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Soal Olimpiade & Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP: Paket Soal 4A

H ai, siswa siswi hebat. Mister Guru sekali lagi akan membagikan salinan otentik dan contoh soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP / MTs...

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June 22, 2024

Soal Olimpiade & Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Elementary SD - SMP: Paket Soal 4A

ai, siswa siswi hebat. Mister Guru sekali lagi akan membagikan salinan otentik dan contoh soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP / MTs yang dilombakan di SMKN 1 Probolinggo pada tahun 2022 kemarin. Kalian bisa menggunakannya sebagai bahan persiapan mengikuti Olimpiade bahasa Inggris atau sebagai bahan pengayaan dan pendalaman materi menghadapi ujian sekolah bahasa Inggris. Yuk, uji kesiapan kalian dalam menghadapi soal-soal ujian Bahasa Inggris. Selamat mengerjakan.
Multiple Choice Questions
Choose the best answer; A, B, C, or D to each question.
Read the following text to answer questions no. 1 - 2
  1. What should you NOT do according to the text?
    1. Refuel the car’s engine regularly
    2. Turn on the engine while refueling
    3. Drive your car into the refuel area
    4. Switch off the car’s ignition key
  2. Where do we usually see the above notice?
    1. Car dealers
    2. Car garages
    3. Repair shop
    4. Gas station
  3. Read the following text to answer questions no. 3 - 5
    English Olympiad Text 1
  4. What is the purpose of the letter?
    1. To certify an examination passing grade.
    2. To congratulate an examination committee.
    3. To remind someone of his/her examination.
    4. To congratulate someone on his/her success.
  5. What is NOT mentioned in the letter?
    1. The writer’s intention
    2. The writer’s name
    3. The recipient’s name
    4. The type of examination
  6. “... congratulate you on passing your exam”.
    What is the antonym of the underlined word?
    1. Succeeding
    2. Failing
    3. Doing
    4. Taking
  7. Read the dialogue below and answer questions no. 6 - 10
    Cindy:Ray, I don’t think I’ll be able to join tomorrow’s practice session.
    Ray:Why, Cindy? We need you. It’s an important session before our team’s performance on Saturday.
    Cindy:I’ve got a temperature. I think I’m catching a cold.
    Ray:Oh, that’s too bad. What should we do now?
    Cindy:I’ve decided to take a rest and stay in bed today. Let’s hope things will get better tomorrow so I can attend the practice session.
    Ray:I hope so. We won’t be able to perform without you.
    Cindy:OK. I’ll do everything to get better. Let’s chat again tomorrow morning.
    Ray:All right. Take some rest and some medicine, Cindy. I hope you get well soon.
    Cindy:I will. Thanks, Ray.
  8. What is the main topic of the conversation?
    1. The practice schedules
    2. The team’s performance
    3. Cindy’s sickness
    4. Ray’s condition
  9. From the dialogue, we know that ....
    1. Cindy plays an important role in the team.
    2. Cindy will not be able to perform on Saturday.
    3. Ray will do everything to perform for Cindy.
    4. Ray will find Cindy’s replacement in the team.
  10. Which is NOT true according to the dialogue?
    1. The team’s practice session will take place on Saturday.
    2. Ray thinks the team won’t perform well without Cindy.
    3. Cindy will try her best to come to the practice session.
    4. Ray hopes that Cindy will come to the practice session.
  11. Cindy says, “I’ve got a temperature.”
    It means that ....
    1. She feels the weather is hot.
    2. She’s got a thermometer.
    3. She is having a fever.
    4. She will check her temperature.
  12. What is the most probable relationship between the speakers?
    1. Relatives
    2. Friends
    3. Doctor and patient
    4. Teacher and student
  13. Look at the picture and answer the questions no. 11 - 14
    Car Comparison
  14. The silver car is ....
    1. the oldest
    2. as cheap as the red one
    3. the most expensive
    4. the older
  15. The blue car is ... than the red one.
    1. cheaper
    2. newest
    3. older
    4. newer
  16. The red car is ... the blue one.
    1. as expensive as
    2. the same as
    3. more expensive than
    4. newer than
  17. Which of these sentences is NOT true based on the above picture?
    1. The silver car is the most expensive of all.
    2. The silver car is not as expensive as the red one.
    3. The red car has the same price as the blue one.
    4. The blue car is not as old as the silver one.

  18. The assignment was rather difficult, ... my sister offered to help us.
    1. because
    2. although
    3. so
    4. but
  19. Ali: I think Santi’s personality is really amazing.
    Hari: Yes, I think so. She is not only friendly ... helpful.
    1. but
    2. also
    3. but also
    4. and
  20. Indri: Did you see Mr. Abu this morning?
    Cita: Yes, I did. When I walked past his house, he ... the lawn.
    1. has mown
    2. was mowing
    3. mows
    4. is mowing
  21. Adi: Excuse me. ....
    Stranger: The museum? It’s just over there, next to the park.
    Adi: Thank you.
    1. Could you tell me where the museum is?
    2. Which bus should we take to the museum?
    3. I think we should take a taxi to the museum.
    4. Do you mind taking me to the museum?
  22. Your friend has just won an English speech contest. You come to her, shake her hand, and say ....
    1. Good luck! I know you will make it.
    2. Well, you should’ve done much better.
    3. Cheer up! I'm sure you will do better next time.
    4. Congratulations! I’m very proud of you.
  23. Complete the text based on the picture below.
    Home Interior
    This is our ...(a).... There is a round orange carpet and a brown sofa ...(b)... of the room. Next to the sofa, there is a ...(c).... There is a window ...(d).... the sofa. The window is ...(e).... There is a ...(f)... next to the window. There are ...(g)... and a picture on it.
  24. ...(a)....
    1. kitchen
    2. bedroom
    3. livingroom
    4. bathroom
  25. ...(b)....
    1. at the back
    2. opposite
    3. beside
    4. at the center
  26. ...(c)....
    1. standing lamp
    2. bright lamp
    3. lamp standby
    4. hanging lamp
  27. ...(d)....
    1. between
    2. behind
    3. opposite
    4. across
  28. ...(e)....
    1. close
    2. closeness
    3. closely
    4. closed
  29. ...(f)....
    1. shelf
    2. drawer
    3. self
    4. cabinet
  30. ...(g)....
    1. book
    2. a book
    3. some books
    4. any books
  31. Answer the following questions based on the text below.
    Grasshopper and Toad were good friends. One day Toad said to Grasshopper, "Dear friend, tomorrow come and dine at my house. My wife and I will prepare a special meal."

    The next day Grasshopper arrived at Toad's house. Before sitting down to eat, Toad washed his forelegs, and invited Grasshopper to do the same. Grasshopper did so, and it made a loud noise.

    "Grasshopper, can't you leave your chirping behind. I cannot eat with such a noise," said Toad.

    Grasshopper tried to eat without rubbing his forelegs together, but it was impossible. Each time he gave a chirp, Toad complained and asked him to be quiet. Grasshopper was angry and could not eat. Finally, he said to Toad: "I invite you to my house for dinner, tomorrow."

    The next day, Toad arrived at Grasshopper's home. As soon as the meal was ready, Grasshopper washed his forelegs, and invited Toad to do the same. Toad did so, and then hopped toward the food.

    "You had better go back and wash again," said Grasshopper. "All that hopping in the dirt has made your forelegs dirty again."

    Toad hopped back to the water jar, washed again, then hopped back to the table, and was ready to reach out for some food from one of the platters when Grasshopper stopped him: "Please don’t put your dirty paws into the food. Go and wash them again."

    Toad was furious. "You just don't want me to eat with you!" he cried. "You know very well that I must use my paws and forelegs in hopping about. I cannot help it if they get a bit dirty between the water jar and the table."

    Grasshopper responded, "You are the one who started it yesterday. You know I cannot rub my forelegs together without making a noise."

    From then on, they were no longer friends.

  32. Which title might the author give this story?
    1. A Grasshopper and a Toad
    2. A Noisy Grasshopper
    3. True Friendship
    4. The Cranky Toad
  33. Who will prepare a special meal?
    1. Grasshopper and his wife
    2. Toad and his wife
    3. Toad by himself
    4. Grasshopper by himself
  34. Toad washed his paws and forelegs because ....
    1. he was hungry
    2. they were injured
    3. he was anxious
    4. they got dirty
  35. The word “chirp” in the fourth paragraph means the same as ....
    1. tweet
    2. creep
    3. breathe
    4. whisper
  36. Grasshopper and Toad might be friends because ....
    1. both of them are neighbors
    2. both of them eat insects
    3. they belong to the same species
    4. they look for food together
  37. What happened after Grasshopper rubbed his forelegs together?
    1. He hopped back.
    2. He got furious.
    3. He gave a chirp.
    4. He began to eat.
  38. The word “dine” in the first paragraph refers to the act of ....
    1. consuming
    2. treating
    3. abstaining
    4. lodging
  39. “Toad was furious”. The word “furious” can be best replaced by ....
    1. disappointed
    2. ambitious
    3. angry
    4. hungry
  40. What is the moral of the story?
    1. If you depend too much on someone, you will never live independently.
    2. Inviting a friend to a dinner is a good virtue and a noble morality.
    3. Good character qualities are the requirement of building true friendship.
    4. If you wish to have true friendship, learn to accept other's weakness.
  41. Answer the following questions based on the picture below.
  42. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To give detailed information of the product
    2. To choose healthy and safe medicine products
    3. To talk about the mixture of RIDCUFF formula
    4. To avoid harmful effects of the cough formula
  43. What information is NOT included in the text?
    1. Product name
    2. Expiration date
    3. Product description
    4. Product origin
  44. Which is NOT true about the product?
    1. The syrup is not intended for children.
    2. It contains mixture of Formula 440.
    3. It tastes great and soothes the throat.
    4. It should be kept away from children.
  45. “Keep it in moderate temperature.”
    What is the synonym of the underlined word?
    1. Media
    2. Temporary
    3. Cold
    4. Average
  46. “Use medicine according to physician's instructions”
    It means that the product should be consumed with doctor’s ....
    1. receipt
    2. recipe
    3. prescription
    4. recipient

  47. Sherly: Have you heard that Ray has just had an accident?
    Roni: Oh, really? ....
    1. I’m sorry to hear that.
    2. Please accept my sympathy.
    3. My deepest condolence.
    4. He really deserves that.
  48. Toni: I called you about an hour ago, but I couldn’t get through.
    Ria: Oh, I ... a very important presentation and my phone was off.
    1. make
    2. am making
    3. was making
    4. have made
  49. Joni: The classroom is very dirty.
    Lia: Absolutely. ... the floor ... the desks have been cleaned for the whole week.
    1. Both ... and
    2. Neither ... nor
    3. Either ... or
    4. Not only ... but also
  50. Fina: What’s wrong with my computer? It can’t read this CD.
    Olga: ... to use mine? I’m not using it now.
    1. Could you
    2. Shall I
    3. Would you like
    4. Let’s
  51. Ria: How old is your sister?
    Umi: She is 20.
    Ria: Oh, really? My brother is ... her. He is 20 too.
    1. the same age
    2. as old as
    3. older than
    4. the same
  52. Complete the following text with the correct words / phrases.
    Indonesia ...(i)... off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is an archipelago that ...(ii)... across the Equator and ...(iii)... a distance equivalent to one-eighth of Earth’s circumference. Its islands can be grouped into the Greater Sunda Islands of Sumatra (Sumatera), Java (Jawa), the southern extent of Borneo (Kalimantan), and Celebes (Sulawesi); the Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara) of Bali and a chain of islands that ...(iv)... eastward through Timor; the Moluccas (Maluku) between Celebes and the island of New Guinea; and the western extent of New Guinea (generally known as Papua). In the early 21st century Indonesia was the ...(v)... country in Southeast Asia and the fourth in the world.
  53. (i)
    1. locates
    2. is locating
    3. located
    4. is located
  54. (ii)
    1. lies
    2. lied
    3. lie
    4. is lied
  55. (iii)
    1. is spanned
    2. spanned
    3. spans
    4. span
  56. (iv)
    1. ran
    2. is running
    3. run
    4. runs
  57. (v)
    1. most populous
    2. more populous
    3. populous
    4. populated

February 06, 2023

Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris Ujian Sekolah & VIERA / TOEIC Preparation - Volume 2

Direction: Choose the best answer to the questions
  1. Boy : What are you going to do after completing your study? Are you going to the university?
    Girl : No, ..., and you?
    Boy : I do too.
    A. I plan to look for a job.
    B. I'm going to apply for a scholarship.
    C. I hope to finish my study soon.
    D. The university will open in September.

  2. Boy : Hi, .... My name's Andi. Nice to meet you.
    Girl : Hi, Andi. Nice to meet you, too. I'm Riska.
    A. Can I help you?
    B. May I introduce myself?
    C. Can I introduce Andi.
    D. Have you met Andi before?

  3. Girl : Which one is your mother?
    Boy : You can't miss her. Everybody can see her from a distance. ....
    A. She is the tallest in the group.
    B. She was wearing a blue sweater.
    C. She has been here for a while.
    D. She will see you in a moment.

  4. Man : Can you help me with this report?
    Woman : OK. ... after lunch.
    A. I might do it
    B. I've already finished it
    C. We had a meeting to report
    D. I've something to do

  5. Woman : Hello. ...?
    Man : Yes, speaking.
    Woman : I need some information about the product you launched yesterday.
    A. Could you put me through, please?
    B. Could I speak to Mr. Smith, please?
    C. Would you tell me about your product, please?
    D. Could you hold on a minute, please?

  6. Woman : Mulia Travel. Can I help you?
    Man : ....
    A. Could I book two tables, please?
    B. Can I reserve two single rooms?
    C. Can I have a glass of orange juice?
    D. Could I make a reservation for Bali today?

  7. Man : How about the purchasing document? Can I have it now?
    Woman : ..., Sir. I'll put it on your desk soon after I finish.
    A. I've already done it.
    B. I am typing it right now.
    C. I finished it this morning.
    D. I could help you immediately.

  8. Man : Have you copied the letters ... yesterday?
    Woman : Yes, I have. Here they are.
    A. I sent you
    B. I type for you
    C. I dictate to you
    D. I ask you

  9. Hilmi : Hi, Anwar. Where shall we go this afternoon?
    Anwar : Well, ....
    Hilmi : Sounds good! It serves good quality of coffee.
    A. what about having some drinks at the Plaza?
    B. how about calling Nita to join us?
    C. do you feel like singing at "Heaven" Karaoke?
    D. shall we go the beach?

  10. Man : Could you tell me how to use the Automated Teller Machine?
    Woman : Just follow the instruction. Insert your card into the slot. Enter your PIN, then press "withdraw" and the amount of money you want. You'll be able to withdraw your money ....
    Man : Allright, thanks.
    A. when you need the money.
    B. if you wrote all the instructions
    C. if you follow the instructions.
    D. when you read the manual.

  11. Man : What does a waiter do?
    Woman : He ....
    A. welcomes guests in the front lobby of a hotel
    B. helps guests carry their luggage into their rooms
    C. serves food and drinks to the guests at a restaurant
    D. prepares food and drinks to sell at a restaurant

  12. Guest: “I’m sorry, but there's a fly in my soup.”
    Waiter: “We’re very sorry, Sir. ....”
    A. We will replace it.
    B. We believe it's impossible.
    C. Please let me tell our manager about it.
    D. Would you reorder your soup, Sir?

  13. Receptionist : Ramayana Hotel. Good afternoon. Can I help you?
    Guest : I booked a room by telephone last week, and I'd like to confirm it.
    Receptionist : ....
    Guest : This is Wilson from Sidney, Australia.
    A. Who are you?
    B. May I have your name, Sir?
    C. Yes, there is a reservation with that name.
    D. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

  14. Woman : Can you tell me about the young leaders program?
    Man : Well, it is designed to receive and train those who are prepared to be the leaders of the country in the future.

    What does the underlined word refer to?
    A. Leaders
    B. The programs
    C. Trainers
    D. Young people

  15. Woman : What was the announcement about?
    Man : It said that planes from Surabaya to Jakarta will be delayed ... bad weather.
    A. in case of
    B. because
    C. regardless of
    D. due to

  16. Man : Excuse me. ....
    Woman : Sure. It's next to the lift at the end of this corridor.
    A. Do you know where the corridor leads to?
    B. Could you show me where the lift is?
    C. Could you tell me where the toilet is?
    D. How do I get to the third floor?

  17. Girl : Why haven't you done your English assignment?
    Boy : Oh, I completely forgot.
    Girl : Today's the deadline, so ....
    Boy : Allright, I will. Thanks for reminding me.
    A. you can do it later.
    B. you'd better hurry up.
    C. let me help you with the assignment.
    D. don't forget to do your next assignments

  18. Dina : I hope you can fix my car. It won't start.
    Randy : Sorry, Dina. I know nothing about cars. I think ....
    A. you should call a mechanic.
    B. you need to go to a gas station
    C. I can show you a nearby car showroom.
    D. I will help you after I finish.

  19. Man : Have you heard about the big sale in the Plaza next month?
    Woman : Yes. Prices ... up to 50% for local products.
    A. will be reduced
    B. were reduced
    C. may increase
    D. will fluctuate

  20. Man : The workshop will be held in Jakarta next Monday. Shall I go by plane or by bus?
    Woman : .... It's more expensive, but you'll save much time.
    Man : I think so, but I need to book the ticket several days in advance.
    A. You should go by bus.
    B. Shall I book the ticket for you?
    C. You shall know how to get there.
    D. You'd better go by plane.

  21. Questions 21 - 23 refer to the following letter.
    30 Jalan Pramuka
    Makassar 90576
    July 3rd, 2022

    HR Manager
    Makassar Golden Hotel
    Jln. Pasar Ikan

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Being interested in the post of Waiter Supervisor you advertised in yesterday's Kompas, I would like to apply for the vacancy.

    I am 24 years old and graduated from SMK Pariwisata majoring in "Restaurant Service". Currently, I am working at "Seafood Restaurant".

    Attaching copies of my certifictes, CV, and my recent photograph, I am available for an interview at your convenience. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Faithfully yours,

  22. What position does Kareem apply for?
    A. A manager
    B. A service supervisor
    C. A waiter supervisor
    D. A restaurant supervisor

  23. What does Kareem expect from his application?
    A. He will be invited for an interview.
    B. He will work at "Seafood Restaurant".
    C. He expects a position at "Kompas".
    D. He will stay at "Makassar Golden Hotel".

  24. What is the synonym of the word "recent" in paragraph 3?
    A. latest
    B. excellent
    C. particular
    D. decent

  25. Questions 24 - 26 refer to the following information.
    test picture 1
    Doctors agree that most people don't get enough exercises. This is especially a problem for office workers. A visit to the gym once or twice a week is not enough.

    However, it is easy to find small ways to exercise daily. For example, you can use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also take a short walk during your lunch hour. A little exercise everyday can improve your health a lot.

  26. According to the text, people who don't get enough exercises are usually ....
    A. doctors
    B. lazy
    C. gyms managers
    D. office workers

  27. "This is ...." (sentence 2)
    The underlined word refers to ....
    A. a visit to the gym
    B. doctor's agreement
    C. most people's problem
    D. not getting enough exercise

  28. What does the above text suggest?
    A. Office workers should go to the gym regularly.
    B. Office workers should have a little exercise everyday.
    C. We should visit the gym once or twice a week.
    D. Office workers often have problems with their doctors.

  29. Questions 27 - 29 refer to the following advertisement.
    Come and celebrate our anniversary on Saturday September 17, at 10 a.m.
    Adults and teenagers Rp100,000/person.
    Buffet, snack, and soft drink included in the price.
    Please contact Eli at 0852 5382 3771 for further information.

  30. Which of the following is NOT included in the ticket price?
    A. Soft drink
    B. Buffet
    C. Snack
    D. Anniversary gift

  31. "... Please contact Eli ...."
    The word "contact" can be best replaced with ..."
    A. speak
    B. talk
    C. call
    D. tell

  32. Where can we get this offer according to the advertisement?
    A. Ticket booth
    B. Department Store
    C. Buffet Restaurant
    D. Chinese Restaurant

  33. Questions 30 - 32 refer to the following information.
    Many cars have a fuel warning light. When the level of fuel (petrol) in the tank is very low, this light switches on and the driver can see that he needs more petrol. How does this light work?

    When the level of the fuel falls, the float moves downwards. When this happens, the arm also moves downwards and makes the lever touch an electrical contact. This switches on the fuel light in the car.

    When the driver sees the fuel warning light, he puts more petrol into the tank. This makes the fuel level rise and pushes the float upwards. When the float rises, it makes the arm move upwards and this causes the lever to move upwards also. The fuel warning light then switches off.

  34. When the driver puts more petrol into the tank, ....
    A. the fuel warning light turns on
    B. the fuel level rises and pushes the float upwards
    C. the driver makes the arm moves downwards
    D. the car needs more petrol

  35. The driver knows that the petrol is very low from ....
    A. the level of oil
    B. the fuel warning light
    C. the electrical contact
    D. the rising of the float

  36. What is the antonym of the word "downwards" in paragraph 2?
    A. homewards
    B. towards
    C. upwards
    D. rewards

  37. Questions 33 - 35 refer to the following information.
    28 Jalan Pejanggik
    Mataram, Lombok
    November 1, 2022
    The Personnel Manager
    Senggigi Beach Hotel
    Raya Senggigi 28162
    Mataram, Lombok

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am applying for the position of receptionist advertised in Lombok Post on October 28.

    I am 21 years old, and graduated from Mataram University last year. I have been with the Lombok Raya Hotel as a receptionist for two years, but I am interested in gaining new experience in an international hotel such as Senggigi Beach Hotel.

    To provide you with my particulars, I enclose my curriculum vitae, a recent photograph, academic records, and a letter of reference from previous employer.

    I would be available for an interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dinda Rara

  38. Where does DInda Rara get the information about the vacancy?
    A. Senggigi Beach Hotel
    B. Mataram University
    C. Lombok Raya Hotel
    D. Lombok Post

  39. What will the manager most probably do after reading the letter?
    A. He/she will ask Dinda Rara to stay at the hotel.
    B. He/she will offer Dinda Rara a higher position.
    C. He/she will contact Dinda Rara for an interview.
    D. He/she will sign Dinda Rara's application letter.

  40. " gaining new experience ...." (paragraph 3)
    The synonym of the underlined word is ....
    A. accepting
    B. taking
    C. giving
    D. obtaining

  41. Questions 36 - 39 refer to the following table.
    Inter City EuropeRail TimeAir Time
    Paris to Amsterdam5 hrs1 hr
    Paris to Madrid13 hrs1 hr 50 mins
    Paris to Nice7 hrs1 hr 20 mins
    Frankfurt to Rome12 hrs1 hr 45 mins
    Frankfurt to Brussels5 hrs 30 mins1 hr
    Frankfurt to Vienna9 hrs1 hr 20 mins
    London to Edinburgh4 hrs 30 mins1 hr 15 mins
    London to Paris5 hrs 30 mins1 hr 5 mins

  42. Which city is closest to Paris by air?
    A. London
    B. Nice
    C. Amsterdam
    D. Madrid

  43. Which two cities are furthest apart by rail?
    A. Paris and Madrid
    B. Paris and Nice
    C. Frankfurt and Rome
    D. Frankfurt and Vienna

  44. If you take a 9 a.m. flight from London to Paris, what time will you most likely arrive?
    A. 10:05 a.m.
    B. 10:05 p.m.
    C. 2:30 p.m.
    D. 2:30 a.m.

  45. What is the longest flight?
    A. Paris to Madrid
    B. Paris to Nice
    C. Frankfurt to Rome
    D. Frankfurt to Vienna

  46. Questions 40 - 43 refer to the following information.
    How to Ride an Elevator
    1. Press the "up" or "down" button.
      When you arrive at the elevator, decide which way you are going, press the "up" or "down" button, and be ready to wait.
    2. Allow any people to leave before entering.
      Stand clear of the door. Take a step aside and allow passengers enough space to make their way out of the elevator.
    3. Make certain the elevator is going in your direction.
      Most elevators have signals to show if they are going down or up. In case you cannot find any signal, ask the passengers on the elevator which way they are headed.
    4. Decide if the elevator has enough space.
      Before entering the elevator, assess what space remains. If you cannot see enough room for you, let the door closes and wait for another elevator.
    5. Enter and find an empty spot in the elevator.
      Locate a section in the elevator where you will feel comfortable and it is convenient for your exit. The back of the elevator is the ideal location; it leaves room for other passengers to enter or exit, and it secures a good spot for longer rides.
    6. Select your floor.
      The majority of the floor buttons in an elevator are numbered; basement, garage, street level, lobby, etc. may be represented by letters. In some elevators, double-tapping on a lighted button allows you to cancel a floor call.
    7. Pay attention to the stops.
      As you ride, be aware of stops for two reasons. First, you have to give people space to help them enter or exit. Second, being ready will help you get to your floor without any issues
    8. Make sure the door opens on your floor.
      When the elevator stops, the door should open either automatically or manually. If the door won't open, search for an intercom or alarm button. If the elevator is jammed, qualified assistants will be notified.
    9. Exit quickly.
      Missing your floor will only delay you. Also, be mindful that other passengers may need to exit as well. Being swift about your exit helps everyone.

  47. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To explain how elevators work
    B. To give information about elevators
    C. To give tips on riding elevators
    D. To invite people to use elevators

  48. Who may find the text useful?
    A. People who repairs broken elevators
    B. People who often use and ride elevators
    C. People who maintain and operate elevators
    D. People who install elevators in buildings

  49. According to the text, what should you do when you arrive at the elevator?
    A. Decide which way to take, right or left
    B. Press "up" or "down" button
    C. Ask where the elevator is going
    D. Wait until the elevator arrives

  50. The followings are what we should do when the elevator stops but the door doesn't open, EXCEPT ....
    A. Press the alarm button
    B. Find an intercom
    C. Try to contact hotel assistants
    D. Exit quickly

  51. Questions 44 - 48 refer to the following text.
    Joko Widodo, known as Jokowi, was born on 21 June 1961. His education began in State Primary School 111, Tirtoyoso, known for being a school for the less wealthy citizens.

    At the age of twelve, he started helping his father in his furniture workshop. After primary school, he continued his studies in SMP Negeri 1 Surakarta (middle school) and SMA Negeri 6 Surakarta. In 1985, he graduated from Faculty of Forestry at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

    He then worked for his grandfather’s furniture factory before establishing his own company called Rakabu, whose namesake is the name of his first child. The company’s fine furniture product started penetrating the European market where he met a customer named Bernard who gave him the nickname “Jokowi”.

    Jokowi became the mayor of Surakarta after winning the mayoral election in 2005. His leadership style, including his 'blusukan' culture, was successful in establishing an interactive relationship with the people of Solo, through which he was able to induce people’s strong faith in him. He adopted the development framework of European cities (which he frequently traveled to as a businessman) into his own city of Surakarta.

    Jokowi won Jakarta's gubernatorial election in 2012. He continued his 'blusukan' practice to local communities, often in quite poor areas and slums across Jakarta. During these visits, he wore simple informal clothes and stopped at markets or walked along narrow Jakarta alleys to listen and witness firsthand about issues addressed by local residents such as the price of food, housing difficulties, flooding, and transportation. Polling and media coverage suggested that Jokowi’s hands-on style proved very popular both in Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia.

    During his governance, numerous achievements were made, such as the initiation of KJS (Kartu Jakarta Sehat) and KJP (Kartu Jakarta Pintar), the construction of Jakarta MRT, initiation of transparency programs, such as online taxes, e-budgeting, e-purchasing, and a cash management system, relocation of street vendors in Pasar Minggu and Pasar Tanah Abang to a new building, renovation of traditional markets, and initiation of dredging and reservoir normalization projects, including the normalization of Pluit Reservoir, Ria Rio Reservoir, and Pesanggrahan River, which was effective in reducing the flood problems in Jakarta.

    On 20 October 2014, Joko Widodo took his first presidential oath after winning the presidential election and became the seventh President of Indonesia. He won his second presidential election in 2019. Jokowi was the first Indonesian president to not be from the military or political elite. He stated that growing up under the authoritarian and corrupt New Order, he had never expected someone with a lower-class background to become the president of Indonesia.

  52. The above text can be categorized as a ....
    A. autobiography text
    B. report text
    C. fiction
    D. biography text

  53. What does the text mainly talk about?
    A. Jokowi's daily life
    B. Jokowi's early life
    C. Jokowi's political intention
    D. How Jokowi won elections

  54. What does the text say about the nickname "Jokowi"?
    A. It was named after Jokowi's grandfather.
    B. It was given by a customer from Europe.
    C. It was the first product to enter European market.
    D. It was taken from his customer's name, Bernard.

  55. Jokowi adopted the development framework of European cities when ....
    A. he was traveling as a businessman
    B. when he joined the mayoral election in 2005
    C. when he was governing the city of Surakarta
    D. when he was visiting the people of Solo

  56. According to the text, the followings are facts about Jokowi, EXCEPT ....
    A. He started his "blusukan" culture while he was governing Jakarta.
    B. He won two presidential elections in a row, in 2014 and 2019.
    C. By "blusukan", he wanted to witness firsthand his people's condition.
    D. He was the first president to not be from the military or political elite.

  57. Questions 49 - 50 refer to the following text.
    Geoparks as sustainable approach to promoting economic recovery
    24th December 2022, ANTARA

    It certainly comes as good news for Indonesia, with four of its national geoparks having received the green light for endorsement as new UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp).

    The UGGp Council, at its meeting in September 2022, proposed seven geoparks from six countries, including Ijen in East Java and Maros-Pangkep in South Sulawesi, for endorsement during the 2023 Spring Session.

    Thereafter, in December, it proposed 11 other geoparks, including two from Indonesia: Raja Ampat in West Papua and Merangin in Jambi.

    This good news should be viewed as an opportunity for Indonesia. With the government currently promoting the tourism sector as one of the main drivers of the country's economic recovery, geoparks that offer the beauty of nature, culture, and geoheritage are expected to increase tourist visits.

    Indonesia has focused on 10 priority destinations in tourism development: Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, Likupang, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, Bangka Belitung, Bromo, and Morotai.
  58. Which geoparks will be endorsed as new UNESCO Global Geoparks?
    A. Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo
    B. Raja Ampat, Merangin, Papua, and Jambi
    C. Raja Ampat, Merangin, Ijen, and Maros-Pangkep
    D. Raja Ampat, Merangin, Bromo, and Wakatobi

  59. According to the text, the endorsement will provide the following opportunities for Indonesia, EXCEPT ....
    A. promoting the country's tourism sector
    B. increasing domestic and international tourist visits
    C. boosting the country's economic recovery
    D. viewing the beauty of nature, culture, and geoheritage
Note: Questions 1 to 35 are taken and adapted from Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris (E2) SMK 2006/2007 Paket 49

July 22, 2022

Listening Section UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2005/2006 - VIERA Preparation Test 4

ali ini, Mister Guru akan membagikan dokumentasi Ujian Nasional (Final National Test) Bahasa Inggris tingkat SMK tahun ajaran 2005/2006. Terlepas dari usianya yang lebih dari 1 dekade, Listening comprehension test ini masihlah sangat relevan dan bermanfaat sebagai bahan latihan dan persiapan menghadapi English proficiency tests seperti TOEIC dan tes VIERA.

Untuk memperoleh nilai yang memuaskan dalam Listening, pahamilah terlebih dahulu tips dan strategi mengerjakan soal Listening TOEIC di SINI.

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Play the audio file above to start the Listening comprehension test, and mark your answer in the answer sheet below.

July 08, 2022

Listening Section UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2010/2011 - VIERA Preparation Test 3

alam postingan ini, Mister Guru akan membagikan dokumentasi Ujian Nasional Listening section sebagai bahan latihan persiapan menghadapi tes TOEIC dan tes VIERA. Untuk memperoleh nilai yang memuaskan dalam Listening, pahamilah terlebih dahulu tips dan strategi mengerjakan soal Listening TOEIC di SINI.

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July 02, 2022

Listening Section UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2011/2012 - VIERA Preparation Test 2

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February 22, 2019

Soal Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris Listening SMK: Versi 8

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February 08, 2019

Soal Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris Listening SMK: Versi 7

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