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Prediksi Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP: Try Out UNBK Versi 2

Koleksi latihan soal dan prediksi Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris tingkat SMP/MTs.
Choose the correct answer by crossing A,B,C, or D based on the question given.
  1. The billboard warns motorist ....Prediksi Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP
    1. to avoid the roadwork
    2. not to disturb the work on the road
    3. to drive straight on without stopping
    4. to be careful when using the road ahead
  2. Which of the following best explains the sign above?Prediksi Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP
    1. Recruitment is a green pasture.
    2. You must be very tired of your job.
    3. Recruitment can help save the green pasture.
    4. You can get better job opportunities through us.
The text is for questions no. 3 and 4.
In junior high school, Michael was a very bad student. He did not study. In 8th grade, he failed many classes. His father was very worried. Michael was worried, too.

Michael thought, “My teachers can’t make me a good student. My father can’t make me a good student. Only I can make me a good student.” Michael decided, “I will be a good student.” He made a goal. “In high school, I want to be in the top 10 of my class.”

Then, he made a plan. Now, everyday for one hour, he reviews his lessons. And, for one hour, he prepares for the next day. If there is a test, he studies a little more. After 3 hours, he always stops.

The most important thing is concentration. Michael always studies in a quiet room. He takes good notes at school. When he doesn’t understand, he asks a question.
  1. Which of the following sentences best describes Michael?
    1. He is a lazy student
    2. He is a smart student
    3. He is a good student
    4. He is a diligent student
  2. Look at the sentence, “He failed many classes”. What does the word “failed” mean?
    1. not succeed
    2. not found
    3. not got
    4. not pleased
Read the text to answer questions number 5 to 7
Goal: How to shine shoes
What you need:
  • Liquid or wax polish
  • Brush
  • Soft cloth
  • Storage box for supplies
  • Firstly, gather our shoe shining supplies
  • Secondly, Brush the shoe briskly to remove any loose dirt
  • Then, apply the polish (When using the liquid shoe polish, glide it over the shoe. When using the can of wax polish, a puff is included inside the can for you to use. Apply the polish in circular motion till the shoe looks cloudy)
  • Next, let the shoe dry.
  • Next, brush the shoe with the larger brush in a side-to-side fast action
  • After that, buff the shoe with the soft cloth on the front in a brush back and forth motion, until it shines
  • Finally, put all your shoe shining supplies in one location, preferably in a box that holds them neatly together, so that everything’s ready for the next time.
  1. What is the purpose the text above?
    1. To tell us the advantage of shining shoes
    2. To inform us when we should shine shoes
    3. To announce about how to shine shoes
    4. To give instructions of how to shine shoes
  2. What should you do after you polish the shoes?
    1. Let the shoe dry
    2. Brush the shoe briskly
    3. Gather your shoe shining supplies
    4. Put the shoe shining supplies in one location.
  3. Brush the shoe briskly to remove any loose dirt. The underlined word means ....
    1. carefully
    2. quickly
    3. slowly
    4. smoothly
  4. The following message means ....Prediksi Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP
    1. The luggage costs only a small amount
    2. We pay you a fee if you keep your luggage here
    3. Your luggage will be safe no matter what the fee.
    4. We can look after your luggage for a small payment
The following text is for questions no. 9 to 14.
The pyramids are tombs that were built over 5,000 years ago for the kings of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed that after their kings died, they became gods in another world. A pyramid was to be the dead king’s palace in the afterlife where he would rule as a god. As well as a burial chamber, the complex included rooms to hold things the king would need in the afterlife, such as furniture, jewelry, and cooking utensils. Servants or wives who died later were buried close by in much smaller tombs.

Archeologists believe that local farmers and villagers willingly worked on the pyramids during the flood season, when the land could not be worked. The workers thought it would ensure their own afterlife and make Egypt prosperous.

The structure of the pyramids evolved slowly. They went from platforms stacked on an underground tomb to larger step-style structures to the massive smooth-sided pyramids found at Giza.

Of the 80 known pyramids, the biggest and finest is the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza. The base of the Great Pyramid covers over 13 acres. It was 481 feet high but, over the years, has lost 30 feet off its top. Two million blocks of stone, each weighing over 2 tons, were used to build it. Workers likely moved these huge stones into position by using ropes to pull them up ramps. As many as 20,000 to 30,000 men may have worked on this pyramid, which took 20 years to finish.

Smaller pyramids of this type were built for another 1,000 years. When robbers started looting the precious goods stored inside them, kings were buried in hidden tombs. Tombs of later kings were discovered in a valley near Luxor, which is now called the Valley of the Kings.
  1. The statements below are TRUE according to the text, EXCEPT ....
    1. The Pyramids were built for the afterlife of the ancient Egyptian kings.
    2. Local farmers were forced to work on the Pyramids.
    3. The Pyramids held many things besides the kings’ bodies.
    4. The structure of the Pyramids changed gradually over time.
  2. What is the title of the text above?
    1. The Pyramids
    2. The Archeologists
    3. The Ancient Egyptians
    4. The Underground Tombs
  3. How many pyramids were known according to the archeologists ?
    1. 20
    2. 30
    3. 80
    4. 1000
  4. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
    1. The structure of the platforms in the pyramids
    2. The massive smooth-sided pyramids found at Giza
    3. The changing of the structure of the pyramid building
    4. The larger step-style structure of an underground tomb.
  5. What kinds of things were placed in the Pyramids?
    1. The bodies of the dead kings
    2. The bodies of the dead kings and their furniture
    3. The bodies of the dead kings, jewelry, and their cooking utensil
    4. The bodies of the dead kings, furniture, jewelry, cooking utensils and other things
  6. Look at the sentence “... the precious goods stored inside them, ....” at the last paragraph. What does the word “them” refer to?
    1. the tombs
    2. the robbers
    3. the pyramids
    4. the later kings
The following text is for questions no. 15 to 16.
Janet sat in the dentist’s small waiting room. She had a bad toothache. The night before, she slept only 2 hours. She was tired. She was nervous. In the dentist’s office she heard a scream.

Janet started to cry. She thought, “I hate the dentist! I want to go home!” The receptionist sat down next to Janet. She gave Janet a tissue and hugged her. The receptionist said, “Don’t be afraid. The dentist will help you. She is a very good dentist. Dr. Wilson is very gentle.” Janet felt better.

Dr. Wilson pulled Janet’s tooth. Dr. Wilson said, “You have nice teeth. Please brush and floss your teeth 2 times everyday. I don’t like to pull teeth.” Dr. Wilson taught Janet how to brush and floss her teeth better. She gave Janet a new toothbrush.

At home, Janet looked in the mirror. The pain was gone. She smiled.
  1. The best title of the text above is ....
    1. The Toothbrush
    2. The Toothache
    3. The Dentist
    4. Dr. Wilson
  2. Who gave Janet a tissue?
    1. Her mother did
    2. The dentist did
    3. Dr. Wilson did
    4. The receptionist did
The advertisement is for questions no. 17 - 19
Prediksi Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP
  1. Which of the following statement is not TRUE according to the advertisement?
    1. You will not get the "Get Smart" t-shirt if your purchase is less than RM50.
    2. You can get the “Get Smart” T-shirt elsewhere.
    3. The T-shirt can be purchased at any time.
    4. The gift offered here is a T-shirt.
  2. What is the purpose of the text above?
    1. to promote the stationery
    2. to entertain the buyer of a T-shirt
    3. to inform the people to purchase any stationery
    4. to give a reward of “Get Smart” T-shirt to the buyer.
  3. What does the phrase “a limited period only” mean?
    1. long period time
    2. within a particular time
    3. during the period of the purchase
    4. in the time of purchasing any stationery
The following note is for questions no. 20 - 22
Taj Mahal Facts
  • Built by the Moghul Emperor Shah Jehan as a testament of his love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal
  • Took 23 years to complete (1630 - 1653)
  • Built with materials from all over India and Asia at a cost of Rs40 million
  • The couple is entombed inside the marble building
  • A Unesco world heritage site since 1983
  1. Which of the following is not correct about the note?
    1. It was dedicated to love.
    2. It is a World Heritage site.
    3. It was built for Shah Jehan.
    4. It was built in the seventeenth century.
  2. When was the building completed?
    1. 1623
    2. 1630
    3. 1653
    4. 1983
  3. What does the word “COUPLE” in the text mean?
    1. father and mother
    2. husband and wife
    3. king and queen
    4. man and woman
The following text is for questions no. 23 to 26.
A Woodman was felling a tree on the bank of a river, when his axe, glancing off the trunk, flew out of his hands and fell into the water. As he stood by the water's edge lamenting his loss, Mercury appeared and asked him why he felt sad. On learning what had happened, Mercury dived into the river and, bringing up a golden axe, asked him if that was the one he had lost.

The Woodman replied that it was not, and Mercury then dived a second time, and, bringing up a silver axe, asked if that was his. "No, that is not mine either," said the Woodman. Once more Mercury dived into the river, and brought up the missing axe. The Woodman was happy to see his axe that had been found, and thanked him warmly. Then, Mercury gave him a present of the other two axes, silver and golden axes because he was so pleased with his honesty.

When the Woodman told the story to his companions, one of these was filled with envy of his good fortune and determined to try his luck for himself. So he went and began to fell a tree at the edge of the river, and tried to let his axe drop into the water.

Mercury appeared as before, and, on learning that his axe had fallen in, he dived and brought up a golden axe, as he had done on the previous occasion. Without waiting to be asked whether it was his or not, the fellow cried, "That's mine, that's mine," and wanted to take the prize: but Mercury did not like to see his dishonesty. So he did not give him the golden axe. He also refused to find his axe that he had let fall into the stream.
  1. What is the best title of the text above?
    1. The Woodman and His Axe
    2. Mercury and the Lost Axe
    3. Mercury and the Woodman
    4. The golden and Silver Axe
  2. How was the woodman?
    1. He was honest
    2. He was helpful
    3. He was good
    4. He was kind
  3. What moral value can we learn from the story?
    1. We need to help each other.
    2. Working hard makes fortune.
    3. Honesty is the best policy.
    4. Jealousy is bad habit.
  4. Look at the sentence “When the Woodman told the story to his companions,” at the third paragraph. What does the underlined word mean?
    1. friends
    2. people
    3. neighbors
    4. audiences
For number 27 to 29, choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks.
The statue of Liberty ...(27)... a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States to ...(28).... America’s independence and its democratic way of life. It has come to represent political freedom for new immigrants to America and is known ...(29)... the world.
    1. is
    2. were
    3. was
    4. are
    1. celebrate
    2. celebrated
    3. celebrating
    4. celebrates
    1. in
    2. at
    3. for
    4. around
Read the text and answer questions 30 to 34.
From: Mom
To: All
Dear folks,

Mum‘ll be home at seven because I have to chair the staff meeting. Please don’t forget to do all your chores. Water the garden, feed the pets, and make your own beds after the naps. Please remind Daddy to prepare dinner for us as he promised to fix us grilled snapper and chicken soup. He’ll be home early at two today.

Thanks a million and see you all soon.

Much love,
  1. The text is about ... to her children.
    1. a mom’s love expression
    2. folks’ instruction
    3. father’s information
    4. a mother’s message
  2. What does the second paragraph tell you about?
    1. Children’s task to remind their father’s promise.
    2. Father’s job to cook for dinner for his family at home.
    3. Mother’s chores to do at home for her family
    4. The time when father returns from the office
  3. The text shows that the writer’s husband can ....
    1. cook well
    2. work fast
    3. chair a meeting
    4. water the garden
  4. “Please don’t forget to do all your chores.“ What does the underlined word mean?
    1. Special cares.
    2. Routine tasks.
    3. Job descriptions.
    4. School assignments.
  5. “To: All …”
    What does the word “All” in the text refer to?
    1. The mother and father.
    2. The husband and wife.
    3. The writer’s children.
    4. All members of family
The following text is for questions no. 35 - 36
Attention, please.
If you have good personality and much knowledge about our town, please join Mas and Mbak Competition. Give your best pose in your photo and submit it to the committee, Jalan Pemuda number 15 before September 1, 2010. Show that you are the best!
  1. What is the announcement about?
    1. A science contest.
    2. A photograph contest.
    3. The committee of a contest.
    4. A personality and beauty contest.
  2. “. . . and submit it to the committee, . . . .”
    The word ‘it’ refers to ....
    1. good personality
    2. knowledge
    3. the photograph
    4. the best pose
Read the text and answer questions 37 and 38.
Here are some tips to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer.
  • Keep your fruits and vegetables dry. Moisture causes plant matter to rot faster and in just a few days, mold could be growing on your food.
  • Keep your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. The cold temperature of the refrigerator helps to slow the aging process.
  • Don’t purchase more than you need at once.
  • Shop at farmer’s markets. When you shop at a farmer’s market, you will almost always be getting fruits and vegetables that have been picked fresh from the tree, vine or stalk within the last day or two.
  • Don’t pack your fruits and vegetables into containers.
  1. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
    1. Buy fruits and vegetables not more than we need at once.
    2. Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.
    3. Keep fruits and vegetables moist.
    4. Buy fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets.
  2. Why should you buy fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets? Because ....
    1. the price will be cheaper
    2. we will get fresh fruits and vegetables
    3. we can choose many kinds of fruits and vegetables
    4. we can bargain the price
Read the text and answer questions 39 to 41.

What is the Significance of Rabbits’ Large Ears?

A rabbit is a small fury mammal with a short tail and pointed ears. Rabbits live in burrows in the ground. Each burrow is the home of a single family. The first fossils which can be attributed to this family came from North America, but now they are found in every part of the world. Compared to its small body, a rabbit has large-sized ears.

A rabbit is a weak and timid animal and is always surrounded by many enemies. Therefore, nature has gifted it with large ears to help it to hear even the fun of drop sound. The large area of the ear catches almost every sound wave produced in the air and transfers them into the inner ear. This makes the rabbit to detect its enemies in time and run to safety zones.

You must have noticed that a rabbit washes its ears by repeatedly licking its forepaws and rubbing them over the surface of its ears. It does this in order to keep its ears clean and also to take into its mouth natural oil which surrounds the ear surface. This oil is important in forming vitamin D which is necessary for the growth of healthy bones. If the rabbit is not allowed to form this, it will develop rickets.
  1. Which part of the rabbit’s body produces natural oil? It’s ....
    1. forepaws
    2. mouth
    3. ears
    4. tail
  2. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
    1. How enemies surround a rabbit.
    2. How a rabbit detects its enemies.
    3. Why a rabbit has many enemies
    4. Why a rabbit likes fighting.
  3. The purpose of the text is ....
    1. to amuse the readers
    2. to retell rabbit habitat
    3. to describe rabbit’s ears
    4. to describe rabbits in general
Read the text and answer questions 42 to 44.
Prediksi Soal UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP
  1. What is the purpose of the poster?
    1. To sell something
    2. To advertise something
    3. To explain something
    4. To warn people about something
  2. You will get the following by seeing the film, except ....
    1. free tickets
    2. pop corn
    3. mineral water
    4. discount voucher
  3. “Scream Out Loud!”
    The word ‘scream’ means ....
    1. laugh
    2. clap hand
    3. shout
    4. close eyes
Read the text and answer questions 45 to 47.
Once upon a time there lived a kind-hearted man and his wife. One morning, his wife found a poor little sparrow. She took it gently and fed it. To show its gratitude, the sparrow stayed with them and sang every morning. But there was an ill-tempered old woman who didn’t like the sparrow. She cut the sparrow’s tongue. That’s why the bird returned to its previous nest.

Knowing that their sparrow flew away, the kind man and woman looked for their sparrow. They walked a long way, crossed the bridge, climbed a mountain, and passed the wood.

Not long afterwards, they found the sparrow’s nest. The sparrow welcomed them and provided a feast for them. Before they went home, the sparrow brought two baskets, one was large and looked heavy, and the other one was small and light. The sparrow asked them to choose one.

They chose the small one. And that was the best choice. There were many rolls of silk and piles of gold in it. Being jealous, the ill-tempered old woman did the same thing as the kind man and woman did. However, she chose the big basket which actually contained wasps and venomous crawlers, such as scorpions, centipedes and other horrible creatures. Finally, they stung and bit her to death.
  1. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To describe something
    2. To inform something
    3. To entertain the readers
    4. To report something
  2. What happened to the sparrow in the text?
    1. It lived with the kind-hearted couple forever.
    2. An ill-tempered woman cut its tongue.
    3. An ill-tempered woman cut its leg.
    4. It was killed.
  3. What is the resolution of this story?
    1. A kind-hearted woman found a poor little sparrow.
    2. An ill-tempered woman cut the sparrow’s tongue.
    3. The horrible creatures stung and bit the ill-tempered old woman to death.
    4. The kind-hearted man and woman looked for the sparrow.
  4. on (1) – sit (2) – discuss (3) – bench (4) – problem (5) – let (6) – the (7) – to (8) – our (9) – us (10)
    The best arrangement of the jumbled words is ....
    1. 6–10–3–8–2–1–7–4–9–5
    2. 6–10–3–4–1–9–2–7–5–8
    3. 6–10–2–1–7–4–9–5–8–3
    4. 6–10–2–1–7–4–8–3–9–5
  5. for (1) – make (2) – you (3) – let (4) – birthday (5) – a (6) – me (7) – cake (8)
    The best arrangement of the jumbled words is ....
    1. 4–7–2–3–5–6–8–1
    2. 4–7–2–6–1–3–5–8
    3. 4–7–2–6–5–8–1–3
    4. 4–7–2–6–8–1–3–5
  6. Choose the best arrangement of the sentences below to make a good paragraph.
    1. They don’t eat any mushroom unless they know it’s safe.
    2. Mushroom hunters have to be very careful.
    3. Some mushrooms are poisonous.
    4. They can make you sick and damage your organs.
    5. A few are even deadly.
    6. The most famous poisonous mushrooms are the amanitas.
    7. They cause most of the mushroom poisonings in the United States.
    1. 3-1-7-4-5-2-6
    2. 3-5-7-1-2-4-6
    3. 3-4-5-6-7-2-1
    4. 3-6-7-2-1-4-5


  • April 16th, 2013: Corrections on nbr. 5, 7, 17.

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