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Soal Olimpiade & Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP: Paket Soal 4A

H ai, siswa siswi hebat. Mister Guru sekali lagi akan membagikan salinan otentik dan contoh soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP / MTs...

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April 17, 2013

Soal Ujian Sekolah (USBK) / Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris SMP / MTS Paket 4

Latihan soal dan prediksi Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris dan Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris tingkat SMP/MTs.
Instruction: Choose the best answer to each question, A,B,C, or D.

Recording the film is prohibited.
It is considered piracy. Piracy is a crime.
  1. What mustn’t we do according to the warning ?
    1. Watch the film.
    2. Enter the movies.
    3. Record the film
    4. See the piracy
  1. Read the text and answer question number 2.

    To: Farah

    Congratulations, you have bought a bigger house which you have always dreamed about. I hope you will feel more comfortable. Don’t forget to invite me to your house warming party.

    “I hope you will feel more comfortable.”
    The underlined word can be replaced by ....
    1. Think
    2. Say
    3. Wish
    4. Spend
The following text is for no. 3 - 4.
Dear Ivan,

How’s life? I know you must be very busy these days since it’s the beginning of the term. I hope you are not too tired and still have time for yourself. I found that the school here is exciting too. I have made a lot of friends, I’ll tell you about them later on my next e-mail.

I have a new hobby now. Planting! You won’t believe it. I grow so many kinds of fruit here such as guava, mango, orange, and dragon fruit. I usually buy the seed at a nearby shop. I’m crazy about planting now. I guess because it’s so easy to get the seeds or young plants, and the soil here seems so nice to plants. Everything grows easily here. I own a small farm behind my house. I love my farm. It’s about two hundred square meters. My little brother helps me at the farm. We make a great team.

Well, I promise to send you some fruits when they are ripe some day and let me know how they taste.

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
    1. Ivan is very busy since it is the beginning of the term.
    2. Rehan found that his new school is exciting.
    3. Ivan is very tired this days.
    4. Rehan is asking about Ivan’s life.
  2. Rehan will give some of his crops to Ivan when ....
    1. his brother helps him.
    2. the fruits are ripe.
    3. Ivan visits him.
    4. the plants grow well.
The following text is for no. 5 - 6.

This is Mr. Haryono’s house. It is big , clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. There are some plants and flowers in the garden. There is a living room, a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms and garage.

Mr. Haryono has some pets, a dog, a cat, and a parrot. Mr. Haryono takes care of the pets very carefully.

  1. How many bathrooms are there in Mr. Haryono’s house?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
  2. The word “pet” means ....
    1. tame animals
    2. beautiful animals
    3. favorite animals kept at home
    4. enjoyable and careful animals
The following text is for no. 7 - 10.
Soal Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMP - Try Out Versi 4A man with his donkey carrying two sacks of wheat was on his way to the market. After a little while he was tired and they rested under a tree.

When he woke up from his nap he could not see the donkey and started searching for the donkey everywhere. On the way he met a boy, he asked the boy, “Have you seen my donkey?” The boy asked, “Is the donkey’s left eye blind, his right foot lame and is he carrying a load of wheat?” The man was happy and said, “Yes, exactly! Where have you seen it?” the boy answered “I haven’t seen it.” This made the man very angry and he took the boy to the village chief for punishment.

The judge asked, “Dear boy, if you had not seen the donkey, how could you describe it?” The boy answered, “I saw the tracks of a donkey and the right and left tracks were different. I understood that the donkey that passed there was limping. And the grass on the right side of the road was eaten but the grass on the left was not. From that I understood that his left eye was blind. There were wheat seeds scattered on the ground and I understood that he must have been carrying a load of wheat."

The judge understood the boy’s cleverness and told the man to forgive the boy.
  1. The text shows that the boy knew about the donkey based on ....
    1. the clues that he saw.
    2. the words which people said.
    3. the report made by passers by.
    4. the people who told him.
  2. "... and I understood that he must have been carrying a load of wheat.”
    What does 'he' in the sentence refer to?
    1. The donkey
    2. The traveler
    3. The man
    4. The village chief
  3. “Is the donkey’s left eye blind, his right foot lame and is he carrying a load of wheat?”
    The underlined word means that the donkey’s right foot was ....
    1. very strong.
    2. unable to walk.
    3. very weak.
    4. all right.
  4. What lesson can we learn from telling the story?
    1. Punishment should be done as soon as possible.
    2. Law enforcement must be done to everyone.
    3. We should not jump into conclusion quickly.
    4. We must not punish young people especially children.
The following text is for nbr 11 - 12.
To: Sandra

There will be a seminar about IT in Bandung next week. As the representatives of this company, you and Tom are supposed to join. The event will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please contact the secretary. She has arranged accommodation for both of you.

  1. How many days will the event be held?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
  2. What should Sandra do after reading the message?
    1. Contact the secretary
    2. Arrange the seminar
    3. Go to Bandung
    4. Arrange the accommodation
The following text is for nbr 13 - 14.


NatraBurstTM is a powerful food source containing a wide variety of premium ingredients, which work together to provide a variety of health benefits. Each serving contains the equivalent of more than 6 vegetables and fruits, with an ORAC value of 4,000+.

Additionally, NatraBurstTM helps support lean muscle mass with its concentration of high quality protein.

  • Increase energy
  • Reduce appetite
  • Promote fat loss
  • Anti-aging
  • Promote healthy skin
  1. What is the benefit of consuming NatraBurstTM?
    1. Increase appetite
    2. Decrease energy
    3. Promote fat loss
    4. Promote healthy hair
  2. The purpose of the text is ....
    1. To warn the readers of the dangers of the product
    2. To describe the composition of the product
    3. To persuade people to consume the product
    4. To tell the readers how to use the product
The following text is for nbr 15 - 17.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is an American actor. His full name is Tobias Vincent Maguire. He is known for his ...(44)... as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Spider-Man film series. He stands about 172 cm. Besides, he has a ...(45)... body that can really figure a super hero. He has straight black hair. His ...(46)... features really support his role as a super hero. Moreover, he is very friendly that makes him lovable.
    1. role
    2. name
    3. play
    4. act
    1. thin
    2. tall
    3. strong
    4. slim
    1. physical
    2. physics
    3. physically
    4. physician
The following text is for nbr 18 - 19.
Dear Parents,

We would like to announce the available roster of tutorial services offered by our school. This is part of our after-school academic immersion program:

  • Algebra for elementary and high school levels
  • History, Science and Chemistry
  • Specific subjects for high school levels
Schedule of Sessions: 1 1/2 hours Monday to Friday except holidays.
Class Size: Maximum of 10 students.
Fee: $250/quarter.
For further information, you may contact our office at 555-2773.Thank you very much.
Academic Advisor
  1. What is the announcement about?
    1. Algebra class
    2. Specific subjects for students
    3. The roster of tutorial services
    4. History, science, and chemistry lessons
  2. We can conclude that ....
    1. The services are free of charge.
    2. The programs will be held during weekend.
    3. There will be no more than 10 students in a class.
    4. This is not part of after-school academic immersion program.
The following text is for nbr 20 - 21.
Dear Talitha,

Next week, Afif, Firda, and I will visit uncle Holid in Sumenep. Do you want to go with us? Let me know soon.

  1. From the text we know that ....
    1. Talitha ask Tiara to visit her uncle in Sumenep.
    2. Talitha will visit her uncle in Sumenep next week.
    3. Tiara doesn’t want to visit her uncle in Sumenep.
    4. Tiara, Firda, and Afif will visit their uncle in Sumenep.
  2. "Let me know soon"
    What does the underlined word mean?
    1. After some period
    2. In a short time
    3. During some time
    4. Once in a while
The following text is for nbr 22 - 24.
When I was in 1st grade of junior high school, my friends and I went to Bali. We were there for three days. I had many impressive experiences during the vacation.

On the first day, we visited Sanur Beach in the morning. We saw the beautiful sunrise together. It was a great scenery. Then, we checked in to the hotel. After preparing ourselves, we went to Tanah Lot. We met many tourists there. They were not only domestic but also foreign tourists.

On the second day, we enjoyed the day on Tanjung Benoa beach. We played so many water sports such as banana boat, jet ski, and speedboat. We also went to Penyu Island to see many unique animals. They were turtles, snakes, and sea birds. We were very happy. In the afternoon, we went to Kuta Beach to see the amazing sunset and enjoy the beautiful wave.

On the last day, we spent our time in Sangeh. We could enjoy the green and shady forest. There were so many monkeys. They were quite tame but sometimes they could be naughty. We could make a close interaction with them. After that, we went to Sukowati market for shopping. I bought some Bali T-Shirt and souvenirs.

In the evening, we had to check out from the hotel. We went back home bringing so many amazing memories of Bali.
  1. What does the second paragraph talk about?
    1. The writer visited some places on the first day tour.
    2. The writer visited Sanur beach in the morning.
    3. The writer checked in to the hotel.
    4. The writer met some domestic and foreign tourists.
  2. What did the writer and friends do in Kuta Beach?
    1. They played sand.
    2. They saw the sunset.
    3. They swam in the beach.
    4. They surfed on the sea.
  3. During the holiday the writer and friends did the following activities except ....
    1. They saw the sunrise in the morning.
    2. They visited Sanur, Tanah Lot beaches.
    3. They camped in the forest of Sangeh.
    4. They played so many water sports.
The following text is for nbr 25 - 27.

Iguana is a herbivorous genus of lizard native to tropical areas of Central America and the Caribbean. The two species are included in the genus Iguana, the Green Iguana, which is widespread throughout its range and a popular pet, and the Lesser Antillean Iguana, which is endemic to the Lesser Antilles and endangered due to habitat destruction.

The two species possess a dewlap, a row of spines running down their back to their tail, and a third “eye” on their head. This eye is known as the parietal eye, visible as a pale on the top of the head. Behind their neck are small scales which resemble spikes, known as tuberculate scales. These scales may be a variety of colors and are not always visible from close distances. They have a large round scale on their cheek known as a subtympanic shield. Iguanas have excellent vision and can see shapes, shadows, colors and movement at long distances. Iguanas use their eyes to navigate through crowded forest, as well as for finding food. They use visual signal to communicate with other members of the same shapes.

  1. What does paragraph two tell us about?
    1. Iguana’s anatomy
    2. The iguana’s scales
    3. The function of iguana’s eyes
    4. Iguana’s habitat
  2. What are the species of iguana?
    1. Tuberculate and subtympanic
    2. The green iguana and the The Lesser Antillean Iguana
    3. The American iguana and the Caribbean iguana
    4. The Lesser Antillean Iguana and tropical lizard
  3. Iguana is a herbivorous genus ....
    The underlined word means ....
    1. like to eat leaves
    2. like to eat meat
    3. like to eat fish
    4. like to eat creatures
The following text is for nbr 28 - 29.
  • 1 Small chicken, cut into pieces
  • 2 cups fresh coconut milk (or 200 ml thick coconut milk and 200 ml water)
Shallots, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, cumin, salt, pepper, coriander
  1. Boil chicken. Allow 2 cups of broth to remain in the pot.
  2. Fry the grinded spices with 2 spoons of vegetable oil.
  3. Add the spices into the boiled chicken; turn to low heat until it is tender.
  4. Add the coconut milk, stir, continue simmer to enhance flavor.
  5. Serve your white chicken curry while hot.
  1. What is the text about?
    1. How to grind spices
    2. How to fry chicken
    3. How to make thick coconut milk
    4. How to cook white chicken curry
  2. Why do we need to simmer after adding coconut milk?
    1. To make the chicken tender
    2. To get attractive color
    3. To make the curry spicy
    4. To enhance flavor
  3. Arrange these words into a good sentence.
    the - yesterday - attractive - was - my - life - most - school – day - of
     1             2                 3             4       5       6        7            8           9    10
    The best arrangement of the words is ....
    1. 2 – 4 – 5 – 8 – 6 - 10 – 1 – 3 – 7 – 9
    2. 2 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 3 – 9 – 10 – 5 – 8 – 6
    3. 5 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 9 – 10 - 2
    4. 5 – 8 – 6 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 3 – 10 – 9
  4. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph.
    1. It is at 69 Sultan Agung Street.
    2. I put the computer on my table.
    3. I love my office because it is very comfortable.
    4. This is my office.
    5. There is also a cupboard near my table.
    6. In my office there is a set of personal computer.
    7. I keep some books in the cupboard.
    The best arrangement of the sentences is ....
    1. 3 – 6 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 7
    2. 3 - 4 - 1 – 5 – 7 – 6 – 2
    3. 4 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 2 – 7 – 5
    4. 4 – 1 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 7 – 3
The following text is for nbr 32 - 34.

I live in a village called Amed in Bali, about a two-hour drive from Kuta. It is a beach village and one of the best places for scuba diving in Bali. To reach my village, you will need a lot of energy because it is an exhausting trip. The road is curved and there are many ups and downs too. But as soon as you arrive in Amed, your efforts will be paid off by the beauty of my village.

Unlike other places in Bali, Amed is a calm and peaceful place. The bay, some sandy, other rocky appears to be lined with traditional fishing boats called jukung. From the top of hill, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are no factories or industries in Amed, so the water and the soil in my village are still clean and unpolluted. This is needed to produce salt by the people in the village.

  1. What is the text about?
    1. Bali
    2. Kuta
    3. Amed village
    4. Kuta Beach
  2. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
    1. Unpolluted village.
    2. places for scuba diving in Bali.
    3. Amed village description.
    4. The stunning beaches in Bali
  3. It is a beach village (paragraph 1). What does the word “It” in the sentence refer to?
    1. the beauty of my village
    2. Kuta
    3. Unpolluted village
    4. Amed village
The following text is for nbr 35 - 38.

Once upon a time, there was a selfish and greedy man who lost thirty gold coins. He went to his friend’s house and told her how he lost his gold coins. His friend was a kind woman.

As the woman’s daughter was walking along the street, she found thirty gold coins. When she arrived home, she told her mother what she had found. The girl’s mother told her that the gold coins belonged to her friend and she asked him to come. When the selfish man arrived, she told him how her daughter had found his thirty gold coins and handed them to him.

However, after counting the gold coins, the man said that ten of them were missing. He accused the girl of taking the coins, as he had forty gold coins. He added that he would claim the outstanding 10 gold coins from her, but the woman refused.

Then, the man went to court and informed the judge about what had taken place between him and the girl’s mother. When the girl and her mother arrived, the judge asked the girl how many gold coins she had found. She replied thirty. The judge then asked the selfish man how many gold coins he had lost and he answered forty.

The judge then told the man that the gold coins did not belong to him, because the girl found thirty- gold coins, not forty as he claimed. If anybody was looking for thirty gold coins, he would send for the girl. On the contrary, if forty gold coins were found, he would send them for the man. Finally, the man confessed that he lied and lost only thirty gold coins. However, the judge did not listen to him.

  1. How did the judge give solution?
    1. Give the money to the man
    2. Listen to the sound to pay the food
    3. Lie to the man to go away
    4. Give the money to the poor girl
  2. Who found the man’s gold coins?
    1. The woman.
    2. The judge.
    3. The woman’s daughter.
    4. The man’s daughter.
  3. Why did the judge finally decide that the gold coins belonged to the girl?
    1. The girl found thirty gold coins, not forty.
    2. The girl found forty gold coins, not thirty.
    3. The man lost thirty gold coins.
    4. The girl was poor.
  4. From the story we can learn that we should be ....
    1. generous
    2. helpful
    3. friendly
    4. honest
The following text is for nbr 39 - 41.

Over a river there was a very narrow bridge. ...(43)... a goat was crossing this bridge. Just at the middle of the bridge he ...(44)... another goat. There was no room for them to pass. "...(45)...," said one goat to the other, "there is no room for both of us".

"Why should I go back?", said the other goat. "Why should not you go back?"
    1. Today
    2. One day
    3. Tomorrow
    4. The next day
    1. kept
    2. let
    3. met
    4. said
    1. Come here
    2. Come in
    3. Go ahead
    4. Go back
The following text is for nbr 42 - 44.

Donna has just returned from her vacation in Kuala Lumpur. She was really happy. One of the best moments was when she explored Kuala Lumpur in one day by boarding the KL Hop-on Hop-off. For your information, KL Hop-on Hop-off is a semi-glass-roofed double decker bus, which will stop at over 40 tourist attractions. So, passengers can get on board and alight at they places they want to visit.

She started her trip from bus stop 6 in Bukit Bintang district and alighted at bus stop 8. She then walked to Chinatown, along Petaling Jaya Street. It is the place where we can buy goods at lower prices. She bought T-shirts and a wallet. Then, she continued walking to the bus stop 9.

Her second stop was National Palace. During the trip, she passed by Little India where there are many Indian stores. In that place, she witnessed the exchange of the palace sentry on duty.

She continued on her trip and stopped at Merdeka Square. There are many important and historical buildings near the place, such as Jamek Mosque and St. Mary Church. Then, her next destination was Petronas Towers. She was amazed by the sixth tallest building in the world. Her final stop was Kuala Lumpur Tower. Luckily, there was a festival held there. She also had a chance to go to the observation deck, to see Kuala Lumpur from above.

  1. What is the main topic of the text?
    1. Donna’s holiday experience in Malaysia.
    2. A semi-glass-roofed double decker bus called KL Hop-on Hop-off.
    3. Donna’s trip in Kuala Lumpur in one day,using the KL Hop-on Hop-off.
    4. Interesting places in Kuala Lumpur.
  2. Donna visited the following places, EXCEPT ....
    1. Little lndia
    2. Chinatown
    3. Merdeka Square
    4. Kuala Lumpur Tower
  3. Donna took a trip around Kuala Lumpur by ....
    1. car
    2. bus
    3. train
    4. monorail
The following text is for nbr 45 - 47.

The Sahara Desert is the largest in the world. It is bigger than the four next largest deserts put together. It is as vast as the whole of the United States of America including most of Alaska and nearly as big as the whole of Europe.

The Sahara desert was once green with trees and plants. Giraffes, elephants, and rhinos wandered across it. We know this because they are shown in rock paintings found in south-east Algeria, drawn thousands years ago.

Even as recently as the 1820s a Frech explorer heard lions roaring in the forest where now there is only desert. The world’s deserts are growing bigger. The Sahara is growing by 1.5 million hectares every year. That is an area three quarter the size of Wales every year, or four football fields every minutes.

  1. The Sahara is almost as large as ....
    1. the whole of Europe
    2. four the largest deserts put together
    3. the whole of United States of America
    4. southeast Europe
  2. The following statement is true except ....
    1. the Sahara grows every year
    2. Sahara is larger than any other deserts
    3. Sahara is the largest in the world
    4. Sahara is smaller than the United States of America.
  3. “We know this because they are shown in rock paintings” The underlined word means ....
    1. described
    2. displayed
    3. Knew
    4. understood
The following text is for nbr 48 - 50.

My Uncle Martin is my mother's elder brother. He is my favorite among my mother's brothers. He is a very interesting man. He lives quite near us with my Aunt Angela and my cousins Anne and Bob. I often go to his house.

He is about 45 with grey hair. He is still quite good-looking. He is tall and well-built. He has blue eyes and a strong face. He wears glasses. He is short sighted. He takes them off when he doesn't work.

Uncle Martin is a textile engineer. He works for a big firm in the city. He travels widely in his job. He is an expert in solving problems with machines. At present, he is in the United States. He is visiting the firm's customers there.

He is very fond of the sea. He has a boat at the seaside. He goes there every weekend in summer to sail it. I sometimes stay with my cousins at their house on the coast. When Uncle Martin is at home he usually takes us out in the boat.

  1. What is the first paragraph about?
    1. An elder brother
    2. My uncle Martin
    3. Martin's favorite uncle
    4. My Mother’s favorite uncle
  2. Which paragraph talks about the physical description of Uncle Martin?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
  3. “He goes there every weekend in summer to sail it”.
    What does ”there” refers to ... in paragraph 3
    1. the sea
    2. the boat
    3. the United States
    4. the summer
This is the end of the test.


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