technology nowadays?"
    Lili: "In my opinion, technology is developing rapidly. It brings not only opportunities but also threats to our nation's culture."
    Eka: "I'm on your side. Today, technology is like a double-edged sword."

    From the dialogue, we can conclude that ....
    1. technology needs a double-edged sword.
    2. technology brings only opportunities.
    3. our nation's culture needs to develop rapidly.
    4. technology has good and bad sides.
  16. Oki: "Have you got Susi's birthday party invitation? It will be celebrated next Sunday."
    Dea: "Not yet. I met her yesterday but she didn't say anything about it."
    Oki: ".... She's been very busy preparing the stuff. It might have slipped her mind."
    Eka: "OK. I'll contact her."
    1. Why don't you go to the party?
    2. Will you come with me?
    3. Have you tried to persuade her?
    4. How about asking her about it?

  17. Questions 15 to 17 refer to the following text. Text Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK

  18. What is the text about?
    1. Trash discarded by national park visitors.
    2. Komodo National Park conservation agency.
    3. Clean-up events in several national parks.
    4. National park conditions in Indonesia.
  19. "Meanwhile, hundreds of volunteers collected over 500 kg of trash ...." (paragraph 5)
    What does the underlined word mean?
    1. Persons who clean national park areas.
    2. Persons whose job is at conservation agency.
    3. Activists who work for the government.
    4. Persons who perform work without payment.
  20. According to the text, what are visitors expected to do?
    1. Throw their rubbish in provided trash bins.
    2. Join the massive trash-clean-up events.
    3. Discard their trash in the national park area.
    4. Promote economic empowerment through tourism.

  21. Mr. Shaw : "I was wondering if you could play a round of golf with me tomorrow afternoon."
    Mr. Jones: "Well, I'd love to, but .... I have to go to a conference in Surabaya."
    Mr. Shaw : "Oh, that's a pity."
    1. I think it's great
    2. I don't think I can
    3. I'd love to come
    4. that's a good idea
  22. Wina : "I haven't met your brother for ages. ...?"
    Vina : "Well, he's awesome now. He's in good shape for a man at his age."
    Wina : "Is he? Please take him to my party next week."
    Vina : "I will. I'm sure you won't recognize him."
    1. What is he doing now
    2. What does he look like
    3. How is he
    4. What does he do

  23. Questions 20 to 22 refer to the following text.Text Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK

  24. What is the purpose of the letter?
    1. To apply for a job
    2. To get more experience
    3. To set an interview date
    4. To make an advertisement
  25. Which is NOT included in the job application?
    1. Curriculum vitae
    2. Reference
    3. Contact information
    4. Skill certifications
  26. Where did the writer find the job information?
    1. Television news
    2. Radio news
    3. Internet
    4. Newspaper

  27. Imran: "I got some extra money from my job. I think it's enough to buy a new motorcycle. What do you think, Mom?"
    Mother: "Your motorcycle is still in good shape. Besides, I think education is more important. If you have enough money, ...."
    Imran: "OK. I'll think about it, Mom.
    1. would you have continued your study?
    2. why don't you continue your study?
    3. will you try to find a new job?
    4. you won't need a new motorcycle.
  28. Adi: "You look terrible. Are you sleepy?"
    Dita: "I really am. I stayed awake until midnight last night."
    Adi: "Really? What happened?"
    Dita: ".... Today is the deadline."
    1. I had to finish my job report.
    2. I am going to work on a project.
    3. The proposal must have finished.
    4. I slept late last night.
  29. Ami: "What does your little brother do in the afternoon?"
    Yuni: "Well, .... He loves martial art very much."
    1. He got some support.
    2. He attends an art class.
    3. He usually played soccer.
    4. He joins a karate class.
  30. Koko: "Hi, Rina. You look gorgeus in that red batik dress."
    Rina: "Thank you. I'm glad you like it."
    Koko: "Is it new? ... you wearing it before."
    Rina: "Yes. My sister bought it for me when she was in Jogjakarta."
    1. I could never see
    2. I must have seen
    3. I've never seen
    4. I had seen
  31. Siska: "I heard that you've passed the test for the scholarship program. Congratulations, Nina."
    Nina: "Thank you. I'm so lucky to get this opportunity."
    Siska: "If I get good grades this semester, I will apply for that program, too."
    Nina: "You should. I wish you luck, Siska."

    From the dialogue, we know that ....
    1. Nina feels happy with Siska's achievement.
    2. Siska wishes to get the scholarship, too.
    3. Siska didn't pass the scholarship program.
    4. Nina thinks that Siska gets the scholarship.

  32. Questions 28 to 31 refer to the following dialogue.
    Dialog Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK
  33. What is the purpose of the call?
    1. To express concern for electricity problem
    2. To complain about electricity bill
    3. To confirm an electricity account number
    4. To apply for a change of electricity account
  34. What happens with Mr. Kusuma?
    1. He has been called to attention.
    2. He has caused an inconvenience.
    3. He has been overcharged.
    4. He was charged in the wrong account.
  35. What can we infer about the customer service representative's attitude towards Mr. Kusuma's problem?
    1. Helpful
    2. Ignorant
    3. Indecisive
    4. Useless
  36. What will the customer service representative probably do after the call?
    1. Give a discount to Mr. Kusuma's electricity bill.
    2. Make necessary corrections to Mr. Kusuma's electricity bill.
    3. Send an apology for the overcharged electricity bill.
    4. Send a service representative to Mr. Kusuma's address.

  37. Questions 32 to 34 refer to the following text.
    News Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK
  38. What is the news about?
    1. A recent natural disaster
    2. Families in Bandung
    3. Districts in Bandung
    4. Bandung Disaster Mitigation Agency
  39. Which statement is NOT true according to the text?
    1. The worst-hit districts are located alongside the Citarum River.
    2. Thousands of families in three districts were affected by the flood.
    3. Thousands of people in Baleendah decided to leave their homes.
    4. Road access to nearby districts was cut due to the flood.
  40. "The rescue team was very cautious in conducting the rescue mission ...."
    The underlined word has the closest meaning to ....
    1. capable
    2. fatal
    3. ambitious
    4. careful

  41. Questions 35 to 38 refer to the following text.
    Text Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMK
  42. What does the text talk about?
    1. Why Gunung Bromo is considered the most magnificent volcano in Java.
    2. How Gunung Bromo becomes surrounded by the desolate Sea of Sands.
    3. How Gunung Bromo became flanked by the peaks of Kursi and Batok.
    4. What made Gunung Bromo rise from the guts of the ancient Tengger caldera.
  43. According to the text, which one mainly contributes to the beauty of Gunung Bromo?
    1. Its size
    2. Its setting
    3. Its age
    4. Its shadow
  44. Why does the writer describe Gunung Bromo as a midget?
    1. To describe one of Indonesia's most breathtaking sights.
    2. To compare its size with Java's other volcanoes.
    3. To explain its rise from the guts of the ancient caldera.
    4. To describe the specific location of Gunung Bromo.
  45. "... all set in the vast caldera of yet another volcano."
    What is the synonym of the underlined word?
    1. Intense
    2. Appropriate
    3. Huge
    4. Fast

  46. Ardi: "I heard that you were sent to a workshop in Surabaya."
    Bella: "Yes, I was. It finished yesterday."
    Ardi : ":...?"
    Bella : "Well, it was mostly about how to improve labor's skills and work efficiency."
    Ardi: "Wow, that sounds interesting."
    1. Should we improve our work efficiency?
    2. Would you come to the workshop again?
    3. What did you learn in the workshop?
    4. Did you mostly have a great time?
  47. Fina: "How was your English test, Indra?"
    Indra: "Thank God, I passed with flying colors. I got 95."
    Fina: "That's remarkable. ...."
    Indra: "Thank you."
    1. I'm disappointed with you.
    2. I don't believe it at all.
    3. I'm very proud of you.
    4. I agree with you in this case.

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