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6 Kesalahan Berbahasa Inggris Dalam Materi "Asking And Giving Opinions"

S aat mempelajari materi " Asking and Giving Opinions " dalam mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris, seringkali siswa harus melakukan unj...

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April 22, 2013

Soal Prediksi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP: Try Out Versi 5

Kumpulan latihan soal dan prediksi Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris tingkat SMP/MTs sesuai Standar Kompetensi Lulusan (SKL) SMP.

Try Out Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris ke-5.

Choose the correct answer by crossing A,B,C, or D based on the question given.


  1. What does the text mean?
    1. Don’t bring drugs to school.
    2. Don’t bring drugs and weapons to school.
    3. Don’t bring weapons to school.
    4. School is free from violators.
  2. Dear Vanessa,

    Receiving a scholarship to study at a famous university is a pride. Congrats! We’re happy for you. Keep your spirit and motivation. Hope you will be the best of the best.

  3. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To inform about a scholarship.
    2. To congratulate Vanessa.
    3. To show Vanessa happiness.
    4. To motivate Vanessa to maintain spirit and motivation.
  4. Text for questions nbr. 3 to 4
    From: donita_sw@

    Dear Fanny,

    Thank you for your letter. l’m very happy to hear that you’re planning to come to Manado this holiday.

    There are nice places to visit in my hometown. There’s a beautiful beach called Boulevard Beach. It is a very suitable place to hang out with friends or family, especially in the afternoon when the sun sets in the west. If you like diving or snorkeling, we have Bunaken Marine Park. l bet you’ve heard of that name before. Yeah, this place is very well known for its coral reefs and sea animals. There are many more that l can’t describe individually. Please come and l’ll show you these places. I guarantee that you’ll have a great time during your stay here.

    I very much look forward to seeing you.

    Your best friend,
  5. From the e-mail, we can conclude that ....
    1. Fanny will visit Donita
    2. Fanny lives in Manado
    3. We can see the sunrise at Boulevard Beach
    4. Fanny and Donita will go to Manado on a vacation
  6. What is the main idea of the above passage?
    1. The best diving site in the world.
    2. A good place for diving and snorkeling.
    3. The best view of Boulevard Beach, at sunset.
    4. Interesting places in Manado.
  7. Text for questions no 5 to 7

    Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States. We can find many skyscrapers at every corner of the city. There are many interesting spots worth-seeing. One of the most popular attractions for both locals and tourists in Chicago is Cloud Gate. This interactive sculpture is essentially a giant stainless steel bean that acts as a mirror. It reflects 80% of the city’s skyline on its surface. Spectators can see their images distort as they walk around the sculpture or underneath its 9-foot arch. The best viewing time is at night, when the lights from Chicago skyscrapers illuminate the bean’s surface.

  8. The text mainly tells us about ....
    1. the interesting places in Chicago
    2. the description of Cloud Gate
    3. the view of Chicago city at night
    4. the attractions of Cloud Gate
  9. Why is the best time to visit Cloud Gate, at night?
    1. There is a firework show.
    2. There are many stars in the sky.
    3. There will be many people visiting the place.
    4. The lights-from skyscrapers will illuminate the bean’s surface.
  10. “... can see their images distort as they walk .... (Paragraph 2).
    The underlined word is similar to ....
    1. form
    2. change
    3. create
    4. reflect
  11. The following text is for question 8 to 11

    One day, a young wanderer got lost in the wood. Suddenly, he saw a light from an old hut. He knocked on the door, and an old woman opened it. She was crying. She said that a devil had stolen her magic candle. The candle cloud grant anything she asked. The wanderer asked her where the devil lived. “in a castle not far from here,” said the old women The wanderer went to the castle.

    There he found the devil, but he was old and weak. Therefore, when the wanderer grabbed the magic candle from the devil’s table and ran away, he couldn’t chase him. However, the wanderer was not a kind man. He didn’t return the candle to the old woman, but kept it for himself. He lit the candle and made the wish, “I want to go far away from here.”

    Suddenly, a genie appeared and took him to a beautiful palace. There was a party in the palace. The wanderer wanted to make some money. So, he lit the candle again and wished for some jewelry. He sold them to the guest and was soon making a lot of money. Then, a princess came to buy some jewelry, but there was nothing left. The wanderer fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. The kind princess said yes, and they got married the next day.

    In his happiness, the wanderer told the princess about his adventure and the magic candle. Hearing that, the princess got very angry. At night, she lit the candle and wished the wanderer disappeared.

    In the morning, the wanderer awoke and found himself back in his ugly house in the village.

  12. Why was the old woman crying? Because ....
    1. the wanderer did not return the candle.
    2. her magic candle had been stolen
    3. she couldn’t chase the wanderer
    4. the wanderer got married
  13. “at night, she lit the candle and wished ....” (paragraph 5)
    The underline word has similar meaning to ....
    1. asked
    2. hoped
    3. offered
    4. begged
  14. How many times did the wanderer lit the magic candle?
    1. Once
    2. Twice
    3. Three times
    4. Four times
  15. What is moral value of the text?
    1. Don’t be greedy.
    2. Women are fond of jewelry.
    3. Don’t cry although you are sad.
    4. Work hard in order to be successful
  16. Text for questions nbr. 12 to 13
    To: Liz

    Sorry honey, I can’t keep my promise to go with you to the Mall tonight. I’ve to meet Mrs. Cathy at 07.00 pm. Please, don’t be angry.

  17. How is Liz’s mother feel about her promise?
    1. Impressed
    2. Confused
    3. Relieved
    4. Guilty
  18. Mom writes the text in order to ....
    1. apologize for not keeping the promise.
    2. remind Liz that she has a promise with her.
    3. tell Liz that she has to go to the meeting.
    4. say that she cannot meet her in the Mall.
  19. Text for questions nbr. 14 to 15


    The smart choice


    250 rooms,Meeting room
    TV cable, Swimming pool
    Sport area, Restaurant 24 hours
    Laundry service, Taxi service
    Business centre, Full music

    Proudly introduce the extraordinary kindly in Batu city. Find our facilities and use them in your second home combining business and happily.

    Abdul Gani atas 47, Batu East Java Phone 0341 – 595595
  20. Which facilities do the visitors need to amuse themselves?
    1. TV cable
    2. Laundry
    3. Sport area
    4. Meeting room
  21. From the text we know that ....
    1. the guests must book before.
    2. the hotel is far from the centre of city.
    3. the hotel gives dangdut only to the guests
    4. there is a restaurant in the hotel opens for 24 hours
  22. Text for questions nbr. 16 to 18

    Kuta beach is ...(16)... for beach lovers, family holiday and a paradise for the surfers. Kuta beach ...(17)... one of popular tourist destinations for those who would like to enjoy the beauty of the beach, sunset and the hustle and bustle of nightlife in Kuta and Legian area. Besides, tourists have a chance to explore, to view and feel the characters of Balinese custom and culture which are very unique. The ...(18)... people, cozy atmosphere and amazing landscapes are really irresistible for us to visit. So welcome to this paradise.

    1. exhausting
    2. perfect
    3. flawed
    4. awful
    1. become
    2. became
    3. becomes
    4. becoming
    1. jealously
    2. enviably
    3. proudly
    4. friendly
  23. Text for questions nbr. 19 - 20


    To: All students of SMPN 2 Probolinggo

    To celebrate the National Education Day, students body will hold some interesting programs such as English Speech Contest, debate, and Class Wall Magazine Competition.

    When: March 2nd 2013 8 am onwards.
    Where: School hall
  24. Based on the text we can say that ....
    1. the programs will last for 4 hours.
    2. the programs will be held in the morning.
    3. two competitions will be held.
    4. Mr. Andi is the organizer of the programs.
  25. “Students body will hold some interesting programs”.
    The underlined word is similar meaning with ....
    1. attacking
    2. exciting
    3. striking
    4. distracting
  26. Text for questions nbr. 21 to 22
    Dear teachers,

    You’re invited to the meeting:
    Day/Date: Saturday, 2nd February 2013 Time: 1 p.m.
    Place: Teachers Office
    Agenda : The report of the study tour

    For the committee, please don’t forget to prepare the financial report.

    Jackie Smith
    The Principal
  27. From the text we can conclude that ....
    1. the students should attend the meeting.
    2. the meeting will be held at the school hall.
    3. the meeting will discuss the preparation for study tour
    4. the committee must report the financial
  28. What should the committee do after receiving the invitation?
    1. Make sure that the report is ready.
    2. Arrange the study tour immediately.
    3. Go to the teachers office.
    4. Report the meeting to the Principal.
  29. Text for question no 23 to 25

    It was early in the morning we left Ubud and travelled to Gili Air which is one of three islands of Lombok. It took 4 hours in total by boat. The travelling was not bad but it was a hot day. I said to Jane on the slow boat "It`s alright. It won`t be so hot and stuffy once we get moving.”

    When we got to Gili Air it was still quiet so we were able to get a bungalow near the beach for about $ 15 a night plus breakfast. We shared our room with quite a number of geckos. Some of them were quite large ones.

    The weather was still hot when I went diving. Jane waited for me at the seashore. She observed some fishermen who had just caught some fish. She did not want to dive because she had a trauma with sea animals. We had three days here which we spent walking around the island which takes about an hour. Every night, we sat on the couches near the beach and watched the waves and the stars.

    It was a fantastic journey that I ever had.

  30. Jane did not join diving with the writer because ....
    1. the weather was hot at that time.
    2. she had a bad experience with sea animals.
    3. there were some fishermen catching the fish.
    4. she preferred to wait for the writer at the seashore.
  31. “It was a fantastic journey that I ever had.” (last paragraph)
    The underlined word is similar in meaning to ....
    1. meaningful
    2. wonderful
    3. interesting
    4. amazing
  32. We can conclude from the text we know that the hotel they stayed ini ....
    1. had geckos farm.
    2. was not luxurious.
    3. served lunch and dinner.
    4. only had bungalow.
  33. Text for questions no 26 and 27

    Pharmacists are the professionals who dispense medicines to the patients, as prescribed by the medical expert. In most of the cases, the experienced pharmacists can even prescribe some better drugs and medicines to the patients. One of the most important pharmacist job descriptions is the management of medicines and drugs in health care units and hospitals. The pharmacist job description also includes assisting the patients, advising the medical experts and helping the patients by recommending the right medicine.

    Some of the job duties of a pharmacist are as follows; give advice and assist doctors or surgeons in matters relating to dosages and prescriptions to the patient. Monitor and analyze the health of the patient, with respect to the drugs that have been given to the patient. Answer the queries of the patients about the probable side effects and benefits of the drug therapy. Seek immediate help from the doctor in case the drug shows some side effects on the patient. Recommend drugs to visitors with minor ailments.

  34. What does the text tell us about?
    1. A pharmacist
    2. A drug therapy
    3. A medical expert
    4. A doctor and surgeon
  35. Which one is usually done by a pharmacist?
    1. Giving immediate help to the patients
    2. Recommending better drugs to patients
    3. Helping surgeon while doing an operation
    4. Giving drugs to patients with major ailments
  36. Read this text to answer questions no 28 and 29

    This mango smoothie tastes great, is low in fat and will give you a healthy immune system. Give it a try. A refreshing drink is for all occasions. Appreciate our Mango Smoothie.

    Slice a large ripe mango in half. Cut horizontal and vertical lines across each of the pieces in a grid effect. Then turn the skin inside out to reveal equal sized chunks. Slice these chunks off the skin with the knife. Afterwards, pour 250 milliliters of yogurt and 150 milliliters of milk into a blender. Next add the mango, followed by 8 ice cubes. Put the lid on firmly, and blend until the mixture is smooth, or the consistency you desire. If the smoothie is too thin, add 1/2 a banana and blend again. This will also make it sweeter. Finally, pour into a glass, drop in a couple of straws and serve.

  37. What does the text above tell us about?
    1. It tells about the way to make a mango smoothie.
    2. It identifies the problems to make a mango smoothie.
    3. It promotes the importance of a mango smoothie.
    4. It describes the features of a mango smoothie.
  38. What should you do after pouring yoghurt and milk into a blender?
    1. Slice the chunks off the skin with a knife.
    2. Add the mango, followed by 8 ice cubes.
    3. Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth.
    4. Turn the skin inside out to reveal chunks.
  39. Choose the best arrangement of the words below to make a good sentence.
    listening to – Mr. Teddy – giving – are – is – advices – and – his students - him          1                            2                  3              4          5             6              7                      8                9
    1. 2-5-3-6-7-8-4-1-9
    2. 2-5-1-4-3-9-8-6-7
    3. 2-5-1-8-7-4-6-3-9
    4. 2-5-3-6-8-1-7-9-4
  40. Arrange the sentences below to make a good story
    1. So, I took my bike at home and tried to deliver it.
    2. Fortunately,the owner of the wallet was my classmate’s neighbor.
    3. Yesterday when I was walking home, I found a wallet.
    4. After looking at the ID card, I knew that the address is quite far from my home.
    5. That is why my classmate and I could find the house easily.
    6. When I was looking for the address, I met my classmate.
    7. I found an Id card and some money in the wallet.
    8. Then, I stopped and asked him about the address
    1. 3 – 4 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 7 – 6 - 8
    2. 3 – 7 – 4 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 8 – 6
    3. 3 – 4 - 5 – 2 – 1 – 8 – 6 – 7
    4. 3 – 7 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 8 – 2 – 5
  41. Read the text to answer questions no. 32 to 34

    Satya is a famous singer and musician. Satya is married to Ersa with two children. Both of them are boys. They are Doni and Bram. Satya is unique in style. His style always changes. He usually appears on TV with bald hair. A lot of people know that he is a very talented song writer. The songs that he writes are always very popular. Beside that, he is a good leader. There are many musical groups he manages such as Fun 5, Glows, The Sleek, and Diva 3. They become very popular musical group under his management.

  42. The following sentences are true about Satya, except ....
    1. Satya is a song writer.
    2. Satya is fashionable.
    3. Satya is Ersa's husband.
    4. Satya has a good leader.
  43. According to the text, Satya is a good ....
    1. song writer, singer, and leader.
    2. song writer, manager, and leader.
    3. singer, presenter, and leader.
    4. song writer, music conductor, and singer
  44. '... Satya is unique in style.'
    The word ‘style’ can be replaced by ....
    1. color
    2. unique
    3. type
    4. paint
  45. The following text is for questions text 35 to 38

    Long ago on the top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, there lived a dragon. He owned a large and beautiful pearl. People believed that he controlled the weather with it.

    The emperor of China heard this and wanted the pearl. He sent his two sons, Wee Ping and Wee San to Borneo to steal it. The princes, together with one hundred soldiers, set sail for Borneo in twelve sailing junks.

    When they arrived in Borneo they set out immediately to find the famous mountain. Their journey up the rugged slopes of mount Kinabalu proved very difficult. The dragon guarded his cave very fiercely and killed many of their soldiers.

    Then Wee San had clever idea. He climbed a tall tree, so he could see the dragon’s cave. He noted what time the dragon left his cave to hunt for food and what time he returned to it.

    Next he ordered his men to make a fake pearl and a large kite. He waited until the dragon left his cave. Then he placed the fake pearl in a bag, slung it across his shoulder and flew up to the mountain-top on the kite. He exchanged the real pearl for the fake one and then his brother pulled his kite back to the ground.

    The brothers quickly returned to their ships and set sail for China. They sailed safely home. The Emperor was thrilled with the pearl and gave a big party to celebrate his sons’ return.

  46. Who was Wee San?
    1. An Emperor from China
    2. A dragon of Borneo
    3. A son of Emperor
    4. A Borneo’s son
  47. “... his men to make a fake pearl and large kite” (paragraph 5).
    What does the underlined word mean?
    1. Plenty
    2. Valuable
    3. Glittering
    4. Expensive
  48. What will be the best title for the text above?
    1. Dragon Pearl
    2. The Pearl from China
    3. Mount Kinabalu
    4. The brothers
  49. From the text above we can learn ....
    1. Strong people will get what they want
    2. Being powerful is needed to gain our dream
    3. We must be smarter than our enemy.
    4. Being brave and smart is needed to achieve our dreams.
  50. The following text is for questions text 35 to 38

    First, melt the butter in the ...(39)... over medium heat. Then, crack open the eggs into the pan and ...(40)... fry until the yolks begin to harden at the edges (indicated by a lightening in the yolk color). Using the spatula, flip the eggs ...(41)... and allow cooking ten seconds for over-easy, or up to one minute for over-hard. Finally, add salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

    1. kettle
    2. pan
    3. stove
    4. spatula
    1. let
    2. make
    3. start
    4. stop to
    1. carelessly
    2. reluctantly
    3. carefully
    4. immediately
  51. Text for questions number 42 to 44

    My Unlucky Experience

    Last weekend was my unluckiest day ever. Many good things were coming toward me. When the morning broke in Sunday morning, I woke up and planned to jog around the neighborhood. So I changed my clothes and went to the bathroom to wash my sleepy face. As I stepped in the bathroom, I landed my foot on soap in the floor and feel down.

    Next, I began my jogging and saw my gorgeous neighbor, jogging to. I thought it was a good fortune to omit the gap between us. So I jogged to him and say hello. How poor of me, it was not him. It just someone I had never met before who looked like to him. I was going home with people laugh at me along side of the street.

    When I got home, the breakfast already settled and I immediately spooned a big portion of rice and ate. After I have done my breakfast my mother came up and said that the meal has not ready yet and she said that I may have a stomachache if I ate it. It was proved; I had a stomachache for the next three days.

    I past my weekend lie down on me bed and be served as a queen. That was not really bad, wasn't it?

  52. What does the text tell us about?
    1. The writer’s weekend
    2. The writer’s activities
    3. The writer’s funny experience
    4. The writer’s unfortunate day
  53. How many unlucky events did the writer’s have?
    1. Two events
    2. Three events
    3. Four events
    4. Five events
  54. What is the function of the text?
    1. To describe the past events
    2. To amuse the readers
    3. To explain the writer’s activities
    4. To retell the writer’s experience
  55. Text for questions number 45 to 47.


    In the natural rainforest, Mahogany is a very large canopy tree, sometimes reaching over 150 feet in height, with trunks sometimes more than 6 feet in diameter above a large basal buttress. It is a generally open-crowned tree, with gray to brownish-red fissured bark.

    Mahogany is perhaps the most valuable timber tree in the whole of Latin America and has been heavily exploited for most of this century. Mahogany is becoming increasingly rare, and is already extinct in parts of its original range. It is listed as threatened in "Arboles Maderables en Peligro de Extinción en Costa Rica" and is listed in CITES Appendix III.

    Mahogany varies from yellowish, reddish, pinkish, or salmon colored when freshly cut, to a deep rich red, to reddish brown as the wood matures with age. Mahogany is fine to medium texture, with uniform to interlocking grain, ranging from straight to wavy or curly. Irregularities in the grain often produce highly attractive figures such as fiddle back or mottle. Mahogany polishes to a high luster, with excellent working and finishing characteristics. It responds well to hand and machine tools, has good nailing and screwing properties, and turns and carves superbly.

    Mahogany is regarded by many as the world's premier wood for fine cabinetry, high-class furniture, trimming fine boats, pianos and other musical instruments, sculpture, joinery, turnery, figured and decorative veneer, interior trim, and carving.

  56. How large can Mahogany be?
    1. Less than 5 feet in diameter
    2. More than 6 feet in diameter
    3. About 100 feet in diameter
    4. Over 150 feet in diameter
  57. What makes Mahogany becoming increasingly rare?
    1. Its size
    2. Its exploitation
    3. Its quality
    4. Its value
  58. “... and is already extinct in parts of its original range." The underlined word means…
    1. Survive
    2. Vanish
    3. Stay alive
    4. Uncommon
  59. Text for questions number 48 to 50.

    My Dog

    I have a beautiful dog. His name is Lobo. He is sweet like a vanilla ice cream. He is really cute, and he is like a little baby, because he is very lovely. When he was a baby he was like a little cat, because his ears are like cat’s ears and he doesn't like taking a bath.

    He is not big, but not small. He is black and white like a cartoon cow. His eyes are blue like two pieces of sky, and they are bright like clean glasses. He is like a real wolf, because he wails like a wolf.

    He is a Siberian Husky, and this is the reason why he is like a wolf. He makes me very happy, and I love him with all my heart, and I think that he loves me too, and I am going to take care of him, and love him all my life.

  60. How does Lobo look like?
    1. He is not big and looks like a cow.
    2. He is very small and looks like a cat.
    3. He is quite big and has black and white fur.
    4. He is medium weight and has black and white fur.
  61. From the text we know that ....
    1. The dog likes to eat vanilla ice cream.
    2. A Siberian Husky dog is like a wolf.
    3. A cat always likes to take a bath.
    4. Lobo likes to watch cartoon film.
  62. “... because he is very lovely” (paragraph. 1)
    The underlined word has the same meaning with the words below, except ....
    1. romantic
    2. charming
    3. nice
    4. attractive
This is the end of the test.


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