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Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris Ujian Sekolah & VIERA / TOEIC Preparation - Volume 2

Direction: Choose the best answer to the questions Boy : What are you going to do after completing your study? Are you going to the unive...

March 13, 2020

Soal Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK 2020

  1. Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK
  2. Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK
  3. Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMK
  4. Choose the best answer
  5. Choose the best answer
  6. Choose the best answer
  7. Choose the best answer
  8. What is the speaker talking about?
    1. The assembly procedure of a motorcycle
    2. The reparation of old motorcycles
    3. The basic functions of a standing fan
    4. The installation of a standing fan
  9. What can you conclude from the conversation?
    1. Rahmat sat beside Saidah
    2. Saidah enjoyed Rahmat’s company
    3. Rahmat became Saidah’s best friend
    4. Rahmat met Saidah for the first time
  10. Who is most likely to be interested in visiting the place?
    1. Everybody who likes water parks
    2. Someone who like snorkeling
    3. Everybody who likes playing in the beach
    4. All people who like snowboarding
  11. What does the student want to be?
    1. He wants to complete his plans
    2. He wants to be a worker
    3. He wants to be a mechanic
    4. He wants to complete his studies
  12. Why did she not enjoy the flight?
    1. She slept during the flight
    2. It was long and uncomfortable
    3. She read a book on the plane
    4. She was traveling alone
  13. What should you do after all the parts are laid on the floor?
    1. Set up the pole on the base of the stand
    2. Install the motor to the pole
    3. Drill the grooves for the screws
    4. Wire the three blades of the fan
  14. What is being discussed?
    1. Someone’s arrangements
    2. Someone’s secret file
    3. A new trip to Manila
    4. An office deadline
  15. What is the speaker talking about?
    1. The assembly procedure of motorcycle
    2. The reparation of old motorcycle
    3. The basic functions of a standing fan
    4. The installation of a standing fan
Read the following text to answer questions number 16-18
  1. What information do the readers get after reading the text?
    1. The description of an archaeological complex
    2. The explanation of a compound of temples
    3. The manufacture of a religious temple
    4. The story of a sacred historical site
  2. Where is the site of the Paseban of Ratu Boko?
    1. Among the crematorium temple, the pool, and the stone pedestal
    2. Behind the stone pedestal and women’s quarter
    3. Next to the audience hall and the public hall
    4. Between the pendopo and the pool
  3. “... nor building which religious nature but a fortified palace instead ...” (paragraph 2)
    The underlined word in the sentence has the closest meaning to ....
    1. Protected
    2. Exposed
    3. Attacked
    4. Explosive
Read the following invitation to answer questions number 19-21
  1. What position does Mr. Rahmad Riyadi most likely hold?
    1. The principal of a vocational high school
    2. A top manager of the Indonesian Educational Foundation
    3. The head of the Indonesian Educational Foundation
    4. The head of the Financial Department
  2. If he is interested in attending the event, Mr. Rahmad Riyadi most probably will immediately ....
    1. Ask his staff to prepare for his attendance
    2. Contact Edo for confirmation
    3. Prepare charity fund
    4. Wear batik clothes
  3. The word ‘proceeds’ in the above invitation most likely means ....
    1. Charity
    2. Supply
    3. Donation
    4. Contribution
Read the following announcement to answer questions number 22-24
  1. What is the text mainly about?
    1. The flag ceremony in the auditorium
    2. The regulation of Indonesian Independence Day
    3. The staff participation in a stage performance
    4. The cancellation of all public health service
  2. Where can you find the above announcement?
    1. In a government office
    2. In a health insurance office
    3. In a public health center
    4. In a dental clinic
  3. What can we conclude from the text?
    1. If there is an emergency call, the person in charge will handle it.
    2. To perform their talents, the staff should wear Indonesian traditional clothes.
    3. If the staff wear traditional clothes, they can attend the ceremony.
    4. If the events last more than two hours, the public must wait patiently
Read the following text to answer questions number 25-27
  1. What is the role of the writer in the text?
    1. Someone who called the store owner
    2. Someone who pretended to be a ghost
    3. The person who did all the housework
    4. The person who retold someone’s experience
  2. Which of the following can be considered the funny part of the text?
    1. Mrs Richards hid under the stairs.
    2. Mrs Richards dressed up like a ghost.
    3. The man fled and slammed the door.
    4. The man thought that Mrs Richards was a ghost.
  3. “She had told him to come straight in ....” (paragraph 2).
    The underlined word refers to ....
    1. the ghost
    2. the baker
    3. Mrs Richards’ husband
    4. the Electricity Board man
Read the following news item to answer questions number 28-30
  1. What is the text about?
    1. Health crisis in Indonesia
    2. The cause of air pollution
    3. El-Nino weather phenomenon
    4. Smoke disaster triggers health crisis
  2. The main cause of Iqbal's losing his life is ....
    1. Too late to have proper treatment
    2. Difficulties to breathe
    3. Respiratory failure
    4. Plantation fire
  3. What can we conclude from the text?
    1. The affected areas were small Islands.
    2. The cause of health crisis is prolonged dry season.
    3. The effects of a long dry season is dangerous.
    4. The prolonged haze may cause serious health crisis.
Read the following letter to answer questions number 31-33
  1. What is the applicant’s strength to apply for the job?
    1. She had excellent office suite skills.
    2. She can provide exceptional contributions.
    3. She graduated from Banking Management.
    4. She had an internship for a quarter year.
  2. Why did Widayanti apply for the position?
    1. She wants to interview people.
    2. She likes to work under pressure.
    3. She wants to be a front office staff.
    4. She seeks opportunity to study about banking.
  3. “...., majoring in Banking Management, in June 2019.” (paragraph 2)
    The underlined word is synonymous with ....
    1. Studying
    2. Following
    3. Providing
    4. Enclosing
Read the following text to answer questions number 34-36
  1. What does the text tell about?
    1. The function of cameras
    2. The combination of cameras
    3. Information about a camera product
    4. The automation of cameras
  2. What is the second paragraph about?
    1. How a movie camera works
    2. How to record static images
    3. Combining and displaying images
    4. How to use the camera
  3. The images taken by a camera ... be saved locally and sent to another area
    1. may
    2. shall
    3. must
    4. will
Read the following dialogue to answer questions number 37-38
Soni:Where were you yesterday morning? I passed by your house but it was so quiet and the door was locked.
Arini:Oh, we were out. As usual, my family goes jogging on Sunday morning and then we go shopping in the market to buy groceries. After that we go home to do the household chores together. We spend the rest of the day indulging ourselves.
  1. What is mainly discussed between the speakers?
    1. Arini's activity on Sundays
    2. Sunday's household chores
    3. Arini's quiet house on Sundays
    4. Sunday activities of Arini's family
  2. What does Arini do on Sundays?
    1. She does grocery shopping
    2. She locks the doors of her house
    3. She buys the broom in the market
    4. She does the chores in the market
  3. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Renny:I didn't meet your mother when I was at your house yesterday.
    Donny:... with my little sister. It's a weekly routine to buy our food supply.
    1. She visited our grandmother
    2. She was going to the market
    3. She comes to the botanical garden
    4. She worked at the orchards
  4. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Ria:I think this spicy beef steak is really tasty.
    Tata:.... It is too hot for me to eat.
    1. No way!
    2. I guess so.
    3. No doubt about it.
    4. I couldn't agree more.
  5. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Hari:I really want to buy that pretty wallet, but I don't have enough money right now.
    Hari:No, thanks. I think it's better for me to start saving my money.
    Kayla:That's very good, then.
    1. Would you like to me to save your money?
    2. Do you mind if I borrow your money?
    3. Do you want to open a saving account?
    4. Would you like me to lend you some?
Read the following dialogue to answer questions number 42-43
Salma:Have you ever imagined working abroad?
Veni:Yes. If my English proficiency improves, I will go to an English speaking country.
Salma:But I think your English is fine. Don't you think so?
Veni:Yes, but I still need higher TOEIC score.
Salma:Oh, okay. The bell's ringing. Let's have a break.
  1. Where does this conversation take place?
    1. At the cafeteria
    2. At the library
    3. At home
    4. At school
  2. What can be concluded from the conversation?
    1. Veni is crazy about living in an English speaking country.
    2. Veni thinks she needs to improve her English proficiency.
    3. Salma plans to travel to some English speaking countries.
    4. Salma needs to study harder to improve her ability.
  3. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Sarah:What are your plans for the coming holiday?
    Nelly:Well, ..., I'll travel to Lombok with my friends. I really want to see the famous Pink beach
    Sarah:Wow, that sounds great.
    1. If my parents allow me
    2. If I had more holidays
    3. If you go to the beach
    4. If I had got some days off
Read the following dialogue to answer questions number 45-47
Baim:I am planning to purchase a motorcycle tomorrow, but I'm still confused what to buy. Do you have any recommendation?
Mario:I think, you should buy a DVX motor. It has good performance.
Baim:What about RHV?
Mario:For an affordable price and a powerful machine, RHV is a good choice.
Baim:Okay, thanks a lot for your advice. I think I have made up my mind.
  1. What will Baim most likely do after hearing Mario's advice?
    1. Baim will quickly choose RHV.
    2. Baim will right away sell DVX.
    3. Baim will go to the desirable dealer.
    4. Baim will create leaflets of both brands.
  2. Mario recommends DVX motor to Baim because ....
    1. Mario knows that Baim's fund is very limited.
    2. Mario personally prefers DVX to RHV motor.
    3. Mario knows motorcycle better than Baim.
    4. Mario thinks that performance is important.
  3. “For an affordable price and powerful machine ....”
    The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
    1. Manageable
    2. Preferable
    3. Reasonable
    4. Reduced
  4. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Aryo:Hi Mike, have you done your report?
    Mike:No, I haven't. My computer is broken.
    Aryo:.... I'll try to fix it.
    Mike:That'll be great. Thanks, Aryo.
    1. Will it be all right if you check it?
    2. Would you mind checking it?
    3. Would you like me to check it?
    4. Will it be OK if I use it?
  5. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Teacher:Have you done your project?
    Students:Yes, Sir.
    Teacher:Please bring it tomorrow because ....
    1. It was going to be checked
    2. It should have been submitted
    3. It is being done
    4. It will be scored
  6. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression.
    Arif:Where are you going, Burhan?
    Burhan:I am going to my friend's house.
    Arif:Don't you have homework? ....
    Burhan:I guess you're right. Thank you for reminding me.
    1. Let's go together, then.
    2. Why do you want to go there?
    3. Why don't you do it before going out?
    4. How about going out together?
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